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Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfrus as Vice President Selina Meyer, this HBO series follows Selena and her staff as they struggle to navigate through Washington politics. This show was created by Armando Iannucci, who is also responsible for The Thick of It & In The Loop.

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  • One of the top 3 comedies on American TV in the last two years

    ... and lo and behold, the rating on is abysmal. I really don't know who these negative people are, or why they are sop afraid of top notch acting from the entire ensemble, witty reparts, generally great jokes and a faultless trains of thought of each of these screwed-up individuals, but they should definitely turn towards another more deserving show - which would be just about any other comedy on right now. There is hardly half an hour on TV that goes by this fast and keeps me this interested. This is Community when they get the episode to flow just right, this is 30 Rock on presidential acid, an illegitimate baby Legit and Seinfeld had... Don't believe the hater hype, this show's a keeper. (Expect 3-6 negative marks on this post, depending on whether the hate-meter is high enough and the haters are grounded from the Internet)moreless
  • The best thing ever to come out of my TV

    And I'm not kidding. Finally I understand politics.
  • The love child of Larry Sanders and Jon Stewart

    I have loved this series since it came out, and it's gotten funnier and sharper with each season. It is a wonderful blend of satire and goofy humor that takes a Larry Snaders aproach to Washington .

    I was very surprised when I came here and saw how low the user ratings for this series are; they've been consistently in the 5/6 range for the entire series. This is weird, because normally TV series here have consistently inflated scores because the people who don't like them stop watching, leaving the people who still like a show to rate it. But these scores suggest that lots of people have been watching Veep for years who don't actually like it. Is it because they're fans of Julia? Are they hate-watching? I totally don't get it.

    I understand smart satire is not everyone's cup of tea. I just don't understand why people who don't like this series are watching it.

    Anyway, ignore the scores. If you like smart, funny political satire, this should not be missed. If you don't, why are you turning in week after week?moreless
  • Underrated

    I watched this only because I was bored. Now it's one of my favorite shows. SO funny, so clever, extremely underrated.
  • At last Season 3

    This is my all time favorite comedy, and I've watched seasons 1 and 2 over and over again. So funny. Prefer it to In the Loop because I love Julia, although In the Loop has better insults. Still waiting for Season 3 to be released in Australia. Not due until April 1. God I hope I don't die or something before I get to watch it. Never lose the F bomb by the way. Normally I don't like gratuitous bad language but for some reason it really works for me on Veep. I rate this show 11 out of 10.moreless

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