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Vegas is a drama based on the life of Ralph Lamb, a Las Vegas rancher turned sheriff. After a casino worker is murdered the mayor asks Lamb to investigate. This leads him to his first run in with Chicago mobster Vincent Savino. Lamb turns to family to help him keep Las Vegas safe, his brother Jack and son Dixon work as his deputies. He also teams up with Assistant District Attorney Katherine O'Connell, who lived on the ranch next to him to help keep the streets safe. Vegas is created by Nicholas Pileggi and Greg Walker.

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    • Loved the show..

      So sad it was cancelled. It was a great show! Worth watching even though there is only one season...
    • A Great Show

      I didn't know it was canceled, until now. I loved this show and watched every episode. This is sad.
    • Unfortunately cancelled after it found its footing.

      I started watching the show when it debut and while it had a good premise, I found it to be rather humdrum. However I stuck with it because I've always enjoyed the characters portrayed by Jason O'Mara (Life on Mars, Terra Nova, and the Dennis Quaid / Michael Chiklis thing seemed a good dynamic. After about 5 episodes in, I was hooked as the show seemed to find its footing, the characters had chemistry and I was looking forward to the next show. As soon as I started to really enjoy it and looking forward to the next episode, I find it's on the edge of cancellation... then eventually cancelled. Too bad; it probably didn't retain enough viewers from the first few episodes.moreless
    • Yup same here

      I started watching but after 4 episodes got bored with it and stopped. But after a while I got to watch the rest coz I didnt have much else to watch. As I watched the rest each episode got better and better and found myself wanting to see the next then the next. as 'urbanriot' says, was a matter of finding its footing. It did. But the beginning was enough to put people off making it an undesired show. Pity, but lesson to be learned by producers to make beginning captivating enough to hold an audience, dont wait until the middle as you may not quite get there.moreless
    • Cancellation; just as I feared!

      Too bad. It was a good series, on the whole. My only consolation is that it will be taking the never-should-have-been-aired-at-all "Golden Boy" with it!

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