Season 1 Episode 13

Warm Springs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX
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The mystery around Sara is revealed, as Lucas questions a member of the Collins family and Sara's phone call gives them a location.

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  • Review

    Clearly the show was written with the intension of going more then one season and I disagree strongly with the way that rated this episode. I know we didnt get all of the answers we wanted, but the writing remained in tact all the way up until the end. I knew one of the FBI guys had to be in on it, as the kidnappers always seemed to know things really fast. I liked that Sara went back to her old love, finding the "correct path" and not going back to her family. Clearly had the show gone on it would have delved deeper into that, but we got a good ending there I thought. Ben killing the judge was a good scene, though I wish they would have left out the scene where he decided not to shot him. It would have made the scene a little more shocking. Overall, it was a great SEASON finale but a crappy SERIES finale. Its not the writers fault and I refuse to give a low rating because Fox took a good show off the air.moreless
  • This is proof that FOX is punishing their viewers by canceling television shows...As an episode in general, it's excellent, but with no promising conclusion afterwards, mainly due to FOX, it's not that great.moreless

    I want to love this epiosde, I really do. In fact, I already do, but FOX had to go and cancel the show and make this 14th episode the final episode. Traitors are exposed finally, the whole entire plot revealed, but no one figures this out, the culprits are not brought to justice, but this would of all been different had FOX given Vanished its more than 20 episode run, as it was intended.

    Hopefully someday FOX will grab it's balls and decide to conclude the mystery of Vanished, but until then, should I really trust FOX with the handling of my favorite television shows?

    FOX has made such a big mistake, I can't point it out any clearer. Vanished could of been cult hit but FOX ruined that possibility.

    If you want my opinion, it's not the series's fault for the episode not being so good, it's actually the network that aired it.moreless
  • The following review was done in real time.

    Chopper chasing Sara is pretty cool... Shes a good driver.... and her car broke. I take back what I just said. She must escape. Maybe she should steal their chopper... or hide in the tree. She chooses the later.

    Sara's dad-in-law is being questioned now. What does he know about Sara's disappearance! Oh, Mei is back, and she needs Lucas for something. Techie knows something. Sara's call is discovered. They are going to trace it.

    Vanished! title appears on screen.

    Sara is woken by a girl. This Jessica is flipping annoying me. Talking about the extreame methods at the facility. Is he involved?

    Max is catching on to Marcys hatered of Raynor. Rainor. Raiynor. Ben has gone to confront, no wait, hes buying a gun, so he has gone to kill Rainor. Oh.. tough guy "don't bother with the receipt"

    Sara needs to confide in someone and soon. Eww... Jessica is back, and in a flashback.. she is evil! Poor Sara, she needs to be saved! Sara, ring the FBI! Lucas's boss is an idiot. Who cares about the rules... oh, Agent Mai is back. Sara! PHONE HOME/FBI! Stop remembering about Jeff and call him! only 25 minutes left of this amazing show.

    These FBI's are getting close. This family that Sara has found is odd... the mother is a nut slightly. The guy she hit on is an idiot. Good old Lucas scaring him. OMG. Nut mother just hit the jackpot. Who is she talking to?

    Jeff's dad is an idiot. My fingers are sore from so much typing. Ouch, that guy who got hit by the car. Yes! they're finding her i think! Judy Nash is here again. Lol "sadly, Sara Collins is unavailiable for comment". They're 20 minutes behind her! OMG I knew it... The FBI boss is evil. Why the hell is everyone against Sara? Get over this whole 'Sara's daughter' storyline. Good. Fisherman dad is going home. Whoa... Max just got straight away through to a customer service person, that never happens. Ben has cool glasses, but, not cool enough to kill Rainer. oh no, thers 6 minutes, not enough will be resolved. Evil Bald man is still there. "Maybe I should run it through facial recognition" - nice idea. Hold up, this looks like a club of Sara's kidnapers, including her father in law, FBI boss man and more.... Ben is here to kill Rainer. He does it.. good. Oh no. 2 minutes.. they won't find her. Fish man is about to die i think. SARA! I just was going to type it. Wowser! No! She can't run away with fish man. no, no, no, no, no, no NO! IT'S ENDED!! AUGH!moreless
  • Could not have been worse

    The beginning was OK enough.

    Sara outran the Feds and got reported by The Hillbilly Mother and Her Even More Hobo Husband! Stereotypes for Y´all Out there!

    Then the downhill race started:

    Sara outsmarted FBI a second time.

    The Senator´s father turned out to be a bad guy, The Senator´s first wife was in on getting Sara out of the way. And worst of all:

    Are so-called legitimate giún dealers in the USA so slack on laws, or are the gun mob simply

    silencing every opponent?

    And how did Ben manage to get a gun inside the Judges quarters??

    Metal detectors anyone? Or maybe some guards?

    Finally, how did the No 1 Wanted, Sara Collins, that is, get from Georgia to Gloucester without so much as being noticed by thje cops?

    Shame on you, Fox!

    No more Foxing for me.moreless
  • Did Ben really kill the judge? Sara get back wit her daughter's father?

    I was just surfing and through Fox\\\'s online shows and noticed VANISHED ..... Vanished? Oh yeah, whatever happened to that show? The last episode I saw was \\\'Resurrection\\\'.

    So I missed a few but got to watch the last 3 online!

    How can anyone call \\\'Warm Springs\\\' a Series Finale???? What a disappointment! This episodes leaves so many questions unanswered, it\\\'s ridiculous! Another lousy ending to an excellent series. This episode leaves me wanting more!moreless
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Josh Hopkins

Peter Manning

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Michael O'Keefe


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Jon Wellner

Atlanta FBI Agent

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Penelope Ann Miller

Jessica Nevins

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Christopher Cousins

Judge Wallace Rainer

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Esai Morales

Michael Tyner

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