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I have a question

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    I have just this second finished watching Vanished and have a couple of questions !

    Why was Sarah taken in the first place?

    Why did she marry Jeffery if she still loved the father of her child?

    Help me out guys, I feel betrayed by the ending ! ! ! !

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    I just finished them a little while ago, although who knows when you'll ever see this. But my answers to your questions ares:

    1. I think she was taken so that they could us Jeffrey to get Raynor onto the Court. I think helping Jeffrey's career with the sympathy vote was probably something they liked too. If they have power over someone, that that person's power is theirs too.

    2. I don't think she had any idea about her other life, not until the current torture brought it out. I may be wrong, but I don't think she even knew that her "sister" was really her daughter, not until her torture.

    I think she didn't really know everything about her past until the 2nd torture. They were trying to make her suggestible but when they couldn;'t finish it, it just opened everything up for her. The only thing that I'm having trouble with with that line of thinking is when she told Peter that they had taken her away from him... hmmm.

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