Season 1 Episode 20

Unfinished Business

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Sheriff Lamb soon learns that the recent murder of a local attorney may in some way be connected to the death of his wife.

    As I watched this episode I said to my self repeatedly that I hope that CBS will not cancel "Vegas". There has just been one great episode after another and I would hate to see the series end so abruptly. "Unfinished Business" is yet another great episode. The best scene was when Vincent and Lena's little romantic interlude at the Tumbleweed ended with a bang. It was very well staged and I did not see it coming. Another reason why this episode worked so well was the story focusing on the death of Ralph's wife. It is very well written. It has certainly done its job in keeping me interested to see where it finally leads to. However I have one small criticism of the episode which prevents me from giving it a perfect score. The final scene where Sheriff Lamb and Savino join forces seems a bit formulaic. In all fairness it would be great to see them bring down that scumbag Porter Gainsley (Michael Ironside is a perfect choice for that role. He has made a craeer out of playing scumbags!). Though I am not optimistic about it. I hope there is a second season of "Vegas". If there is not, at least the show's only season was excellent from start to finish.