Season 3 Episode 19

Seek and Destroy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

A Russian pilot who was testing a new Mig defects to the U.S. in the jet. The Air Force who has been monitoring waits for a woman from an Aeronautics company who speaks Russian who talks him in.

When the Pilot Mikhail arrives the whole staff greet him. It's then that one of the officers, Major Adams gets a call from one of his sources who wants him to meet in Las Vegas. He goes and meets with the man who proceeds to tell him that the other side has made plans to deal with the pilot and the jet. He tells them that the thing is code named "Operation Hobi" which consist of a three member team one is a former CIA assassin, another is a private investigator who lives in Las Vegas and who is also an explosives expert, and the third he doesn't know. He leaves to call Dan to help him find the P.I. Dan who was on a date leaves to meet him. It is then that Major Adams and his contact are taken away by two men who claim to be CIA. When Dad approaches them they shoot at him. The next day Adams' car is found and all signs appear that he was drunk but Dan claims he was abducted. Before Nelson could do anything the Air Force arrive and take the body and everything else away.They also take Dan. When Dan meets the commanding officer, Colonel Dixon Vance, he asks Dan why Adams called him and when Dan asks him what's going on, the Colonel says it's classified. That's when Dan tells him about the man Barney wants him to find and shows him the pad that Adams was writing on which he shaded that shows the plot. That's when he also tells them about the man who grabbed Adams. The Colonel tells him about the Russian pilot and jet. Dan goes to find the man Adams wants him to find. So he goes through his files of private investigators and finds a couple who know explosives. Eventually he thinks that the one he is looking for is Jack Lucas but can't seem to find him. The next day Dan dons a uniform and goes to the base to keep an eye out for the man he saw. When the pilot was going for a break the man comes out and tries to shoot him but Dan arrives and a fight breaks out. Eventually the pilot gets in on it and tries to restrain him when Victoria Ballinger the woman from the aeronautics company grabs the gun and shoots the man. Later she goes to a phone and calls Lucas. Later Dan and the Colonel are looking at the files of everyone to see how the guy got on the base. Lucas goes in. The guard calls the Colonel saying that someone from Victoria's company arrived. Dan tells the Colonel that he suspects Victoria because she was very quick to grab the gun. If the gun didn't have a silencer Mikhail could have been shot also. When Dan looks at her file it says she was falconer who trained Hobi hawks as in operation Hobi. Dan runs out to find her and the man. Dan sees Lucas plant something on the plane and battles him for the detonator. Victoria grabs it and detonates the bomb. Dan later tells her that she's going to prison. She says that she just has to wait for the next spy exchange. But that's when Dan tells her that they might not want her because she blew up the wrong plane. What they thought was the Russian jet was a junker; they covered it. Later Mikhail along with Dan, Bea and Binzer celebrate.
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