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  • Finally... A Show Worth JLD's Talent !

    After a couple of post-Seinfeld shows that largely wasted Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' comedic talent, it is great to see her finally have a series that is smart, well-written, naturalistic and full of equally talented ensemble players.

    The negative reviews are actually pretty eye-opening. They show, in a concrete way, why Television tends toward laugh tracks, hackneyed plots and characters who lack any depth or complexity. That's all that a majority of the viewing public is willing or able to understand.

    Many, many hilarious moments so far, including Selena having to be carried to the limo because of, ummm, intestinal distress. Who doesn't love a good poop joke, especially when the word never has to be mentioned?

    I have no idea what a politician's life is like, but I believe this show, regardless. It seems natural, with a lot of funny things going on at the same time. JLD is great at showing three or four emotions at the same time, and seeming like, at any moment, her better nature might not win out.

    The supporting cast are all talented and play well together. Great to see Tony Hale on the screen in a prominent role again.

    If Veep is this good in the first few episodes, I can only hope it follows the path of other quality comedies, and keeps getting better. That's something to look forward to.

    (Sidenote: this show is NOTHING like The Office--a show I also like. What is The Office most known for? Popularizing "talking head" segments on American Television. None of that here. Inept, lazy comparison.)