Vengeance Unlimited

ABC (ended 1999)




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Vengeance Unlimited

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When people can kill someone you love and get a book deal out of it -- just because they hire the right lawyer or an acting teacher who teaches them to cry on camera -- who can you turn to? Mr. Chapel (Michael Madsen), of course! He will help you get your revenge with both charm and finality. There´s no killing involved. He just turns the tables on the bullies, often using their own tactics against them. The only problem is the fee. He charges one million dollars.

If you can't afford the fee, you can help him to help others. Mr. Chapel's past is unknown, but obviously something horrible happened to him and his family. His tragic history is slowly revealed in piecemeal fashion over the course of the show. KC Griffin is his friend, a former client and a beginner when it comes to the fine art of revenge, but she is a quick study. She provides balance to Chapel's quirky character.

This well-written series, though short-lived, was intelligent, exciting and funny. "Vengeance Unlimited" was cancelled prematurely because it aired against powerhouse shows like "Friends". Some critics claimed that the show was too violent and that Mr. Chapel's actions blurred the concepts of right and wrong. The critics, however, may have missed the point that this was black humor, if in an extreme form. "Vengeance Unlimited" offered its fans a true guilty pleasure: exciting, fast-paced entertainment and the vicarious thrill of watching the bad guys get what they deserve.