Vengeance Unlimited

ABC (ended 1999)





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  • Vengeance Unlimited featured the mysterious Mr. Chapel who got justice for people whom the legal system failed. He used cleverness and favors from previous victims he'd helped to nail the bad guys.

    Vengeance Unlimited was absolutely ahead of its time. Today, I think that it would be a major hit, especially on one of the "edgier" networks (FX, TNT, Showtime.) VU would fill the vacuum that exists today for complex, thought-provoking material on the big three "traditional" networks, with their inane reality shows and copycat, formulaic dramas.

    VU's strength was in its writing and acting. The basic premise created a moral question: what does one do when the justice system fails (as it often does)? The quest for justice is a basic human need, and Mr. Chapel tackles the question head on. The cases are complicated, with no patently simple solutions. The viewers actually have to think about the ethical issues involved, and follow the fiendishly clever plot. The show did not sermonize. In the midst of hunting for justice, Chapel had some of the funniest, wildest, and over-the-top lines ever written for TV. You might have had to exercise your brain, but you'd be laughing while you did. Michael Madsen's acting was some of the best ever seen on TV. This was a brilliant series that was cancelled far too soon.
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