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  • Story about a Politician's wife, Sara Collins who gets kidnapped. The show is filmed from the prospective of the FBI and Reporters trying to uncover who she is and why she was targeted. Or perhaps someone else is the target?

    This show truly had me captivated from the moment it began, how unfortunate it is that the show was cancelled and never given the oportunity to completely run its course with the full story line originally written. The endiing was completely unfulfilling, leaving many questions still unanswered. Honestly, these days with shows being started and cancelled so quickly i wonder why us - the watcher, even bothers. I don't think it will be long before we don't give anything new a chance for fear of it being cancelled anyway.
    So that's my little far as the show itself went.... I thought it to be suspensful, exciting and entertaining. A great change from all the reality tv. Seriously though, we live in reality why would we want to watch it too?
    Well done to the show. Silly Silly Network people. When will they learn?
  • This show started off very nicely but ended up becoming very convoluted trying to make more "twists" then it should have

    When I started watching the show I liked it a lot as it was a good story and they kept it interesting by having viable convolutions to the story. I also liked it because Margarita Levieva is a good actress and needs to get into more TV shows and films.

    It started to go downhill quickly in the last few episodes just because characters behaved too irrationally, and they decided to change things that didn't seem to be happening before.

    I would have liked to have seen how a season managed to play out and see how some of the characters are developed more so then they were originally. But, unfortunately, I can understand with the last episode or two why the show was canceled as the show lost its focus.
  • Fox made a huge mistake

    Fox made a huge mistake, very underrated show, and it was getting better. Lucky us that we can still watch it online, it\'s Fox\'s loss for rushing into something they will surely regret. It had so much potential. Not the best show, but definitely entertaining. Hope they continue to show it online and do not cut it off before we can know what the heck is going to happen. Some characters/actors are mediocre, though, namely the Collins kids. Anyway, I hope creators keep coming up with innovative ideas such as this one. I mean, the idea of a kidnapping is obviously not new, but the reasons behind are quite creative.
  • Why did they axe this! i've seen alot worse!

    I thought this was only going to be a one season programme but im now devastated to find out ive have yet again wasted several hours of my life watching a really intriguing programme, just to have it get axed on me and yet again ill never know how it will end (just like 'invasion'). i hate it when this kinda thing happens cant they just keep them running till they are finished!
    I mean i thought this programme could go far, the story itself kept revealing very intersting plot line that inevitably not concluded, apart from the dire acting from the senators daughter 'whats her face' and sarah collins. (both with equally whiney and annoying voices) The story had alot of potential!
  • I have to admit... I stopped watching after Gale left. Right then, I just stopped caring.

    So I'm a Gale Harold fanatic. I watched him play Brian Kinney for five years in which his performance should have won an emmy, so when I heard that he was the star on Vanished, I was ecstatic. The show was really good and cleverly written, until they wrote him off. I tried to be obvective though, and still give the show a chance after Graham got killed off. But I totally lost interest and so did a lot of other people. I was so confused though at how they intended to make an entire series out of a senator's wife getting killed and the conspiracy behind it. Usually, shows last around 4 or 5 seasons, so how could they drag the story out that long. I don't know, it was a good start but didn't have the overall staying power.
  • Review

    This show reminds me of Daybreak in a way. An intense mystery show that didn't get half of the respect that it deserved. This show really was fantastic, I just recently finished watching all of the episodes online. I thought that the first three episodes of this series was absolutly groundbreaking and nothing shot of incredable. The mystery involved in the first three episodes was fantastic as the mystery was fresh. The middle kind of dragged a little bit, but the 7th episode of the series gave us a huge turnaround with the lead role changing in the middle of the investigation. I think what turned a lot of people off was the terrible time slot and it should have been given a better slot in prime time. It was also on in the winter, so it could have been better there. The writing was really good, though the finale was clearly written to be a "season" finale and not a "series" finale, but you cannot fault the writers for writing it that way - they didnt know it was going to get cancelled. I thought that the show was great and should have been kept, but theres something about Drama / Action Adventure / Heavy Mysterys that people must not like. Overall, very solid.
  • Similiar but worse than Kidnapped. Another show trying to drag out a story that could be told in an hour or two.

    This show tried to be like Without a trace, but so drawn out in the style of 24. It was a long drawn out story with little drama or action, continuing the plot week to week, but in truth, it could have been told in an hour or two. A one-dimensional plot like this belongs in a movie, not drawn out for weeks on TV. Similar to kidnapped, or SMITH, these type shows try to be a 24, but don't have enough substance. The only show I've seen close to capable of competing with 24's style was daybreak and that was cancelled too.
  • Which came first the kidnapped or the vanished hmmm. Not quite sure but I still appreciate fox's foray into kidnapping, subterfuge and conspiracy. With stars like Rebecca Gayheart from Reunion this show had a pretty well balanced cast. Unlike other

    Which came first the kidnapped or the vanished hmmm. Not quite sure but I still appreciate fox's foray into kidnapping, subterfuge and conspiracy. With stars like Rebecca Gayheart from Reunion this show had a pretty well balanced cast. Unlike other shows of this vein Vanished too a supernatural twist. Which was going pretty well despite focusing on the cliched and over-used Masons. The victim was the key to the end of the world or world domination. We don't know exactly since the show was done before the exact goal was established. At any rate you can't help but love a show that kills off a main star and replacing him in the middle of the first season! Even after this fact the show didn't miss a beat and actually got better. I wish online shows were a viable commodity for networks. If so maybe this show could've kept it's life up in another venue and we could've continued to enjoy it.
  • Ever since Vanished has stopped playing on t.v.,I have wondered if it would ever come back on. When I saw that it wasn't,I was really sad.I like this show a lot, and it always left me where shows are supposed to leave the watcher,wonderous & impatient

    Vanished was one of the few t.v. shows that I watched. Now that it’s not on, I really miss it. My routine was going to my brothers house on mondays, watching Prison Break, then watching Vanished. It always left me so anxious and excited for the next week because it had such a good plot every episode. I really hope that Vanished will be back on FOX soon. I seriously have been so anxious that it would come back on, but it never did. This show was really good, along with all the cast.Bring it back to television!!
  • If you watched "Vanished" you have just been "FOXED'... That is the term I use for all the shows Fox debuts and kills before their time! This show had some questionable acting at times, but all and all a promising story line!

    I would not say this was the best show on T.V. by any stretch of the imagination; however, it was a very entertaining show that caught your attention and pulled you along week to week. There was so much potential for those DaVinci Code lovers, some detective and police work for those C.S.I fans out there, and the usual soap opera undertones for the rest! I was really upset when I heard the news of its cancellation. It hard to say the show did poorly with all the interruptions (baseball, change to schedule, etc). I find that Fox generally has a low tolerance for shows. It makes it hard to want to invest time in any of their new series until they are at least renewed for a second season. Almost a paradox... I wont watch it unless it is popular, but unless it is popular, it is canned! :) I can not tell you the number of shows that I have started, only to be cut off!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
  • I cannot believe that this show has gone off the air. It seems lately that every show that I get into gets cancelled. I'm getting to the point where I'm just not going to start watching new shows & pretty soon I won't watch t.v. any more!!

    This show was original and kept you wanting more and more every week. How can they just take it away. This show had characters that you fell in love with and every week you felt like OMG what will happen next. This was one of my favorite new shows and every time shows are taken off the air it realy pisses me off that they just don't even consider the people who have been watching every week faithfully. And what kind of ending was that for this show, they left you hanging, wondering what the hell is going to happen next???
  • One of the worst shows Ive ever seen!

    Thank God Fox came to their senses and flushed this giant piece of crap down the toilet where it belongs! I cant believe it made it the entire 3 months that it did. I was being really generous with the whole point I gave it up there. Was the network really that desperate for something to fill that timeslot or what? It just amazes me how many good shows get the ax...yet they'll throw crap like this on. Lets get it together Fox, your viewers deserve better than this! Here's a tip: if it stars the Noxima can't be good.
  • Instantly attention grabbing.. enthralling when you've seen more than the first episode. It makes you want.. no 'need' more of the story. Especially once the history of the woman becomes a part of it. Only FOX leaves all of us hanging. REWIND...

    High tension.. good plot *until they start playing games by killing off character\'s & changing the story. Now we are all left hanging & that\'s irritating (to say the least)How are we to know if the show was a hit/sucess or not if they dont finish it? Or at least simply tell us the rest of the story. Absolutly Infuriating!! Finish the show.. Finish the show.. then we can make an honest review of what seemed to be a good thriller & an intense sequence of event\'s unfolding, until... dead-air? How is anyone supposed to feel good about all the time put into watching the show, when there is\'nt an ending?
  • I was hooked from the very beginning when i saw it in the tv guide!!

    \"Vanished\" what a great name for a show. A what a great show it will be. So, the senators wife is kidnapped, well, she vanished and nobody knows who took her or why. There are a few suspects, but no evidence has reached the surface yet. I found this show very interesting. riund every corner there is another twist, another secret. A show i would recommend to anyone. But you have to watch it every week from start to finish!!
  • WOW...

    Reminds me of Prison break, with all the alterate stories that are all related. I was quite suprised to discover that it is being axed. Travesty. I will enjoy each episode, and hopefully channel 7 (In Australia) will air every episode. Does anyone think that the main guy (the husband of the missing chick) looks like Kurt Russel? I have to say the last thing I saw Kurt in was "Executive Decision".

    Please oh please, bring this show back, it has so much potential. I can't believe Fox are destroying this. I like the entire '10 stories at once' which makes me pay even more attention to the show, whereas something with a simpler plot makes me lose attention
  • I wasn't really that impressed, but I liked the show

    Something about this show just didn't catch me at the start. But I gave the show a chance and was just starting to get really intersted. I think what threw me off was the actor that played the FBI (or whatever government agency it was) agent that got killed off early on. I just do not think the was the right guy for the job. But the series got cancelled. Now I will never know what was really going on. A lot like Reunion last season.
  • What an kick you back in the seat,twist your mind adventure. I love the show, i just wasn't sure how the premise of the show could last longer than a year...what are you going to do after the character is rescued or found?

    I loved this show, but after having the networks yank so many`serial drama\'s in the past 2 years after viewers get hooked and then leaving them empty..I;m sick of it...I say don\'t watch them any longer and wait for them to come out in netflix!

    I loved the weekly twist and turns of this show and kidnapped ...I\'ve had it..why doesn\'t a new network or cable station come to our rescue and bring us our favorites back to a conclusion! Vanished was original and unique...much better than having multiple versions of law and order and csi crammed down our throat!
  • Great show! Did not give it the chance it deserved.

    This show was on FOX, and they decided to cancel it. It had a great concept, and could have had a alot of great ideas. They first decided to postpone it because of the World Series of Baseball. That killed a some of the viewers. Because of that, they decided to change it from Monday, to Friday. That was a show killer for sure. The thing that pissed me off the most was the fact that they decided to stream the remaining online. That is a great idea has a whole, but when they decide to only show it to the USA, it pisses me off. Canadians and Americans watch the same TV. We pretty have the same culture, so I don't understand why we can't finish this show. Oh well, I will just have to wait until the DVDs come out (if ever they do) so I can watch the end of it. DrunkyDoggy
  • What Happened to this show.... Everytime I see that it is supposed to be on its not.... I really love this show and hope that it will be back on soon!

    What happened to this show?.... Everytime I see that it is supposed to be on its not.... I really love this show and I really hope that it will be back on soon! The show is suspensful and leaves you wandering what will happen next. Thats what I love about the show.
  • My wife and I really enjoy this show. Our only problem with it is the way that Fox switches days and times of airing. I tell friends of the show and when I expect it to air only to have it postponed by baseball or that ridiculous swaping wives show!!

    We have really enjoyed and are hooked by each episode of Vanished. The acting is realistic and the plot is complicated enough that one cannot expect what is to happen next. If Fox is not going to treat the show with the respect that it reqires, we can only wish that a another more audience committed network would pick it up. I now find myself surfing Fox only trying to find Vanished, but will watch any other network as a boycott of the @#%*&%$#@ Fox network! Guess Fox likely doesn't care less of my little boycott - hmm wonder if there are others like me?
  • A show I like but have grown impatient with. You begin to get so confused from episode to another, How will this show end the season? Will it be back to explain- Why did they kill a main character off?

    Sara Collins is the lovely young wife of prominent Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins -- and she's disappeared. But before the authorities can solve the mystery of her whereabouts, they first have to figure out who she really is. FBI Agents Graham Kelton and Lin Mei uncover clues that suggest Sara's disappearance may be linked to a larger, more sinister conspiracy. Naturally, reporter Judy Nash is on their tail.

    BRIEF HISTORY:"Vanished" was created by Josh Berman and STARS: * Gale Harold as Graham Kelton * John Nelson as Jeffrey Collins * Joanne Kelly as Sara Collins * Rebecca Gayheart as Judy Nash * Margarita Levieva as Marcy * John Patrick Amedori as Max * Chris Egan as Ben * Robert Hoffman as Adam * Ming Na as Lin Mei
  • I want to discuss Vanished. It was my favorite ne show until they killed of I am verrrrry disapointed.

    I am really upset that they killed off Kelton.
    Gale Harold was the reason I watched the show. Now They move it to Friday.... Ok I can tape it. But Why bother now.
    I give it 2 more episodes and if there is not hint he is still alive - which wouldn\'t be unheard of on this show. I will stop watching it. Please bring him back ---let this b e what he whispered into the Senitor\'s ear.
    Bring back Kelton
    Bring back Kelton
    Bring back Kelton
    Bring back Kelton
    Bring back Kelton

    We want Gale Hrold back on the show. It just won\'t be the same with out his passion for his job and his family.
    If it was just for could hace killed off someone else.....the scarry son of the Senitor or the ex wife any one but Kelton. Bring back Gale.......
  • Bad writing!

    I feel so bad for the actors who have to act in this terribly written drama....You can tell how uncomfortable they are when they have to say those lines and act in the unbelievably bad plots and situations. Marci the Senator's daughter must be the most annoying character in the history of television. She is spoiled, dumb, unlikeable and really really annoying. She has the writers to thank for the worst role an actress can have. AND what show kills off its main character in the middle of the season? It is mercy killing for Gale Harold to get out of this horrible show so he can go and do better roles. Don't they have script supervisors?
    Too bad I really find the cast quite interesting but they have nothing to act with...
  • What is going on that makes this show so low in the ratings? It has action, drama, suspense, mystery, coverups. It has what other shows find success in!

    I don't understand the ratings for this show. The show has it all; except ratings. The suspense and coverups are a huge reason to watch the show. This episode was one of the better ones this season. With the suicide to stop from being captured and questioned by the FBI. This show sure is going out with a bang, unless, at least I hope, it gets picked up for another season. It goes a little slow, but how long can a kidnapped show go if it wasn't slow? It's probably been a few weeks TV time. But that made other shows like 24 and Lost such hits. The slow, thought out episodes that don't seem like they are going action fast when in show-time it's only been a few days/weeks.
  • VANISHED!!!!!!!!!! That is what is happening to the audience of this show. Det. Kelton was the center of the show. What must the TV executives be thinking? Sincerely hope actor Gale Harold will re-appear in another weekly drama.

    VANISHED is such a DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Gale Harold was Detective Kelton and now he has been killed off! Can't believe it! Harold was the only reason to watch this really drawn out mystery - drama. Hopefully, the program 'Vanished' will, indeed vanish and Gale Harold will re-appear in a weekly program that will showcase his many talents. Don't waste your time trying to watch the program. Too much has happened and it is impossible to connect with characters that come and go before the audience can become familiar with them. Too bad, Harold could have probably pulled it off and made this program a prime time contender!
  • A great new show which, unfortunately, was extremely underrated and now faces the risk of being canceled because of it.

    The tension starts from the very beginning of the pilot and so far it hasn't stopped. A mysterious phone call is made to a senator's wife and the next thing you know she vanishes from a dinner party. Who took her? Where did they take her? Why did they take her? FBI Agent Graham Kelton is assigned to the case to answer these questions and apprehend whoever is behind it all. Little did Kelton know that this is no mere kidnapping case. As it turns out not everything is what it seems. Secret histories, backstabbings and cover-ups start revealing themselves one by one.

    This is basically what Vanished is about. Has the kidnapping theme been done to death before? Yes, it has. However, I personally haven't seen a show so far that successfully combines a kidnapping, power control, a secret society and the sense of insecurity, and still manages to grasp you and not seem overused and corny. Vanished succeeded in providing unexpected twists in each episode that leave you craving for the next episode.

    It is sad to see such an excellent show not do well in ratings and be slipped to Friday nights instead of Mondays. It is definitely better than most of the new series this year and even better than some of the returning ones. Vanished deserves to be advertised more in order to bring more viewers in instead of shifting it to "the graveyard of TV shows".

    I just hope that Fox will give Vanished a chance to prove itself with the audience and at least let it run for an entire season.
  • What were they thinking about? Do they really think I will continue to watch this show without the best thing in it - hence: Gale Harold?...They are MAD!

    What a pity.

    I could have been such a delightful show, and I was even starting to enjoy this more the 'Prison Break'..

    Gale Harold was a real delightful surprise as Agent Kelton. I watched the show mainly beacuse of him; And it's so stupid to kill him off after 7 episodes..What the hell?!?!..

    I will watch the 8th episode, but if it's going the way I think it's going [with the introduction of the 'Invasion' guy as lead] it's turn off for me as far as 'Vanished' is concerend; real pity. BRING BACK GALE HAROLD!!!!

    p.s. the 9.7 relates only to the first 7 episodes!!
  • Enjoy the show quite a bit. Good cast, great storyline.

    I noticed yesterday evening the advertisement that \\\"Vanished\\\" is moving to Friday nights. The character that was not shown in the ad was Gale Harrolds character and that of his partner. Aren\\\'t they the main characters? I\\\'m not sure he is being marketed properly. You have a gold mine with him based on the success of \\\"Queer as Folk\\\" but have not hit on the strength of what he can bring to the screen. He is not playing a gay character, so should not use the \\\"soft\\\" tone of voice that his gay character used - this is completly different. Dress him better, the choice of clothing is poor. The borderline volitile relationship with his partner is very good.
    The story line is GREAT - it works and makes you yearn for the next show. Very good cast, well portrayed.
    Pls figure it out, you have a winner - I would hate to see it disappear before it\\\'s time.
  • is gale harold let go

    i have watched every episode sense the show started and i would be so sad if gale harold was not still on the show.
    i admite i hadn\'t planed on watching this show until i heard that gale was in it but sense then i have been hooked on it and i looked forward to watching every night but then when i watched the episode where kelton gets shot i was up-
    set because i knew that meant that gale was being let go.
    i hope thats not true because i love this show and i would
    miss seeing gale every night.
  • Best show of the season.

    I grew up watch so much TV, I can usually tell you what will happen before it does. NOT with this show. You know the main bad guy is the Attorney General, but that is it. You know that the AG wants a certain guy named to the federal bench, but I think there is more to the story. This shows keeps me guessing as to what is going to happen next. I was shocked when the lead character, Gale Harold, was killed. The writing is fresh and the acting is great. I predict this show will follow in the footsteps of such great hits as Dallas. Ming-Na\\\'s character needs to be more developed.
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