Season 1 Episode 2

The Tunnel

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2006 on FOX

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    The connection between Ben and the man that took Sara from the ballroom was the most interesting twist in this one I thought. Whatever this case is its much bigger then anything that I could ever dream of, with seemingly everyone being a suspect in the manhunt for sara. The scene with Jeffery looking at the pictures of the Mayors dead wife indicates that perhaps Sara may have found out about a past relationship between the two, but I cant be sure. I really enojyed the flashbacks of the man who said he knew Sara as a girl named Nikki, someone that was so important to him and his life that he still has a boat named after her 12 years later. The fact that Sara isnt who she said she was basically means that she could also somehow be connected to all of this. The Tunnel scenes were really good I thought, though I wish some more time could have been spent looking at the Ghost town that was below the tunnel. Overall though this series has started off very impressive and two episodes into the show I am still lost and with no real theorys on what could have happened.
  • The show improves over the pilot, and continues to intrigue, despite constant red herrings.

    Fortunately the second episode of "Vanished" did not disappoint, and was better than the pilot episode. More information is revealed about Sara Collins. In several flashbacks we see her with an ex-boyfriend, Peter Manning (portrayed by Josh Hopkins, who is also in ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" this season). Let me note that and Peter make a better couple than she and the so far boring senator. But in her past she went by the name Nicky. Why?

    While I am enjoying the show quite a bit so far, I can't help but feel that the show is doing nothing but taking elements from all the popular shows right now (Lost, 24, Alias, Prison Break, CSI, Without a Trace, etc) to try to make itself appear as something it really isn't. But once you look past that it's quite an enjoyable show. The one major fault with this series is that it's not giving us any information about the conspiracy at all. In "Prison Break" we get quite a lot of information at a time, which always doesen't make sense until later but it's still something. So far we know hardly anything, although there was another hint that this conspiracy is rooted in something religious.
  • It's a fine line between "This show has it all" and "This show is just a copy cat."

    The second episode is more of the same from the pilot, continue to make the kidnapping appear just a small step of some grand plan. And I guess the writers are accomplishing just that, because there is SO much going on, it's almost hard to keep the sides straight. The daughter's boyfriend, the wife's identity, the political enemys of the governor, news-reporters, 929 mysteries, etc..etc.

    But maybe this show is trying to do too much at once. Sure you going to see similarities to other hit shows, but all I seem to notice is how Vanished is trying to copy those shows / movies and not be it's own.

    - The "it's all a cover up" government conspiracy from 24
    - The "one item at the crime scene unlocks a mystery" from CSI
    - The "cool technology allows immediate tracking of single cars in complex traffic patterns" from Alias, 24
    - The "flashback scene with the warm-fuzzy red image filters and music from the time" from Cold Case
    - The "little hints at some religious or mythical references providing motive / meaning" from DaVinci Code
    - The "pointless death scenes just to shock the viewers" from Lost, Prison Break.

    The problem, this show isn't unique in it own right. Sure most of those shows stole ideas too, but they at least put a different spin on the idea. Vanished seems to be mixing them all together as a means to attract the viewers from all those shows, and provide us with something fresh.

    And more so, this isn't the only stolen relative plotline out there this year, with Kidnapped on NBC. It all comes down to the ratings, and they're 'OK' right now without any real competition. We'll see what happens more other shows start coming back.

    The episode itself.. well.. was OK. I think it moved the story somewhere and shows us how this series is going to continue to mix things up. I think the title "The Tunnel" kinda ruined the storyline a bit, in that the viewer already knew where the plot was going before it got there.. but not a big deal. Still not much character development.. more setup for apparent twists later (if the series makes it that far).
  • The secrets just keep coming.

    This episode showed even more secrets than the pilot, continuing the intrigue from it. Everything that happened made sense and it followed the line perfectly. We had that guy claiming to know Sara when she disappeared 12 years ago coming to town, which was great that we didn't need to wait to long for that.

    The reporter is annoying in a good way. She really made the character appear unlikeable. Great acting on her part. Especially since that tape isn't that incriminating. Sara did say that she wants to talk with her mother about her husband, but seriously, she could've been talking about anything, even something trivial.

    I'm especially interested in that Ghost city that Kelton found when he was in that tunnel. And again: 9:29 part appears again there. Like I said - they're following the line by the book with everything being necessary for the plot.
  • The second episode really pulled me into the mystery of Sara Collins disappearance.

    I thought the pacing of this episode was very well done. Good action scenes and the characters are developing slowly, but at a nice pace as well. Where I thought Agent Kelton was a bit flat in the pilot he really did shine much brighter in this episode. Agent Kelton and his connection to the kidnapping really has me intrigued. I like the way the FBI agents seem to be following real standard procedures and protocols when they are in the field. The agents, to me, seem more real than the gung ho types in similar federal agency/law enforcement shows.
  • More of a twist than "Without A Trace"

    The second episode was pretty good. Agent Kelton is starting to grow on me but Agent Lin Mei (Ming-Na) still seems a little blah. She almost iritates me and makes me feel as if she is an unnecessary character; but this remains to be seen. It's only the second epi and anything can happen. For the time being though, I could do without her.
    The pilot made me feel like this was Fox's version of "Without A Trace" but this epi made it seem like 24 with the twists it took (twists not found on WAT) so it made it even more enjoyable to watch. As with 24, this epi left me counting the days until next Monday. Is it Monday again yet????
  • A rapid slide downhill

    I had really high hopes for this show. It looked stylish and sounded like it would be full of interesting plot twists. I wasn't impressed with the pilot but figured there was still some promise. After this episode I can't see this garbage lasting more than two more episodes. Come on - the flashing LED poking out from the dirt, give me a break. The female FBI agent, whose seems to have no purpose other than to agree with the male agent is utterly offensive. I can't decide whether it's the acting or the writing that makes the dialog so ridiculous - I think it's both. If I see one more police car (or apparently Hummer - who know the police had Hummers) skid to a stop sideways I'm going to scream - I actually think they may have used the same skidding police car footage from the first eposide....and that's just the first half hour.
  • Again a very good show!

    I really am liking the show and that John Allan Nelson
    Who plays the Senator is really good as well
    As very nervous and wants his wife back. But I think
    A cult is trying to control him. I would give this
    A ten but there is a reason. Gale Harold is really getting on my nerves and I can tell that the Senator really hates the Bureau because of buttholes like him.
    Are we really to warm up to Gale's Agent Kelton? I don't think so!
  • The plot thickens !!!

    I found this episode to be much like the X-Files, where
    only little morsels of clues are given.....some to reveal,
    others to distract like red herrings....but then again, that
    is what I liked about the X-files, too. I think that my
    suspicions about some diabolical organization (or cult)
    trying to control Sen. Collins are coming to pass. He
    may even have had previous dealings with them, but so
    far he seems to be a decent man who has been chosen as
    the next target of this group. I hope I'm right because
    I really like the guy who plays the senator. Time will
    tell. Intriguing episode.