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  • Season 2
    • Wendy and the Medallion
    • The Torn Page
      The Torn Page
      Episode 17
      Outerscope II – The Torn Page Dr. Davis meets with Edgar and Cynthia. He says he remembers something about Sailor Bill's medallion, the map, and the diary. Edgar and Cynthia realize they must link up with the others (who have the map) if they will find the medallion. But Bob and Robin think they know something the kids don't. While the city carnival is in full swing, Bob and Robin head off to the Shinnecock village on Montauk Point. Woody the Spoon Recipes From Switzerland comes a fondue recipe. The Big Job Hunt Poughkeepsie Middle School will battle Columbus School, but not before Max has some happy news: Varna (Spoilsport's robot) is going to Hollywood. Bebop Fables A worm doesn't like his lowly life, so a frog grants him wishes for new appendages. There was only one problem: he can't get back in his hole.moreless
    • Looking for Tia Rosa
      Outerscope II – Looking for Tia Rosa Socorro convinces Eleanor, Henry and Willie to keep up their search for Tia Rosa. She introduces them to her friend, Mrs. Torrez. Edgar and Cynthia call information to learn the number for Montego Slim Davis. What Do You Want To Know About Yourself? The origin and use of the word "stereotype." Make a New Friend Nine-year-old Patty Jefferson narrates her own photo sequence. Summer Father Part one of a continuing story. After four years, Melissa and Phillip Howard visit their father for the summer. He is perplexed by the fact that Melissa is on Phillip's team. Woody the Spoon Recipes Coconut milk is the primary ingredient in the Hawaiian dish haupia. Bebop Fables Joyful Jungle is saddened when a leopard moves in. How Would You Feel? Girls have the bulk of this vox pops, which asks, "how would you feel if you were told you couldn't do something because you were a girl?"moreless
    • Emergency Landing!
      Emergency Landing!
      Episode 15
      Outerscope II – Emergency Landing! Willie lands Outerscope II on the roof of one skyscraper. He and the others leave the map behind as they search for a way down. They encounter Socorro, a New York native, and explain their quest. To everyone's dismay, Henry realizes he has left the map on Outerscope II, and a brisk wind takes the map away. The Big Job Hunt As Poughkeepsie Middle School battles School 12, Max feels ready to find a robot he can eventually marry. Long John Spoilsport seizes the opportunity, building what he thinks will be a harmful robot. Woody the Spoon Recipes Woody shares a recipe for West Indian codfish cakes. (The opening seconds of this cartoon had been seen in the previous episode.) What Would You Do If? Repeat of a segment from the episode Wendy's Complaint: How would you feel if someone didn't come to a party because of where you lived?moreless
    • Into the River!
      Into the River!
      Episode 14
      Outerscope II – Into the River! Bob and Robin fail to dump Outerscope II in the East River. Julian greets Eleanor, Willie and Henry as they launch Outerscope II toward midtown Manhattan. As they near the Hudson River shoreline, they lose one of the umbrellas, and pummet toward one of the rooftops. Children's Questions Repeat of a segment from the episode A Talk with the Teacher: A girl walks into a photographic studio to discover what families are. How Do You Find Yourself? A poem on friendship. Willie & Maria Conclusion. Willie and Maria spend the weekend on a Puerto Rican finca. They meet some old friends there. Willie has yet to shake his impression of growers, so he and Maria join the farmhands. Recipes Real people make codfish cakes.moreless
    • The Story of Montego Slim Davis
      Outerscope II – The Story of Montego Slim Davis The kids learn of the day Montego Slim Davis reported that Sailor Bill was ill. Davis left his address to Chun and his father. Given two leads, Edgar and Cynthia go to look for Davis, leaving the others to board Outerscope II in search of Tia Rosa. In the meantime, Bob and Robin discover they've been tricked. They get off at the South Street harbor, and hatch a plot to dump Outerscope II in the East River. Children's Questions Color is important to all our lives. Make a New Friend What if the animals were prejudiced against each other? Willie & Maria Today, Willie joins Tia Nati on her errands. These include buying avocados and picking up school clothes. Willie is overwhelmed that Tia Nati is doing so much. (Concludes in next episode.) Woody the Spoon Recipes Woody shares a recipe for cornflower soup. Make a New Friend Craig Rainbolt of Phoenix narrates a photo sequence about his woodwork class. Storytelling Time The hermit crab feels left out because he's different from all the other fish. He secretly concocts a spell that changes all the fish to different creatures. But they like themselves in spite of their differences. How Would You Feel? Kyle and Ernesto share their opinions on the music they like. How would you feel if people made fun of you because you liked something different?moreless
    • Together Again at Last
    • The Medallion Kite
      The Medallion Kite
      Episode 11
      Outerscope II – The Medallion Kite Bob and Robin lose track of Jimmy and the others. Adele and her father lead Willie and Henry to Central Park, where they plant two trees. Edgar, Cynthia, and Eleanor arrive at the park as well, and both parties spot the medallion kite. The Big Job Hunt Long John Spoilsport is ill and cannot interfere as Giffen School battles Schuyler School. Still, host Sue Taylor is quick to accuse him when Max goes faulty. Recipes Real people make Japanese rice cakes. The piece opens with a fraction of the Woody the Spoon piece from the episode Chun the Kitemaker. What Would You Do? What would you do if someone made fun of you because you did an activity that you liked?moreless
    • Chun the Kitemaker
      Chun the Kitemaker
      Episode 10
      Outerscope II – Chun the Kitemaker Chun Bo Fung tells a customer that his father was a kitemaker, whose skill rubbed off on him. He goes to Central Park to test a new kite – one with a medallion painted on it. While testing the kite, he says that the medallion has been a part of Chun's life since he was a boy, and that a diary and a map that will assist in finding a medallion. Jimmy brings Edgar, Cynthia and Eleanor to Chun's shop, and talks of the medallion emblem. He gets his dog back just as Edgar, Cynthia and Eleanor recognize Bob and Robin. Children's Questions A general introduction to Native Americans. Storytelling Time Animation tells a story based on the Japanese tradition of eating rice cakes for New Year's. "Chi Chi Hoo Hoo Bogeyman" Lori and Mary Jo have to tell the truth when Cindy turns up missing. What they don't know is that they had seen a deaf mute. The girls' grandfather invites that deaf mute to their house. Make a New Friend Eleven-year-old Blanca Parga of Los Angeles narrates a photo sequence, explaining how he teaches Spanish to the children in her neighborhood. Woody the Spoon Recipes Woody introduces a Japanese rice recipe called onigiri.moreless
    • Presto to the Rescue
    • Lost in Chinatown
      Outerscope II – Lost in Chinatown Cynthia, Edgar, and Eleanor help a boy named Jimmy Wong get his dog back. Willie and Henry, still at the circus, meet the Carrejas. They have talked with Tia Rosa, who invites Willie and Henry to her place in Manhattan. The Carrejas write the address on Willie's map, but Bob and Robin steal the map. The Big Job Hunt Before the South End School is pitted against the Marie Curie East Side School, Long John Spoilsport tries to win Max's trust. What Max doesn't know is that Spoilsport's "Extra Fine Oil" is a jar of poison. Woody the Spoon Recipes Corn is the principal element of sorullos.moreless
    • The Peking Clue
      The Peking Clue
      Episode 7
    • A Talk with the Teacher
      Outerscope II – A Talk with the Teacher Wendy's history teacher is surprised that she had missed her class. She asks why the class has never talked about Native Americans. The teacher recommends that Wendy herself speak to her class. She recommends the teacher go to the Thunderbird festival and hear Mr. Coffey. Edgar, Cynthia, and Eleanor talk to Mr. Coffey, who gives them of a misfortunate incident on the Pacific Ocean. Long Ago San Francisco, 1914. Moira winds up in the middle of a rescue mission coordinated by Lilac Chen. After rescuing two girls, Lilac Chen pronounces that education is a prime weapon in earning basic rights for American women. Children's Questions A girl walks into a photographic studio to discover what families are. Kiko Conclusion. A day away from the fields Kiko and his cousins in town, centered at a marketplace. Kiko now defends his cousins after the local boys make fun of them. The cousins tell Kiko they are moving to another farm, and Kiko returns to Miami. Woody the Spoon Repeat of a sequence from the episode The Vanishing Door: Woody has a recipe for barbecued spareribs, with just the right touch of African-American flavor. What Would You Do If? What would you do if some of your friends didn't accept another friend because he was different?moreless
    • Grandmother Tells the Story
      Outerscope II – Grandmother Tells the Story Wendy's grandmother relates to Cynthia, Edgar, and Eleanor the story of Wine Dance, the man who saved Sailor Bill's life. It was believed his medallion brought good luck. Grandmother alerts the kids to Maurice Coffey, who is organizing the Thunderbird dance. Then she instructs Wendy to talk to her teacher alone. Willie and Henry decide to head for Shinnicock Village. But they discover two rogues who secretly plot to steal the map. What Do You Want to Know About Yourself? Immigration is a fact of life for the United States. And immigrants have made the United States a country of diversity. Holiday - Tanabata The focal point of this program tells the legend of a husband and wife living in the sky, allowed to meet only on the seventh day of the seventh month. Kiko With his uncle working for the rights of migrant workers, Kiko begins to observe his cousins' heritage. Make a New Friend A photo sequence highlights eleven-year-old Melissa Champlin, a Vietnamese-born girl living in Oakland. What Would You Do? How would you feel if someone made fun of the way you spoke?moreless
    • Wendy's Complaint
      Outerscope II – Wendy's Complaint Cynthia, Edgar, and Eleanor learn that Wendy has been upset with the teaching of history at her school. All of them visit Wendy's grandmother. Back in their neighborhood, Willie and Henry decide to look for the medallion. What Do You Want to Know About Yourself? Suppose a new kid came to a classroom in a box. It's a lesson to all about labels. Kiko Reluctantly, Kiko goes to his uncle's farm. He has had uneasy images about migrant workers. In a moment alone, cousins tell Kiko they may get to stay in one place if their father gets a stable job. Early one morning, Kiko must accompany his uncle to the fields. (Continues in next episode.) Make a New Friend What if the animals were prejudiced against each other? Recipes Real people make tostones. The piece opens with a fraction of the Woody the Spoon piece from the episode Lost in the Storm. What Would You Do If? How would you feel if someone didn't come to a party because of where you lived?moreless
    • Lost in the Storm
      Outerscope II – Lost in the Storm Outerscope II crashes at South Fork on Long Island. A Shinnecock girl named Wendy discovers the diary, and Eleanor, Edgar, and Cynthia discover Wendy has heard the story of Sailor Bill's medallion from her grandmother. The kids learn Wendy has had trouble with a schoolteacher. Long Ago Sierrra Nevada, 1867. Moira lands among Chinese railroad workers who are about to call a strike. At the strike meeting, Moira and one worker finds a non-Chinese man spying. The worker and Moira spy as well, learning that the Boss is in trouble as well. Prejudice Repeat of a segment first used in the first-season episode The Doors Open. Kiko In Florida, a city boy named Kiko is abusive to migrant farm workers because they couldn't play kickball. This on the eve of Kiko's visiting his migrant-worker cousins. (Continues in next episode.) Woody the Spoon Recipes Woody has a recipe based on plantain, the cooking banana. Children's Questions: How Do You Feel? How would you feel if you were the only person at a party that was different?moreless
    • Sailor Bill's Diary
    • Looking for a Reason
      Outerscope II – Looking for a Reason With Cynthia back from Puerto Rico, Edgar wants to round up the kids to send Outerscope on another mission. Willie has a suggestion: go in search of a medallion that belonged to his great-great-grandfather. What they don't know is that two garbage men have taken Outerscope to a dump. Long Ago Five skateboarders – Cary, Yolanda, Ken, Jimmy, and Moira – enter a history museum and find a magical way to go back through time. The next several shows feature two of the gang stopping off at various years just after the Outerscope serial. Song: American PeopleStorytelling Time: Stone Soup An apparently prosperous land is full of unfriendly people. It isn't easy for a traveler to provide entertainment in exchange for food and a place to rest. His final call to arms: a magic soup stone. Children's Questions How would you feel if someone wouldn't play with you because you were different?moreless
  • Season 1