Season 3 Episode 23

Judgement Pronounced

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 10, 1981 on ABC



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    • from William Garbacz on the set:
      The guy playing the evil Dan Tanna was supposed to take one of the balloons and draw a face on it. Well he couldn't draw, so I was brought in and the camera would do a close-up on my hand as I drew. But as I began drawing, the director yelled cut and had me put the pen in my left hand. He said the evil Dan was left handed, and they already shot that scene. But I'm right handed, I protested. You're an artist, he said, use your left hand. I tried 3 times and failed. Finally I used my right hand to draw all the detail of the face on the balloon, and then the camera shot me adding just the hair with my left hand.

    • from William Garbacz on the set:
      While I was inflating the yellow balloons, I inhaled some of the helium and spoke to Robert in the funny voice. Next thing I knew everyone on the set was inhaling helium and doing their lines. Finally the director pointed his finger at me and said, "OK, that's enough, we just used up about $8000 of production time."

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