Vengeance Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 1999 on ABC
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Ben Newton, a greedy young man, murders his father, but claims that is was done by a burglar. His sister, who saw the crime, tries to tell it in court, but Ben´s lawyer makes it look like it´s she who is greedy. And then there´s Ben´s friend, who gives him an alibi. Chapel starts to disturb Ben, but is hindered by Ben´s young fan, a female computer whizz, who questions everything Chapel says. Finally she traces Chapel, and confronts him in his hotel room. She threatens to turn him over to the police, and Chapel agrees with her. He must be jailed... But who will then release Ben´s alibi? And what does a bedpan have to do with anything?moreless

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Mr Chapel must have some special computer program to exchange his picture for Internal Affairs agent Maurice Camel´s. When one replaces one picture with another, it usually doesn´t morph from one to the other, but rather like cutting out the first and then replace it with the second.

      • Is the court really going to base the whole sentence on one itty bitty alibi, that could easily have been fabricated? And what does Kevin mean when he says that Ben literarily couldn´t have done it? That Ben isn´t strong enough? Plus: Is there noone else to testify about Ben´s odd behaviour before the murder? Again, mrchapel´s counterargument: "What he means is that not only is Ben emotionally capable of killing his own father, but he could not possibly have done it as they were at the movies together, providing an alibi" In the case of forensic evidence, such as blood on Ben´s shirt, his alibi would be null and void. Also, as I pointed out, the court should have taken into account that false alibies are not that uncommon - it´s every criminals defence.

      • Ben´s lawyer asks Deb if she would benefit from Ben going to jail, and she has to say yes. Surely that cannot be the deciding factor, if Ben should go free or not? In response, mrchapel wrote: "As long as the defense can provide other theories for the courts, then they establish "reasonable doubt". Her brother going to jail leaves all of the father's inheritance to her, providing motive." BUT what I meant was that (as CSI has taught us), noone can commit a crime without leaving clues. Forensic evidence could definitely show that Ben is the killer.

      • After Ben´s pal Kevin gives Ben an alibi in court, they are climbing into a car. But before they get in, Kevin says "I want my 500.000.". Wouldn´t at least one reporter pick that up?

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    • NOTES (5)

      • Deborah acutally pays Mr Chapel after the case is closed, which is very rare in the series.

      • The episode title, and several lines of dialogue, are all part of an elaborate in-joke. The various descriptions folks give of Chapel (i.e., "right wing fascist") are taken from real-life critics' columns, and are their original comments when the show premiered.

      • The scene in the Paladin bedroom is a must-see - it´s funny, it´s sharp, and it reveals what Mr Chapel has prepared for a rainy day for KC.

      • Chapel uses several favours in this episode - first a café full of people, plus one outside the café, second one to get Gina into Computer camp, and finally the stuntman, Al.

      • Chapel uses two aliases in this episode: Sergeant Butcher and IRS agent Maurice Camel. KC talks to Kevin as Detective Kramer.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Mr Chapel: Yeah. And I´m Dobie Gillis.
        Dobie Gillis, the main character of a 1960s sitcom, was as normal a teenager as they come, with interest only in girls, cars and money.