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  • Cool Show!

    After 7 episodes, I say this show is a keeper.

    Definitively want to know what will happen next.

    I even forgive the fact that some car models are 62 or 63s. This is my kind of show.


    Dennis Quaid. One of the most versatile and underrated actors out there.

    This is a great role for him, you could tell he was comfortable in it. In fact its what makes Quaid so brilliant as an actor. You forget its him.

    Actually, all the major players in the show felt right. That's a good sign.

    That means that show starts off good, great choice of actors. Now, I'm not history buff, but assistant DA female in the 1960s? That might be stretching it, in terms of realism, but hey.

    A little slip from the director when Lamb woke up from the headbashing. He should have a little headache, so you think....

    Well, let's not nitpick.

    I think many people feel this is going to be a procedure crime/whodunnit type show. I think not. But I suspect it started off this way as a plot to introduce Quaid's character.

    Looking forward to more!