Vengeance Unlimited

ABC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Friends
      Episode 16
      An engineer, Darin Carver, invents a electricity-free lamp at home and gives it to some friends for testing. One of his former classsmates at MIT, now a millionaire computer engineer, Steven Jensen, tries to buy the patent but Carver declines. Jensen´s hitman, mr Hobbs, makes sure that the lamp starts several fires, and then Jensen introduces Carver´s lamp as his own, improved version. Carver can´t take the humiliation and commits suicide. Chapel tries to access Jensen, but he´s constantly guarded, and Chapel has to go via Jensen´s secretary. As Jensen´s temporary assistant, KC finds out that Jensen´s company has to get lots of money since its resources is tied up in the lamp. Then it´s all a matter of spraying a shirt, sending a few e-mails, getting some plates for making new dollar bills, and replace a letter to some Japanese investors. The things you do for your friends...moreless
    • Legalese
      Episode 15
      When a little girl suddenly loses consciousness, it is suspected that the grass fertilizer is the cause. The girl may die if the manufacturer doesn´t give the doctors the formula. But the manufacturer doesn´t want to lose any profits, and hires a lawyer, Michael Dearborn, that buries all evidence - and even blackmails a scientist that wants to testify into going away for a long time. Chapel uses a client to switch judges, but Dearborn seems to have every advantage against the prosecuting attorney, Bizzini, a slob with very litle experience. It seems it´s time to bring out the chain saw, the shovel, some pepper spray and a brand new eighteen-piece suit...moreless
    • Critical
      Episode 14
      Ben Newton, a greedy young man, murders his father, but claims that is was done by a burglar. His sister, who saw the crime, tries to tell it in court, but Ben´s lawyer makes it look like it´s she who is greedy. And then there´s Ben´s friend, who gives him an alibi. Chapel starts to disturb Ben, but is hindered by Ben´s young fan, a female computer whizz, who questions everything Chapel says. Finally she traces Chapel, and confronts him in his hotel room. She threatens to turn him over to the police, and Chapel agrees with her. He must be jailed... But who will then release Ben´s alibi? And what does a bedpan have to do with anything?moreless
    • Clique
      Episode 13

      Three friends in college wants to play a bit with the class nerd, and the girl makes a pass at him. But when the nerd thinks that he´s going to get laid, instead he´s ridiculed. But when he makes resistance, they hold him down, and a unfortunate blow by a baseball bat kills him... The three friends decides to bury him. Ten years later the body is found, and Chapel makes it his business to find the culprits. He sends every classmate a baseball bat and studies their reaction. Soon the three friends have a reunion of their own. Then Chapel enters as Arnie, a naive stalker, that claims to have seen everything. But the three friends don't want their lives ruined by a numbskull and decides to kill Arnie. But is there really an Arnie?

    • Judgment
      Episode 12
      Mr. Chapel meets a man with a bag full of money, but before the switch can be made, Chapel is shot. He returns to K.C. and is treated by a vet. During his convalescence, we see what led up to the shooting. Chapel is pursuing Harold Wabash, the judge in a mafia trial. Wabash is on the take. Chapel intends to see that the mafia leader is tried and convicted, so he steals some of Wabash's money, and sends it back--after a trip through a paper shredder. This leads Wabash to get help from a former hitman, the man who shoots Chapel. After Chapel recovers, he captures the hitman, Garcose, and befriends him. He uses another client to make the mafia think that Wabash is a traitor, and then he gives Wabash a choice: do the right thing and you can still have your money, or else...moreless
    • Confidence
      Episode 11
      A young couple buys a house, but when they try to move in the house is already occupied. They try to prosecute the broker, Joe Budnick, but he claims that he doesn´t know anything about it, and that he´s just a shoe salesman. Chapel contacts the couple and offers them his services. The husband is less than enthusiastic, but he gives in and lets Chapel do his job. The job starts with saving Budnick´s next victim before he can ruin her. Budnick immediately smells a rat, and is taken to KC, who´s set up as an insurance agent with a con in progress. Budnick wants in or he´ll tell the police. But then a client of Chapel´s decides to say no, and Chapel is all out of tattoed, tough-looking bar-owners with dye packs in their cash registers...moreless
    • Vendetta
      Episode 10
      IRS agent Gifford Marshall thinks that one of his dates has scorned him, and starts a hard investigation into her gallery, and even fakes evidence against her. It turns out that it´s not his first time. The woman, Theresa, meets Mr Chapel, who makes her the offer of helping her. He starts by contacting Otto Carson, another IRS agent, and offers to be his "get out of jail"-card, if he helps him create agent Marshall´s perfect "client". So Chapel becomes spoiled millionaire Anthony Cooper, who dates Theresa, evades his taxes, and even is on the run. KC is set up as Cooper´s ex-wife, a cars saleswoman. In the meantime, Chapel uses Otto to steal things from IRS´s confiscated goods. His coup de grace is buying a house for agent Marshall...moreless
    • Noir
      Episode 9
      A woman kills her husband (together with her brother - her lover), and claims it was done by her husband´s ex-wife. The son knows who did it, but can´t prove it. When KC finds out about it, she talks to her friend, Mr Chapel, who discovers that it´s not their first time. Mr Chapel gets an IRS agent to freeze all assets of the widow and her lover, and gives them a perfect new victim. But then the client comes back and talks to Detective Swain. Suddenly Chapel is in trouble...moreless
    • Dishonorable Discharge
      Two captains in the Army rape a woman, but somehow manage to escape conviction. Chuck Bidally, a former client of Chapel's, can't even convince the D.A. to reopen the case after the fingerprints get a match, since the statute of limitations has expired. Bidally takes the case to Chapel, who gives the rapists a taste of their own medicine. First he makes them feel isolated from the rest of the soldiers with a phony gay love letter. Later he sends a hooker after one of them in search of a "Clinton corsage". From Bidally's planted evidence in one of their houses to a colonel's crashed car, the rapists face a dire situation.moreless
    • Security
      Episode 7
      A woman claims that a man she meets on the street is Colonel Oscar Ponce, a former war criminal from South America. Ponce tries to kill her. Chapel saves her, but she doesn't want Chapel's help. She says she's done hiding, so Chapel has to lock her up. Chapel enlists a State Department agent to trace Ponce's superior, General Rumano, and tells Ponce that he's out to save their lives. Chapel, however, underestimates the South American woman's desire for revenge, and her cunning. Can he keep up?moreless
    • Ambition
      Episode 6

      K.C.'s friend is impregnated by the married Senator Haywood. When Haywood rejects her, she flees and drives off the road. The senator does nothing to help and lets her die. K.C. and Chapel begin to set up the senator for payback.

    • Justice
      Episode 5

      A witness loses his motivation to testify against arms dealers when his wife is kidnapped. Chapel plans to put the claustrophobic arms dealer in a box to make him talk, but a zealous cop jails Chapel instead.

    • Bitter End
      Bitter End
      Episode 4

      Pam Broder, the only witness to a murder, is threatened by the imprisoned killer through anonymous letters. After the killer Hix is set free, Chapel decides to help Ms. Broder. But Hix warns Chapel to stop following him.

    • Eden
      Episode 3

      A sheriff frames a young couple for drug dealing and shoots the husband. A deputy objects and is murdered. Chapel enters the picture and is forced to make a tough decision about his own client.

    • Victim of Circumstances

      An FBI profiler hides evidence that could exonerate someone suspected of being a serial murderer. Mr. Chapel finds out and goes after the profiler. However, the profiler uses his professional skills to profile Chapel.

    • Cruel and Unusual

      A secretary is murdered after uncovering the boss's money laundering operation. Her husband is contacted by a mysterious Mr. Chapel, who promises to bring the culprit to justice. Chapel is assisted by his former client, KC, who works at the DA's office.