Season 1 Episode 2

Money Plays

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Decent

    This was a decent episode and a step up from the pilot, which was a little boring but set things up nicely for the season.

    They were some entertaining moments and it seems like Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis are getting comforable in their roles. I hope they don't make this show too formulaic or procedural-like, that could really bring it down.
  • Newly commissioned Sheriff Ralph Lamb investigates the murder of one of the Savoy's crap dealers much to Savino's delight.

    Another solid episode from ths young series. Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis seem to be settling into their respective roles well. I have read a few early critiques of "Vegas" where people have equated Dennis Quaid's character with Indiana Jones. I could not disagree more. I don't see any of that iconic character in Ralph Lamb. Seeing Lamb, his brother and his son investigate the case was very entertaining. Raplh Lamb's confrontation with Savino through out this episode is another positive highlight. The final sceme of the casino chips in the Lamb Ranch's kitchen was brilliant. "Vegas" looks to be a good series. I hope it can keep this good thing going.
  • money plays

    You guys should at least check your props before you try and sell the show as being in 1960. In the first segment I saw three 1963 cars! All Fords.Two of which I personally owned at an earlier time. Please stick to the correct sets in your show and maybe you'll get a following.
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