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  • Season 1
    • Be My Valentine
      Be My Valentine
      Episode 4
      Lynne Durban is struggling to cope following the collapse of her marriage. Her husband Keith has left her for another woman and Lynne has since developed a close relationship with Keith's best friend Michael. Michael gives Lynne a job at his school but it soon becomes clear he would like to take their friendship further. Despite being still in love with her ex husband, Lynne later decides to go out for a meal with Michael where she then accuses him of rape...moreless
    • The Doctor's Opinion
      Sarah Dixon has been charged with the murder of her close friend Jerry Paul, having injected him with heroin at a drugs party. Charlotte Moyes is the prosecution's main witness, having been at the party and her testimony does not bode well for Sarah. As Jerry's mother, Tina Paul struggles to some to terms with the death of her son, a terrible secret about Sarah's father is revealed...moreless
    • Neighbours From Hell
      The Backhouse family led by mum Camille are causing problems for their neighbours Amelia Sayers and James Loman to the point that Mrs Sayers cannot sell her house due the Backhouse's reputation. Following a noisy party the night before, some of the Backhouse children take a bike belonging to Joseph Backhouse, the only well behaved member of the family and ride it through Mr Loman's garden. Mr Loman lashes out with a spade in an attempt to get them off his property and in the ensuing chaos hits Joseph when the young lad tries to retrieve the bike, leaving him with serious head injuries. Hugh Murray QC attempts to build a case that Mr Loman deliberately attacked the boy in a rage while Malcolm Davies QC acting for the defence builds a case based on self defence.moreless
    • Split Second
      Split Second
      Episode 1
      Alex Horton Smith has shot her husband John twice killing him, while their two children were in the house. The investigation reveals that the marriage was an abusive one leading to Alex to have an affair with her brother in law. Prosecution barrister Anne Cloves comes up against Richard Prestwick for the defence as they attempt to prove whether Alex killed her husband in self defence or cold blood...moreless