Vegas - Season 3

ABC (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • Judgement Pronounced
    After a criminal who was brought to trial goes free, he is killed by someone dressed to look like Dan and driving a T-Bird like his.
  • Nightmare Come True
    Nightmare Come True
    Episode 22
    A woman who is a psychic has a premonition of Dan falling off a building. Dan is then called by a man whose daughter has been kidnapped, and he wants Dan to find her. Dan tells him that he has to inform the police but his client doesn't want them involved, Dan then tells him they will if that's what he wants. He then gives him the card of his lawyer, who is also his brother-in-law. He then tells Dan that he has hired a psychic to help him, when Dan meets her, she warns Dan that his life could be in danger but he dismisses her. They decide to start by going through her room. They then go to the library, where she was last seen and she senses something in her car. Dan then goes to see the lawyer, and he then gets a call from Binzer who thinks that he found where the kidnappers are. The kidnapper then gets a call from the lawyer. They try to run Dan over when he approaches the door. After they leave they find one of her items. After she holds it, she senses that someone's going to kill them and she saves them, which makes Dan think that she might be real. Their clients feeling that they have not delivered decides to give the ransom and doesn't want them there. Dan suspects that the lawyer might be involved but has no proof. The psychic tells Dan that she thinks she knows where the drop will be but doesn't want Dan to go there but Dan says that there's no time she then tells him. Dan's on the roof after his client drops the ransom, the kidnapper tries to get it but Dan knocks him. The lawyer comes out and holds a gun on him. Dan asks him why, he answers because he did all the work and made his brother a millionaire and wasn't given anything. Dan knocks the gun out of his hand and a fight ensues, the two fall off the roof. Nelson and the psychic arrive to see them fall off, while the lawyer falls to his death, Dan falls into a balcony. Later the girl is brought to her parents who thank Dan and the psychic.moreless
  • French Twist
    French Twist
    Episode 21
  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer
    Episode 20
    Wayne Newton receives a death threat from someone who believes HE is Wayne Newton and that Wayne is an imitator who mustn't be allowed to continue to perform.
  • Seek and Destroy
    Seek and Destroy
    Episode 19
    A Russian pilot who is flying a new fighter jet defects with the plane to the U.S. and lands in Vegas. When it's learned that there's a plan to destroy the pilot and the plane, Dan is called in to help.
  • The Killing
    The Killing
    Episode 18
  • Set Up
    Set Up
    Episode 17
    Nelson is framed for murder.
  • Out of Sight
    Out of Sight
    Episode 16
    Someone tries to kill Dan but instead leaves him blind.
  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb
    Episode 15
    Binzer is being threatened by two men from his past.
  • No Way to Treat a Victim
  • Heist
    Episode 13
  • Backlash
    Episode 12
    A woman, Mrs. Wilson, is concerned about her daughter, Angie, so she hires Dan. She tells him that at night she and two of her friends, Allison and Beth go out dressed like teenagers, and she overheard them talking about meeting older men. What they don't know is that the girls, who are on probation, are being coerced by their probation officer, Kurt Struyker to coerce older men into revealing on tape that they are about to have sex with an underage girl. His associate, Kier, then blackmails these men. Dan begins by checking out where they work, which is a limo service owned by a man named Anthony Belmont, who is also an art dealer, who is also being coerced by Struyker, who was also his probation officer, when he was arrested and tried for an art scam. When Dan follows the girls he catches her with their latest mark but Dan interrupts them and Kier walks in and keeps Dan from finding out anything. Binzer then finds out the connection between Struyker, Belmont, and the girls, but is all circumstantial. When one of the girls decides she wants out, Struyker has Kier work on her, she and Angie then go to Dan who promises to help them. Struyker worried about what they are going to do deduces that the girls will go to Dan for help, so he has Kier grab Binzer who was watching Belmont, and tells Dan to turn the girls over to him for Binzer but Binzer manages to tell Dan where he is. Dan goes there and takes out Kier but Struyker appears and is about to shoot Dan when a fight breaks out, that ends with Dan stabbing Struyker.moreless
  • Murder by Mirrors
    Murder by Mirrors
    Episode 11
  • Sourdough Suite
    Sourdough Suite
    Episode 10

    A prospector witness an exchange that ends with the men pulling guns on each other. They leave the briefcases they brought and the prospector gets them and finds documents in one and money in the other. He then goes to town and splurges and even gives old friend Dan some money to pay him back for what he owes him Dan wonders how he got it but gives the man the benefit of the doubt. Later some men are looking for the old man and are looking for the papers.

  • The Andreas Addiction
    A man looking for revenge has planted drugs in Dan's food. He starts to feel weird, and eventually gets so weak that the man is able to capture him and continue to give him drugs.
  • Christmas Story
    Christmas Story
    Episode 8
  • Deadly Blessing
    Deadly Blessing
    Episode 7
    A nun from New Mexico comes to town looking for some property that was bequethed to her. She asks Dan to help her find it. Dan then discovers that the property is where Roth's hotel is on. Later someone takes a shot at her.
  • A Deadly Victim
    A Deadly Victim
    Episode 6
    Two drunk vagrants come upon a house just as some men arrive. Then a car drives by and shots are fired at one of the men, but one of the two vagrants is shot. The other calls Dan for help, but when Dan arrives there is no sign of any of the events she described.moreless
  • Love Affair
    Love Affair
    Episode 5
  • Sudden Death
    Sudden Death
    Episode 4
    After Dan kills a young man who was robbing his girlfriend's place, he is absolved by the D.A. but decides to find out the reason for the young man's actions.
  • The Black Cat Killer
    Bea is shot.
  • Aloha, You're Dead (2)
  • Aloha, You're Dead (1)