Vengeance Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1999 on ABC
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IRS agent Gifford Marshall thinks that one of his dates has scorned him, and starts a hard investigation into her gallery, and even fakes evidence against her. It turns out that it´s not his first time. The woman, Theresa, meets Mr Chapel, who makes her the offer of helping her. He starts by contacting Otto Carson, another IRS agent, and offers to be his "get out of jail"-card, if he helps him create agent Marshall´s perfect "client". So Chapel becomes spoiled millionaire Anthony Cooper, who dates Theresa, evades his taxes, and even is on the run. KC is set up as Cooper´s ex-wife, a cars saleswoman. In the meantime, Chapel uses Otto to steal things from IRS´s confiscated goods. His coup de grace is buying a house for agent Marshall...moreless

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    Amanda Pays

    Amanda Pays

    Gail Dawson

    Guest Star

    Markus Flanagan

    Markus Flanagan

    Gifford Marshall

    Guest Star

    Lisa Thornhill

    Lisa Thornhill

    Theresa Greco

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      • K.C.: Quick question.
        Chapel: Yeah?
        K.C.: Are you Satan?
        Chapel: No.
        K.C.: Just checking.

      • Gifford Marshall: This is an official IRS investigation. What's your name?
        Chapel: I'm Gumby, dammit.

      • (breaking a guy's kneecap)
        Chapel: Don't worry about that. It'll be okay in a couple of months. It's amazing what they can do with plastic nowadays.

      • Chapel: I walked into a bar one time, and I bumped into a guy. He pulled a gun on me. And I said, 'Hey, I'm sorry.' And he said, 'You know, if you let one person bump you, pretty soon everyone's going to start bumping you.'
        Theresa: So what happened?
        Chapel: Well, he has a new shoulder now. It's amazing what they can do with plastic. Anyway, my point is that some kids don't know how to play with others, so you just...
        K.C.: ...have to give them a new shoulder.
        Chapel: Well, yeah, there you go.

      • (after Chapel returns Theresa's earring)
        Theresa: What did you need it for?
        Chapel: You can use those to pick locks.
        Theresa: Where'd you learn that? Chapel: My mom. She was very handy.

      • Theresa: So, you help me out of all this, and all I owe you is a million dollars?
        Chapel: Sorta like that.
        Theresa: Do you take food stamps?
        Chapel: No. But I have a prudent buyer's plan.
        Theresa: Which is?
        Chapel: Some day you owe me a favor.
        Theresa: A million dollars or a favor. Yeah, well, I saw that movie and I'm really flattered...
        Chapel: That's not what I meant.

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