Season 1 Episode 14

The Third Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Jack diligently works to cover up the truth about Rizzo's death as Ralph and Dixon investigate a car theft ring.

    I am sad to say that "Vegas" has taken a slight turn for the worse with this episode. I am disappointed that we are seeing an old and tired plot device emerging here with Jack covering up what actually happened. Maybe I am ignorant but I don't see why he is doing it. He killed Rizzo in self defense. I understand he is in love with Mia, but if he loves her that much he should tell her the truth. He is just making it far worse for himself. Also, if he tells the truth he is in a good position to take down Savino so it frankly does not make much sense to me. It's painfully obvious that Ralph will find out what happened. I just hope he does not take the wrong path like his brother did. There are some positive things to say about this episode however. I like the sequence where Jack confronted Savino. I just wish he had even more guts to tell the whole truth. Dixon is beginning to show his father that he is capeable of being a good cop and I like that. I will still be tuning into this great show, I just am a bit disappointed in which way things are going.
  • The Ultimate in Stupidity

    Whoever wrote this episode just added stupidity to Jack's makeup. There were so many other scenarios that any semi-literate person could have come up with to handle the shooting, starting with the truth and going to other false but realisic explanations. But Jack comes off so besotted with Mia that all he can do, is careen from one stupid act after another. He runs to Savino before anything else? He lies continuously to his brother the sheriff about defending himself from torture and murder? And the other story lines also involved pretty stupid acts by other main characters. If I was he producer of this show, I would never have allowed this episode to be filmed and then fire the writer.