Season 2 Episode 9

The Day the Gambling Stopped

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 1979 on ABC
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The Day the Gambling Stopped
The hotel's comptrollers call Dan and inform him that they have taken in more chips than they dispensed. And it seems that they have taken about two million. With no plausible explanation, Dan decides that they have to close the casino until they can find one. One of the hotel's executives recalls that Clay Sumner, the man who makes the Roth hotel's gambling chips, had a robbery last year but Nelson, who was called in, says that only 50,000 was taken and Dan recovered them. They then go to see Sumner and ask him if he had another robbery but says that after the robbery he redesigned the whole system and the door to the work plant has only one key which he wears around his neck. One of the employees Eddie Stolvak, who sees that Nelson is there goes to see what's going on. Nelson then decides to interview all of Sumner's employees, after Nelson leaves, Dan talks to Clay and he is still mourning his son, Brad, who died recently. Eddie then goes to see Brad who is alive and has a copy of the key, because he is concerned, because Brad told him that they would be long gone before they discover what they are doing but Brad has only cashed half the chips that they have. He then asks Brad for his share now. Later that evening Dan is visited by Cindy, an old girlfriend of Brad who is bruised and asks Dan if she could stay the night. After Dan goes to sleep, she takes Dan's gun and gives it to Brad who then goes to Eddie's and kills him. He then gives the gun back to her and also give her some of the chips and plants them in Dan's place. She then leaves with Brad who drops her off and reminds her that if she cares about her son she'll remain quiet. The next day Dan wakes up and finds that Cindy's gone, he then goes to meet Clay Sumner who tells him that he has inventoried their raw materials and that the amount that they have discovered is only half of what is missing, which means that there's another two million. Dan is then told of Stolvak's death, Nelson is then approached by Thatcher, a reporter, who believes that Sumner is behind the chips, gives Nelson a letter that was supposedly written by Stolvak that says that Dan was behind the whole thing. Dan was talking to Binzer and Bea, and he tells them that while he had no proof, he knew Brad was the one who stole the 50,000 last year and that Brad knew he knew. He tells Binzer to check on Brad's death. It is then that Nelson comes in with a search warrant, he then asks Dan to show him his gun and Nelson discovers that it's been fired recently, and the two officers find the chips that Brad planted. Ballistics then prove that Dan's gun was what killed Stolvak and when he has Cindy brought they find that she has no bruise on her face and she says that she was not at Dan's. Nelson with no other choice arrests Dan. He later releases him. Binzer then goes to see Dan with the report on Brad and discovers that the body was never turned in. He goes to see a friend of Cindy's who tells about her son, so Dan has Bea find him hoping that she will turn up soon. Cindy goes to see Sumner who tells him that Brad is alive and that he framed Dan, Sumner then asks her where Brad is and Sumner goes there with a gun. Cindy shows up to get her son and Dan is waiting for her, he asks if Brad threatened him and she said yes and she tells him that she told Clay Sumner, Dan then goes there and arrives to find Sumner with his gun. Dan tries to tell him that he did his best. It's then that Brad enters and dares his father to shoot and when he doesn't he pulls his gun on Dan and was about to shoot him when Dan overpowers him. The casinos are reopened and cindy and her son are taken in by Sumner.moreless

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