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Variable Geo

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Welcome to the Variable Geo episode guide. In this series, waitresses fight against each other in a series of brutal battles. Using a combination of powerful energy blasts and martial arts mastery, the women fight knowing the victor moves closer to millions and the loser faces having to remove all her clothes in full view of cheering onlookers. Beneath this competition, however, lurks dark forces that have an agenda far more sinister than defrocking women. Variable Geo - a three episode series that is steamy, sexy and energetic all at the same time!
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  • Beautiful waitresses duke it in the VG Tournament. The winner takes home a million dollars and realestate in any country of her choice. The loser loses everything before the oggling crowd.moreless

    Variable Geo is one of those shows one either hates or loves. This was a three part OVA series based on a series of fighter vs. fighter video games from the 1990s and early 2000s. The plot is not as thin a some people have said before, however, I've always felt the charactors could have been better developed over a larger number of episodes. During my research the past week into possibly finding some of the games I found proof of this at Wikipedia which has a wealth of information on the games as well as the the OVA. Some of the games featured a story mode and the OVA's plot is loosely based on the second or third installment of these. The main difference between the OVA and the games is that in the OVA, the villain is a spirit trying to gain access to new host body. In the games, she's a vile woman experimenting in DNA manipulation using data gathered from the various fighters in the tournament. From what I read at Wikipedia, the various charactors have some rather extensive and very interesting background information. In particular, Chiho Masuda, who is possibly the prettiest anime female I've ever seen and looks really hot in her ninja waitress costume. In the games, she is not only actually a ninja, but is the heiress of her ninja clan. This is only hinted at in the OVA, and even then, one has to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. The rest of the charactors have backgrounds that are every bit as fascinating, but again, much of this is only hinted at in the OVA.

    I found the charactor designs to be very attractive, although a couple of them look like they're carrying 500lb bombs under their blouses! In and of itself that's not unusual in anime. There is also a lot of jiggling and some full frontal nudity, but again, that's not unusual in anime. The violence, while substantial, is not overly gory. There is also a brief torture scene. Nonetheless, anyone who's seen a lot of anime has seen much worse.

    Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable anime OVA. but it was way too short. I think the producers could have made at least six episodes to flesh out the charactors and plot a bit more. Due to the many adult situations, Variable Geo is NOT for younger viewers!moreless
  • A relatively short anime series....geared towards male fans....

    This anime series comprises only three episodes in total but don't let this stop you from watching this show. If you're a fan of anime and like seeing buxom women fight using a combination of martial arts and powerful energy blasts, this is the series for you.

    The opening part of the series quickly shows that this is no ordinary series as the seemingly normal people inside a restaurant are suddenly aware that a woman is waiting across the street to engage Yuka, a waitress at the restaurant, in combat. A minute or so later, a boxing style ring rises in the middle of a street intersection for the two women to fight in. At this point, the viewer should realize that this series is a bit different than the normal action adventure shows of the Japanese anime realm.

    Over the course of the series, you see other colorful characters enter into the action as well as sinister figures bent on using the competition for their own purposes. There are bits of humor mixed in with action, sensuality and a host of other emotions.

    Overall, I would recommend this series though if you're looking for a series that doesn't have nudity or violence, this is definitely not one to watch...moreless