Season 1 Episode 2

The Tunnel

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2006 on FOX

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  • It's a fine line between "This show has it all" and "This show is just a copy cat."

    The second episode is more of the same from the pilot, continue to make the kidnapping appear just a small step of some grand plan. And I guess the writers are accomplishing just that, because there is SO much going on, it's almost hard to keep the sides straight. The daughter's boyfriend, the wife's identity, the political enemys of the governor, news-reporters, 929 mysteries, etc..etc.

    But maybe this show is trying to do too much at once. Sure you going to see similarities to other hit shows, but all I seem to notice is how Vanished is trying to copy those shows / movies and not be it's own.

    - The "it's all a cover up" government conspiracy from 24
    - The "one item at the crime scene unlocks a mystery" from CSI
    - The "cool technology allows immediate tracking of single cars in complex traffic patterns" from Alias, 24
    - The "flashback scene with the warm-fuzzy red image filters and music from the time" from Cold Case
    - The "little hints at some religious or mythical references providing motive / meaning" from DaVinci Code
    - The "pointless death scenes just to shock the viewers" from Lost, Prison Break.

    The problem, this show isn't unique in it own right. Sure most of those shows stole ideas too, but they at least put a different spin on the idea. Vanished seems to be mixing them all together as a means to attract the viewers from all those shows, and provide us with something fresh.

    And more so, this isn't the only stolen relative plotline out there this year, with Kidnapped on NBC. It all comes down to the ratings, and they're 'OK' right now without any real competition. We'll see what happens more other shows start coming back.

    The episode itself.. well.. was OK. I think it moved the story somewhere and shows us how this series is going to continue to mix things up. I think the title "The Tunnel" kinda ruined the storyline a bit, in that the viewer already knew where the plot was going before it got there.. but not a big deal. Still not much character development.. more setup for apparent twists later (if the series makes it that far).