Vanishing Son

(ended 1995)


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Vanishing Son

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VANISHING SON was a short-running action-packed TV series, created after 4 made-for-TV movies aired in 1994.

Russell Wong starred as Jian-Wa Chang, a musician who escaped with his brother Wago to the USA, after being involved in a student demonstration against the government. The two brothers started a new life---Jian-Wa pursued his music, while Wago turned to crime.

After the 4 movies, in which Wago was killed, Jian-Wa was blamed for the murder and now, in the series, Jian-Wa will become a fugitive, a warriar, who will use his best assets to defend his name and bring his nemesis known as "The General" to justice.

The show was cancelled after 13 episodes aired.
Jason Leland Adams

Jason Leland Adams

Agent Dan Sandler (series only)

Stephanie Niznik

Stephanie Niznik

Agent Judith Phillips (series only)

Russell Wong

Russell Wong

Jian-Wa Chang

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  • You can watch the series on Encore:

    The Vanishing Son series was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. It was one of very few series that I actually remembered to tape every week. Russel Wong has been in many movies since then and has never been a let down. After sixteen years we can finally enjoy reruns on the Encore channel! I was ecstatic about this and just had to write a review to support the show and share with the rest of you. The show definitely deserves to be back on the air. Here's hoping they release a DVD some day. Check it out:

    Set your DVR now!moreless
  • the four vanishing son made for tv movies sucked! but they spawned a 13 episode kick butt tv show!!

    the four vanishing son made for tv movies sucked! but they spawned a 13 episode kick butt tv show!! they need to release the tv show on dvd and burn all records of the tv movies which seem to be the only dvds available? anyone? in the movies its two alive brothers til the end when one dies. in the tv episodes the second brother is a ghost who can still jump in the fight, kick butt, and save the day. thats what i remember fondly, if thats what you remember dont bother buying the dubbed four tv movies. im going to keep searching for those tv episodes.moreless
  • Underrated show!

    I watched this show and the four tv movies while

    I was in college part time and I liked it

    Very much and too bad that it didn't last that long

    As I wished that it did. It was about a young

    Asian-American man who tried to flee from the feds as one of them doubts his guilt.

    He tries to fit into American life. Great show as I wished would have had a longer life on tv.moreless

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