ABC (ended 1981)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • High Roller
      In this pilot movie, Dan investigates a teenage prostitute's murder. While doing that, he prevents a con man from leaving a casino, guards an entertainer, and purchases a birthday gift for his secretary's daughter.
    • Centerfold
      Episode 1
      A model who is doing a shoot at the Desert Inn decides that it's time for her to quit but her manager, who's worried about losing his meal ticket, resorts to drastic measures. He hires two guys to pretend to be cosmetic executives and at the meeting they drug her and take naked pictures of her. The next morning she calls Dan who picks her up and brings her back to the Desert Inn. He asks Two-Leaf to take care of her while he looks for her manager. The manager is met by the two men he hired who want in on the million dollar contract he told her of but he says that he made it up, they shoot him. Later they send her the photos they took, along with a contract they want her to sign. Dan tries to find them but she decides to give them what they want so no one else will be hurt. When Dan learns that she went to meet them Dan and Two-Leaf go there and grab them and make them turn the negatives over.moreless
    • The Games Girls Play
      Three Beverly Hills wives who added some excitement to their lives by posing as call girls get more than they expected when a senator is threatened with blackmail photographs.
    • Mother Mishkin
      Mother Mishkin
      Episode 3
      When a former madam starts receiving death threats, Dan begins to suspect that a land speculator wants to drive her off her property.
    • Love, Laugh and Die
      When a former call girl is killed, Dan tries to figure out which of three well-known former lovers is responsible: a folk singer, a tennis star, or a construction tycoon.
    • Solid Citizens
      Episode 5
    • Yes, My Darling Daughter
      When a newlywed thinks she sees her supposedly long-dead father in the back of the hall at her wedding, she hires Tanna to find out the truth.
    • Lady Ice
      Lady Ice
      Episode 6
      A glittering jewelry convention at the Desert Inn attracts many buyers and sellers to the dazzling array of pricey well as some cunning thieves who plan to rob a wealthy Sheikh of his collection of valuable rubies. When Tanna gets drawn into the case, he encounters a seductive woman who may be involved in the caper.moreless
    • Milliken's Stash
      Milliken's Stash
      Episode 7
      A former drug dealer, now living in Las Vegas, is forced by the mob to sell one last shipment of cocaine. But when the deal goes awry as the police attempt a bust, Tanna finds himself involved in the caper when the missing stash ends up being held for ransom!
    • The Pageant
      The Pageant
      Episode 8
      A serial rapist appears to be targeting contestants of the "Miss Casino" beauty pageant. A description of the suspect is of some help, but with the attacker still loose, Tanna reluctantly allows his assistant Bea to act as bait to try and nab the assailant.
    • Lost Women
      Lost Women
      Episode 9
      "Slick" Roth has Tanna shadow an unwelcome guest at the Desert Inn - infamous white-collar criminal Christopher Vincente. But when Tanna tails the suave criminal to his estate on Lake Mead, he discovers that Vincente appears to be the head of a notorious female slavery network that is based overseas in Europe.moreless
    • Second Stanza
      Second Stanza
      Episode 10
      Booze and pills have taken their toll on entertainer Ginny Gordon. But when several "accidents" occur, disguised as suicide attempts, Tanna becomes convinced that Ginny's manager and several of her opportunistic band mates value her more dead than alive.
    • Serve, Volley and Kill
      An obnoxious and tempremental tennis player is about to have a grudge match with a rival at the Desert Inn. Now he has been receiving phone calls threatening him unless he throws the match. His manager hires Dan to protect him but he feels that his manager is overreacting. And Dan doesn't want to work for someone as obnoxious and inconsiderate as him and was about to quit when some men beat him up. Dan decides to look into it further and discovers that his girlfriend is involved with the man behind everything. When they try to get her he lets her go away. Later, his sister is kidnapped and he agrees to throw the match. Dan deduces that either the manager or the promoter is connected to the man, so when he goes to his office to find the sister, he subdues the man and his henchmen and discovers that it's the promoter. He finds the sister and arrives just in time to let her brother come from behind.moreless
    • Ghost of the Ripper
      Someone is killing prostitutes, and the police are baffled. A prostitute who is a friend of Dan's is cautioned not to work but feeling that he already got his mark will strike so soon. At the police, a man named Phillip Grayson, an amateur criminologist, arrives who says that another prostitute will be killed before sunrise. And it was the one Dan spoke to earlier. He says that they are dealing with someone who is emulating Jack the Ripper, because each of the victims have the same name of the Ripper's victims. After stating that the Ripper's next killing will not take place for another month, they feel that they have time. But Grayson and Dan suspect that he may be losing touch with reality and will not wait for the month to carry out his next killing. Valerie, a policewoman and friend of Dan's, suspects the same thing so she sets herself as a prostitute with the name of the Ripper's next victim. Dan finds her and backs her up. What they don't know is that he is already there, hiding in the closet. He takes the bullets out of Valerie's gun. He attacks her but Dan arrives in time to save her.moreless
    • The Eleventh Event
      The Eleventh Event
      Episode 13
      Leon Hazlet, an Olympic gold medalist and a friend of Dan's, is paralyzed. Paul Baker, an entertainer sponsors a telethon for but Leon doesn't exactly want to have anything to do with it. Dan convinces him to make an appearance. After Paul performs someone kidnaps him and demands $250,000 but it seems that Paul doesn't have that kind of money right now. Leon offers to pay the ransom. While waiting for the kidnapper Dan calls Paul's wife and plays a tape of the kidnapper and starts to talk to him, which means that she was in on it. It seems that she's tired of being Paul's wife. Leon, who dropped the ransom and was left in the desert by the kidnapper but who managed to hang on to the van. Dan arrives to take out the kidnapper and Paul's manager, who is also in on it, with Leon's help.moreless
    • Kill Dan Tanna!
      Kill Dan Tanna!
      Episode 14
      Who could possibly want to kill Dan Tanna? When someone from Tanna's past comes back for revenge, Dan and Bea's young daughter narrowly escape with their lives during an attempt to kill Dan. With the help of his friend Harlon Two-Leaf, they give the killer more than he can handle.
    • Death Mountain
      Death Mountain
      Episode 15
      A fishing trip turns deadly - and not for the fish - when a Native American friend of Dan's is killed by a trio of dirt bikers. When the incident turns from a simple homicide to an elaborate plot involving Native American land, commercial real estate and a Far East businessman, Dan uses all of his skills to uncover the scheme.moreless
    • Best Friends
      Best Friends
      Episode 16
      A visit from a childhood friend gets interrupted when an attempt to kill Phil Roth over a proposed New Jersey casino widens to also include a hit on Tanna. Little does Dan know that the plot involves someone he would have never expected.
    • Demand and Supply
      Demand and Supply
      Episode 17
      When 16-year-old Jenny Miller runs screaming from a sleazy motel and ends up in the hospital, everyone wants to know why she was at the motel. Someone is blackmailing high school girls to participate in underage prostitution and Tanna is hot on the trail.
    • Everything I Touch
      Everything I Touch
      Episode 18
      A girl whom Dan is seeing is killed. Dan goes all out to find out who killed her. After talking to a friend of hers, she is killed also. Dan surmises that the only thing that they have in common is that he was with them before they were killed. Initial investigation shows that the girls struggled with their attacker which leads Dan to think that the killer might be a woman. But when Angie is also attacked she says that the one who attacked her was a man. When the attacker makes another attempt, Dan chases him and discovers that it's a woman whom he knows and it appears that she has a fatal attraction for him.moreless
    • Doubtful Target
      Doubtful Target
      Episode 19
      Binzer is dating Kimberly, a blind girl. He goes to pick her up at her place of work. While there in an office not far from hers, a man Cy Winters is threatening a man named Ty Dickerson. It seems that they've been playing poker and Dickerson owes Winters a lot of money but Dickerson is trying to weasel his way out of it. When Winters threatens to tell his boss that he has been embezzling money from his bank, Dickerson shoots him. Dickerson was on his way out when Binzer and Kimberly come out of her office and Dickerson sees them. Dickerson goes to Kimberly and shoots her. Nelson arrives and tells Dan about Winters and realizes that Kimberly worked in the same building. Dan tells Binzer about it and tells them that when he picked her up he saw a man coming out of another office, Nelson has Binzer work with a sketch artist. While doing that Dan learns that Winters was a poker player who was banned from the casinos, so Dan goes to a woman named Cynthia who supplies men who can't play in casinos a place to play and asks her to let him in at her next game. With the sketch that Binzer made Dan goes to the game and matches it with Dickerson, but Dickerson runs away before Dan can approach him. When he tells Nelson, he says that if this comes to trial, it will be Binzer's word against Dickerson's and Dickerson is a respected member of the community. When Binzer is asked to identify Dickerson, he says that it's not him. Later he calls Dickerson and asks him to meet him. Dan goes to see Jackie, Dickerson's mistress and convinces to talk to Nelson. When Binzer confronts Dickerson, he holds a gun on him but doesn't shoot, Dickerson pulls a gun and shoots him wounding him, Dickerson was about to kill Binzer when Dan arrives and shoots Dickerson wounding him and telling him that Jackie is going to testify that Dickerson instructed her to tell the police that he was with her during the murders.moreless
    • Touch of Death
      Touch of Death
      Episode 20
      A newlywed's husband disappears and the bride can't find him. When the bride enlists Tanna to find her husband, everyone in town including the wedding chapel denies ever having seen or talked to her or her missing husband. Can Dan find the missing husband before the bride is declared crazy?
    • A Way to Live
      A Way to Live
      Episode 21
      Move over Evel Knievel! Shara Stanley, motorcycle daredevil and old friend of Dan Tanna's, is in Las Vegas to perform a risky jump. However, it's far riskier than even the daredevil knows. Tanna thinks there's something more going on and races to prevent a tragedy.
    • The Visitor
      The Visitor
      Episode 22
      Middle East strife comes to Las Vegas. When a visiting princess decides to see the sights, Dan gets hired to protect her and trouble isn't far behind. Dan saves her from one abduction attempt but she's finally taken a second time. Now Tanna frantically searches to recover the princess and avoid an international incident.moreless
    • Money Play
      Money Play
      Episode 24
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