Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2006 on FOX

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    Yet another fantastic episode from this series, I just cant seem to get enough of this crazy mystery. After seeing this episode I think I can officaily sratch Jeffery and his son off of the possible link to Saras dissapearence list. I dont think the writers could ever come up with a way for me to believe he was involved, not after discovering the cell phone by his own. The looks of his face and mannerisms of finding the phone would not have been the ones of a man who was in on it. On the same token, the son is also likely out, as he is at least not the caller. How Ben shot the men when he was with Marcy makes me think he was in fact set up. With 10 episodes to go I dont think that Ben is up to anything concering Sara, likely just a bad drug deal done bad just as was said a couple episodes ago. The scenes at the drop point were really well done, with the man on the phone showing the power that he has over the senator and the rest of the police staff. The fact that Sara is still alive leaves the possibility of her planning all of this still in sight. I dont think we have seen the last of Nickys old lover either. This show is just amazing as far as the writing goes, I cant wait for the next installment.
  • The plot thickens

    A few things to note about this episode.

    1. It is so confusing! I am finding it hard to keep up with every storyline! I ams till unsure what the dead body from 12 years ago has to do with anything.

    2. It was really short! I don't know why, but it only seemed to last a very short episode. Last weeks episode was a double episode, so maybe that has a part in it.

    3. It is really, really confusing! Oh, I mentioned that already... What is going on with Ben's friend? The one who 'took him in' ages ago apparently.

    All in all, this episode only adds to the confusing-ness of the show and I hope we finally work out what happens
  • A unique and interesting twist. It introduces new elements of technology that can manipulate a person\'s fears and turn clients against their FBI agents.

    I thought this was a really cool episode. My favorite part was the scene where the Senator was dropped 30 floors inside the elevator and then it magically stopped before reaching the ground level. We also find out that the kidnappers didn\'t really care about money and was only using it as a distraction, thus making the show go towards a new turn. It also leaves suspense as to who the actual kidnappers are. They have shown symbols and given information about themselves to the senator, which only he can understand. This episode shows that the kidnappers can get past all the FBI\'s security and therefore makes the senator lose trust in the FBI. This episode is definitely worth watching.
  • Taking a turn in a new direction....

    First let me tell you, I'm glad I'm slow to catch on to why certain things happen on these types of shows. As they are revealed, I kick myself because I get so caught up in the show itself, I don't bother to really think things thru...

    This episode was very good. I still find Agent Lin Mei flat and bland. She runs behind Agent Kelton like a little sister trying to catch up. Agent Kelton has grown on me a lot and I'm enjoying the character more and more. He certainly doesn't need Agent Mei's help. It seems Senator "Walt Cummings" (can't get that out of my head..!)knows something. At this point, I suspect everyone is involved with something!

    I'm going to keep watching this show because it's getting better and better each episode. I'm dying to know what the deal is with Sarah/Nicky...I can't seem to figure out what the Senator has to do with Agent Kelton's case about Nathan!

    Is it Monday yet?!?!
  • The Senator is contacted by the kidnappers with the ransom as the F.B.I. continues to try and put the whole story together.

    This episode is tough to compare with the previous two because it took a turn in a new direction. This is the first episode that the kidnappers actually contact the Senator and that the viewer gets an idea of how far this conspiracy goes. We find out what the group asks for in return of his wife and also a sense of how powerful they are. The use of five million dollars as a diversion and their access to countless areas and pieces of information are just a few examples. In the end however, I’ll say as I did before. This show has great potential but it also brings with it the chance to fail miserably.
  • I will keep watching

    While I am enjoying all of Vanished, I am a little concerned that there are just too many details to tell a coherent story. I can't figure out why the Senator won't tell the truth about what is going on...he seems to know. I like the actors and hope that the story stays focused and doesn't get lost in religious nonsense.

    I love the story about the former mayor who offed himself and hope that the details of that play more into this story. But so far, I like all of what's been shown. I wonder if Gale Harold is really leaving the show?
  • Not good but not bad!

    I think the show is slow still as it is Trying way too hard to come really into its Own and that Marcy did redeem herself after turning
    In boyfriend Ben in. Also even though Graham distrusts Jeff as well as Jeff hating arrogant Graham's guts
    They kind of broke through and trusted one another. A slow but hopefully good start to their adversarial partnership.
  • Not as good as the last one...(spoilers)

    This episode was alright, but not as good as the last one. I liked the drop fake-out, it definitely kept you guessing. I was also really happy when Marcy turned Ben in, he's such a loser. I hadn't really liked her up to that point (flashes of Kim Bauer from 24), but she started to redeem herself when she turned him in. I wished it went more along with the whole conspiracy thing like the last episode did, but I'm sure it will catch up with that. Again, not as good as the last one, but hopefully things will look up. Also, I wonder if there's really anything to the rumors about how Graham is going to leave the show...