Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2003 on ABC
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Danger in Antarctica awaits the team, forced to crash-land a plane during a fierce storm and brave unforgiving elements in a search for an ancient, mysterious source of energy.

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  • This series is really looking awful!

    Once more I’m puzzled by how a series with such potential can be so royally messed up. It’s not only the writing that just doesn’t hack it, which is normally the downfall of most series in my opinion, but also the characters and actors.

    Nothing really connects properly; the characters are cyphers of enigmas. Two episodes in and the father and son relationship is so false it is nearly completely unbelievable. And why oh why do they have to make Nikko, the son, so bleeding annoying. He is meant to be highly intelligent but just comes across as a spoilt brat.

    Unbelievable characters leave you not caring about what happens to them. Without any sort of emotional attachment, however small, any scenes that are meant to instil a sense of tension or suspense just fall flat.

    Therein lies the real big problem Veritas has. It has so far (and how many people will give it more than a couple of chances?) failed to engender any characterisation to the six main characters beyond the clichéd standards.

    The conspiracy sub plot is now not only old hat but brings back memories of old the worst parts of X-Files, the never ending, and confusing, conspiracy in the background of the episodes.

    Still on a small upside the basic idea behind the series…. Verities (Truth) Foundation investigates to find out the ‘real’ history of the world while the bad guys, and seemingly the government, try to hide what they already know or grab it for themselves is still intriguing. It needs a lot more work script wise and character wise to achieve any sort of success, and I cannot see that happening before the dreaded word ‘cancellation’ comes calling.

    Just to continue my complaining about this episode how stupid do the writers think we are?

    Why does Solomon, a brilliant man, make another mistake only to be saved at the very last moment by his son? Surely he should be able to work things out himself?

    How did Calvin come back to life, without anyone batting an eyelid? He doesn’t seem phased by his near death experienced and aren’t the rest of them worried about being close to something that can do that?

    All in all I am moaning about so much of this because it holds such promise, a promise I fear it will never live up to.

Malcolm Xerxes

Malcolm Xerxes

Military Patrolman #1

Guest Star

Amy Goddard

Amy Goddard

Connie Wiles

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Aidan Devine

Aidan Devine


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the maps of Antarctica, the U.S. is shown as owning Norway's Antarctic claim, and the Australian claim is labeled as Russian. Writers, please buy a map!

      The DOE researcher says that all G8 nations have claims on sections of Antarctica, but France & Britain are the only G8 nations with claims to Antarctic territory: the USA and Russia have no current claims, but "reserve the right" to make claims in the future. (The "right"?) Currently about 2/3 of Antarctica is split between Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Calvin: I really appreciate you guys keeping me alive for this. Hey, we're gonna win every scientific prize there is!

    • Calvin: I really appreciate you guys keeping me alive for this. Hey, we're gonna win every scientific prize there is!

    • Solomon: Alright, let's get Calvin down there.
      (Part of the wench drops into the crevase)
      Vincent: Are you sure he's worth it?
      Solomon: I'm gonna tell him you said that!

    • Connie Wiles: Sweet talk? Never a good sign.

    • "See it before you do it"- Solomon
      "You mean like be the wall or something?"- Nikko
      "No, he means like think before you act man."- Calvin

      "Alright, fire up the jet baby, we're headed for the pole."- Nikko
      "You know it's like 30 degrees below zero out there and there's no Ramada with an indoor pool or something like that."- Calvin

      "You know we are on the same team here. I was kind of hoping we could share a sleeping bag!"- Nikko
      "Yeah"- Calvin

      "Just because your already in hell doesn't mean things can't get worse."- Nikko

      "Dad, do you remember that time in Brazil with mom? When our camp got hit by that flash flood."- Nikko
      "Yeah."- Solomon
      "Yeah, I was the only one on the side of the river that lead back to the village, and you told me I had to get help. Me, Dad I was 7 years old in the middles of the jungle and you trusted me. I just, I don't know what happened. You know, you used to believe in me."- Nikko

      "Oh and by the way, if I remember right, you came back in the jungle for us after the flood with the Brazilian National Guard. Who promptly deported us for not having made the right bribes."- Solomon
      "Well that's what you get for not being thorough."- Nikko

      "Who the hell is ever ready for the things we do? If you don't let him in now, you could lose him forever."- Vincent

      "I just need some information."- Solomon
      "You know they have this new thing for information now, it's called the internet."- Connie
      "Really oh, I should look into that."- Solomon

      "What are these?"- Nikko
      "These are rocks. If I'm going to fast for you just let me know."- Vincent

      "Your Father loves you."- Vincent
      "Well he's got a nice way of showing it."- Nikko
      "He's scared to death of losing you the way he lost your Mother."- Vincent
      "That's just his excuse for not wanting me around."- Nikko

      "Look these are getting kind of heavy. What are they supposed to do anyway?"- Nikko
      "I'm not sure actually. I saw it in a Kung-Fu movie once and it looked really cool."- Vincent

      "Alright, let me guess you were one of those sit at the front of the class, clean the eraser, extra credit ubergeek types right?"- Nikko
      "Exactly"- Calvin

      "Hey, easy Chuck Yeager. Just a little bump."- Nikko

      "Bring back Solomon Zond."- Marshall

      "Are you sure he's worth it?"- Vincent
      "I'm going to tell him you said that."- Solomon

      "I'm to heavy your going to have to cut me loose."- Calvin
      "No, no."- Nikko
      "It's 1 dead or 3."- Calvin
      "There's 5."- Nikko
      "Five… Five?"- Calvin

      "Come on, I know you can. I promise I'll never call you Chuck again. Please."- Nikko

      "Hey don't worry buddy, we're taking you to the Tropics."- Nikko
      "I say we leave him for the Penguins."- Vincent
      "I can take a few Penguins."- Calvin

      "A pyramid. Okay you don't see this everyday."- Solomon

      "You did really good out there today."- Solomon
      "Thanks. I got to tell you though Dad. I was scared, I really was."- Nikko
      "I know you were, but that's when it counts."- Solomon
      "There's no chance we're poolside in Palm Beach right now is there?"- Calvin
      "Not quite."- Juliet

      "I was having these dreams. There were like little Penguins. They were all attacking me and… We crashed, I fell, you kissed me."- Calvin
      "Whoa no!"- Juliet

      "The Olmec legend, how did that go again?"- Solomon
      "It was said to possess the power of God."- Vincent

      "Your really enjoying this aren't you?"- Vincent
      "Yeah, just a little."- Calvin

      "Think of al the problems this could solve."- Nikko
      "Yeah, and think of all the new ones it could create."- Vincent

      "Cal, how about dumbing that one down for me?"- Juliet

      "I don't think you should have done that."- Solomon
      "I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm out of here!"- Vincent

      "I'm going to keep searching. Keep trying to put together pieces of the puzzle."- Solomon

      "Now the only thing that we need to do is just keep asking he questions."- Solomon
      "We?"- Nikko
      "Well yeah, you didn't think I'd be doing this all by myself did you?"- Solomon

  • NOTES (2)

    • Solomon said that the Chilton pyramid was "identical" to the pyramid at Giza (Egypt); that pyramid is currently 449.5 feet high(137m), about half the height of the Eiffel Tower.

      According to the PBS series NOVA, the base would then be 756 feet(230 m) and would cover 13 hectares, or 10 football fields would be able to cover the base's area.

    • Calvin tells Nikko and Juliette that he was 16 and a college freshman when he met Solomon.