Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Jun 02, 2013 on HBO



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    • Gary: It looks like it's between you and me. Without me, this office would implode.
      Sue: Gary, the Secret Service is calling you 'Girly Shirley Temple', so you need to just cut it.

    • Gary: Are you going to the G8 conference in London?
      Jonah: Yes, I am, Gary. Thank you for asking. Yes, I am. It is a city where women are literally drunk all day.

    • Selena: You know, Jim, you're a lot older than me. If you die within the next six years, I will be attending your funeral and giving a eulogy when POTUS sends me there in his stead. And it is going to be full of subtext, chock-full of subtext.
      Jim Marwood: Well, I look forward to that. Oh, wait, I'll be dead.

    • Sue: It looks like the NASA guys had to reschedule.
      Gary: Oh, crap, I wanted to meet the NASA guys.
      Mike: Gary, they don't even walk on the moon any more. They're basically a bunch of nerds who work in in a hangar.

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