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  • What show are you guys watching

    This is by far the best comedy out there right now, and the only comedy to come close to the level of humor and writing in recent memory since the office. It is absolutely hysterical.
  • Always makes me laugh

    Only thing not cool is the excessive swearing but otherwise one of the best shows on tv
  • One of the top 3 comedies on American TV in the last two years

    ... and lo and behold, the rating on is abysmal. I really don't know who these negative people are, or why they are sop afraid of top notch acting from the entire ensemble, witty reparts, generally great jokes and a faultless trains of thought of each of these screwed-up individuals, but they should definitely turn towards another more deserving show - which would be just about any other comedy on right now. There is hardly half an hour on TV that goes by this fast and keeps me this interested. This is Community when they get the episode to flow just right, this is 30 Rock on presidential acid, an illegitimate baby Legit and Seinfeld had... Don't believe the hater hype, this show's a keeper. (Expect 3-6 negative marks on this post, depending on whether the hate-meter is high enough and the haters are grounded from the Internet)
  • The best thing ever to come out of my TV

    And I'm not kidding. Finally I understand politics.
  • The love child of Larry Sanders and Jon Stewart

    I have loved this series since it came out, and it's gotten funnier and sharper with each season. It is a wonderful blend of satire and goofy humor that takes a Larry Snaders aproach to Washington .

    I was very surprised when I came here and saw how low the user ratings for this series are; they've been consistently in the 5/6 range for the entire series. This is weird, because normally TV series here have consistently inflated scores because the people who don't like them stop watching, leaving the people who still like a show to rate it. But these scores suggest that lots of people have been watching Veep for years who don't actually like it. Is it because they're fans of Julia? Are they hate-watching? I totally don't get it.

    I understand smart satire is not everyone's cup of tea. I just don't understand why people who don't like this series are watching it.

    Anyway, ignore the scores. If you like smart, funny political satire, this should not be missed. If you don't, why are you turning in week after week?
  • Underrated

    I watched this only because I was bored. Now it's one of my favorite shows. SO funny, so clever, extremely underrated.
  • At last Season 3

    This is my all time favorite comedy, and I've watched seasons 1 and 2 over and over again. So funny. Prefer it to In the Loop because I love Julia, although In the Loop has better insults. Still waiting for Season 3 to be released in Australia. Not due until April 1. God I hope I don't die or something before I get to watch it. Never lose the F bomb by the way. Normally I don't like gratuitous bad language but for some reason it really works for me on Veep. I rate this show 11 out of 10.
  • A hilarious comedy with jokes that you have to have a brain to get

    Veep is currently the best comedy on TV. The show actually requires you to think and doesn't have a 15 second laugh track after every joke *cough* Any Chuck Lorre Show *cough*
  • Hilarious

    This show is quick-witted and asks the audience to actually listen and laugh all without a laugh track prompting you when to giggle. In other words it doesn't treat it's audience as a bunch of idiots. It amazes me that people trash this show as unfunny. Go watch 2 broke girls or some such crap and leave the intelligent comedies to those who think.
  • Veep 0 The thick of it 3

    The show's not that bad, but compared to Lannucci's The Thick of It, Veep doesn't even cut it close. It lacks that witty dialogue for a political satire (except for the occasional ones), which Lannucci cleverly delivered in both In the Loop and The thick of it. Julia is awesome, I won't take anything away from her, but some of the other cast, excluding the veterans of Lannucci's previous work, of course, seem out of their depth. I hope they do better with this season.
  • Awesome show

    I have followed Julia Louis-Dreyfrus for a while. She is hands down my kind of hilarious. I'm so glad they ran away with Emmy's this year.
  • Lose the F-Bomb

    This is a great comedy that actually exports well, I am not US but find the humour (<-note the correct spelling) is witty and the subtlety and timing that Dreyfus brings to her delivery is sublime.

    Just quit it with the gratuitous FUCK every few minutes, once noticed you can't stop listening for the F-Bomb - this does not export well.
  • One of the best comedies out there

    I really can't seem to get my head around everybody calling this show boring. It's smart, quick and i've laughed a lot each episode. Julia Louis Dreyfus and Tony Hale are fantastic ( even though Tony Hale is basically Buster with a different mom ).

    Next to that; the inside jokes are building up and the phony smiles and political rope-dancing are giving this show a voice.
  • Was This Supposed To Be A Comedy?

    This show was just not funny in the least, I have no idea what they were going for, but it's just not working. I can't see this show lasting all that long, even though it is on HBO.
  • beltway loop

    This show is a tick and a tampax (at least for another year till Julia menapauses) away from the from the fast paced, witty, funny "In The Loop". Like ITL this show is a political satire but unlike ITL it is only mildly funny making up for lack of witty banter with a ton of semi-pretty gals continually screaming "fuck this" and "Motherfucker". Having women in Wash with mouths like rolling toilets is a tad cute for one or two shows but it gets old quick. Maybe it's HBO but it still plays the tired series line of newly empowered women that at the core are still giggly, jealous and continually pre-menstral. Perhaps Ianucci spent a month or two walking around DC with an ear on the ground for slip-lines, quips and esoteric verbage but it just doesn't come off real. As much as you want to like it, it is still almost impossible to forget that you're watching actors spill silly dialogue as much as it's hard to forget the canned politicos in DC trying to look empathetic to the average couch potato.
  • Fast Paced Laughs

    Loved "In the Loop" and the formula works even better on TV in that I'll welcome hours of Ianucci's dialogue. It feels like the perfect extension of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' "Seinfeld" role, and while her team is impossibly inept, the interactions are hilarious and endlessly quotable. Things can always get worse, which the characters will be quick to bring up - "What if Tom Hanks died?"

    I also love that so far it is mostly a non-political show. There are only veiled references to current issues (don't upset the oil industry) and we're not likely to meet the President - at least I hope. Did he call?
  • NOT an office clone -- much better!

    I'm not sure what these other reviewers were watching. Boring? Each episode has its own mini storylines and there are multi episode arcs. Engrossing story lines, if you're into politics at all. The hand-wringing, the agendas, the compromise. The characters? offbeat, charming and hilarious. Best of all, there's still a hint of 'believability' in them (except for Mike -- if he's real he'd be fired by now, but I guess the veep's loyal to him). [Spoilers] Looking forward to season 2 and how they'll fight that congressional investigation. It's gonna be a cracker!
  • Solid surprise

    A funny political satire that improves with each episode and repeated viewing. Julia Louis- Dreyfus and Tony Hale particularly shine in they're roles. Also watch out for the creepy Jonah!

  • Boring

    Watched the first 7 episodes of the series hoping it would be good but I have only laughed on a few occasions.

    The characters are predictable and boring. The story lines are not interesting in the least. Tony Hale has the best character on the show. I had high expectations after watching JLD on Conan.
  • Finally... A Show Worth JLD's Talent !

    After a couple of post-Seinfeld shows that largely wasted Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' comedic talent, it is great to see her finally have a series that is smart, well-written, naturalistic and full of equally talented ensemble players.

    The negative reviews are actually pretty eye-opening. They show, in a concrete way, why Television tends toward laugh tracks, hackneyed plots and characters who lack any depth or complexity. That's all that a majority of the viewing public is willing or able to understand.

    Many, many hilarious moments so far, including Selena having to be carried to the limo because of, ummm, intestinal distress. Who doesn't love a good poop joke, especially when the word never has to be mentioned?

    I have no idea what a politician's life is like, but I believe this show, regardless. It seems natural, with a lot of funny things going on at the same time. JLD is great at showing three or four emotions at the same time, and seeming like, at any moment, her better nature might not win out.

    The supporting cast are all talented and play well together. Great to see Tony Hale on the screen in a prominent role again.

    If Veep is this good in the first few episodes, I can only hope it follows the path of other quality comedies, and keeps getting better. That's something to look forward to.

    (Sidenote: this show is NOTHING like The Office--a show I also like. What is The Office most known for? Popularizing "talking head" segments on American Television. None of that here. Inept, lazy comparison.)
  • Keeps getting better.

    1st episode - "That was pretty funny"

    2nd episode- "This show is getting better"

    3rd episode- "I am totally hooked, god damn hilarious"

    This show is downright funny. The entire cast is solid gold.

    The great thing is that they come up with real situations that a VP might run in to, but then they kind of toss out the rules as to what a real VP would do to solve them. The writing sometimes tries too hard for a joke, but it's only about once or twice per episode that something feels forced.

    The feud between the VP's staff and the President's staff makes for some great lines.
  • Hilarious!!!

    This show is simply fantastic - it's funny & it's smart at the same time! For me it's like The Office 2.0, only better! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing and so are the rest of the cast! In my opinion, this show mocks politics and makes fun of the ridicules things that they sometimes so often do, but at the same time it also humanizes them, by showing that they are also humans and we all have our flaws & no one is perfect. Excellent example of which was at the end of episode 2 "Frozen Yoghurt", when VeeP had a diarrhea in the middle of the street - what can be more human than that?! So to sum up - GREAT show!
  • Is this supposed to be about a fantasy Sarah Palin vice presidency?

    So far its not serious enough to be drama and not funny at all so its not comedy...
  • Smart and hilarious!

    OMG -- I thought this show was going to be a dog, but after the first episode, I am hooked! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wonderful, and her entire entourage is spot on. Sadly, this shows just how moronic those we elect turn out to be once they get into power and just how manipulative those who get the power twist things to what they want, not what their constituents elected them to do.

    I absolutely thought Frozen Yoghurt was hysterical.

    I cannot wait for the third episode!

  • Is This show supposed to be funny or seriuos

    The writers of this show should go back to writing school ! Not only is this the most unfunny thing on televvision EVER and the over use of swearing does not make something funny.
  • Great show

    If you like your comedy with a bit of bite and satire rather than watered down, laughtered-tracked, "heard it all before" tripe like how i met your mother, then you should watch this...the creator, Armanda Ianucci, did something similar in Britain with "The Thick of It" and I think the concept has transferred well to American Politics.
  • KC210

    If you are into trashy shows this one is for you. The actors and actresses can't make a sentence without curse words and the "F" bomb is the leading word on the show. Should of been called White House Gone Trail Trash. Much better name for it. Couldn't stand more than a few minutes before I had to turn it off. Didn't take long to realize the people who wrote and produced this show did so for the trash crowd and not the educated crowd. Intelligent people can form sentences without offending others by cursing. Only Hollywood hasn't caught onto this or they believe the more it is used the more it is excepted.
  • Very Poor

    This show was so boring I could barely get thru it. Originally, the premise of the show was creative enough to get me excited for this series. After this first episode, I will not be watching anymore.

    They tried to style it like "The Office", except there are no interesting characters and the storylines are even weaker. Sad.