Sunday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered May 01, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • They don't talk right!

    Last night was even usual. PLEASE get a voice coach who's at least visited Tyneside. I, along with most of Tyneside, scream at the screen because of the insulting, excruciating accents . Geordie has flat, short vowels, FLAT not warped and drawn And that appalling squeaky attempt at the North tyneside verbal style, which makes "vera" sound in need of a liquid cosh, and or as if she's suffering a terminal throat problem. It's BOATS not beeoowts! Oh, that's another thing! If you came into the average pub, cafe or shop in shields, you'd find the average woman was definitely contralto. And yes, there is a tendency to go up at the end of a sentence, but only as an emotional emphasis, not all the time, or randomly, as" Vera" does. PLEASE get a voice coach who's at least visited NORTH Tyneside, ( and LEEDs is NOT North or else be ready for a class action for the wilful injury of a well known dialect.
  • A great show

    Wish there were more than 4 episodes per year, we just get into it then it ends. A year is a long wait for more.