Venom ER

Animal Planet (ended 2004)


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Venom ER

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Venom ER follows the real stories of the doctors at the hospital of Loma Linda, California dealing with bites of poisonous animals, mainly snakes. Every year, thousands of people are bitten by poisonous snakes around the world. Depending of the snake, the doctors have to take several measures to control the venom's effect. The rattlesnakes are the most common poisonous snakes in the US. They live in every single state. Loma Linda's hospital deals with most cases in the cities near it. Why? Because in this hospital works Dr. Sean Bush, one of the most important and recognized toxicologists in the world. The doctors have to deal with the bites of six different sorts of snakes: the Mojave Rattlesnake, the Sidewinder Rattlesnake, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, the Red Diamond Rattlesnake, the Speckled Rattlesnake and the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, being the last one the most common. But snakes' venom isn't the only thing which doctors have to deal with. They also have to help patients bitten by the scorpions and spiders, which include the black widow and the black recluse spider.moreless