Venom ER

Animal Planet (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode #10
      Episode #10
      Episode 10
      A boy was bitten by a black widow and his parents have to decide if they have to use the antidote (which can also kill the kid) or wait until the boy is better. Jon Stull explains why does he drink snake venom and talks about his fascination for snakes. The causes that make the Californian ground squirrels immune to the rattlesnakes' venom are explored.moreless
    • Episode #9
      Episode #9
      Episode 9
      It's the Labor Day and lots of people are going to California. The problem is that the Labor Day takes place during the snakes' eggs hatching season, bringing a lot of traffic to the ER. In this episode we see several cases, including a 7 years old boy bitten by a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake and a 6 years old girl bitten by another Southern Pacific rattlesnake.moreless
    • Episode #8
      Episode #8
      Episode 8
      Dr. Sean Bush has to deal for second time in the hospital with Jon Stull, a patient who drinks rattlesnake venom because he thinks that it will make him immune. These patient has two complications: it's more possible to suffer an allergic reaction since it has already used the antidote and is weakened due to his habits. He also has to deal with a patient who begins to bleed a lot after receiving the antidote, not because of the antidote's effect, but because of the venom.moreless
    • Episode #7
      Episode #7
      Episode 7
      A man was bitten by a Southern Pacific rattlesnake when he was tidying up some stuff and the rescue team goes to help him and take him to the hospital before the venom destroys his arm. Also, Dr. Sean Bush has to deal with a patient bitten by a sidewinder. It's not an extremely serious case, but it still needs the doctor's attention.moreless
    • Episode #6
      Episode #6
      Episode 6
      A boy was bitten by a scorpion, though the bite doesn't seem to be as serious as the boy and her family were thinking. Another boy is bitten by a black widow while putting his shoe, and the antidote may be fatal.
    • Episode #5
      Episode #5
      Episode 5
      Dr. Sean Bush has to deal with an old woman that, ignoring that dead snakes still have reactions when they are touched, picked up a dead snake whose reaction made it strike the woman's thumb with its teeth. Even if the damage isn't serious, the woman is experiencing strong headaches and is shivering due to her deteriorated health situation. Also, a man who was in his garden was bitten by a Southern Pacific snake. We also follow the case of a dog bitten by a rattlesnake on its face.moreless
    • Episode #4
      Episode #4
      Episode 4
      A man is bitten by a sidewinder in his hand, causing him a lot of pain. Dr. Sean Bush also has to deal with the case of a man bitten by a rattlesnake whose hand is turning black. It's also explored the case of a woman that was bitten several times by recluse brown spiders in Texas, destroying her skin and causing her a lot of pain.moreless
    • Episode #3
      Episode #3
      Episode 3
      A 70-year-old man with diabetes and a heart condition is flown to the ER after being bitten by a snake; a hiker's hand swells up after a rattlesnake bite; an asthmatic girl is bitten on the leg by a brown recluse spider.
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 2
      A fifty-years-old pedestrian with a heart condition is bitten on the leg by a rattlesnake; a boy who thinks he may have a snake bite is flown directly from the desert to a hospital emergency room; a man stung by bees has an allergic reaction.
    • Episode #1
      Episode #1
      Episode 1
      Doctors must rush to save a man bitten by his pet snake, a Southern Pacific rattler whose poison rapidly destroys human flesh. Also, following the movements of rattlesnakes in the desert.
    • Pilot
      A new, more sophisticated antidote arrives at Loma Linda just when a young girl is bitten by a Mohave Rattlesnake, and begins to experience damage in her nerves in place of his flesh due to the snake's venom which has more neurotoxin than the others. Also, it's examined the case of a woman bitten by a sidewinder in the arm. However, the woman received treatment in another hospital with the old antidote and the doctors have to decide if they use the new one, which may cause an allergic reaction mixed with the other one.moreless