Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • Love this episode!!! its got a great story line and everything fits in and makes sense and religion has quite a big part in this episode. And a hell of alot of action and mystery involved :)

    This episode is about a very old sarcophacous ( or whateva its called) which has a not so old body in it. Solomon and Nikko go to Avolon to see what is up with the wierd "sarcophacous" and Nikko gets caught up in it all when he falls in love with a young women called Fiona who is "the chosen one" and is destined to go on a mission in the name of faith as many other young men and women have before her.

    Nikko goes into a blind mans race and wins! and is called a "sha na vehna" the masculine form of the chosen one. And solomon and the team have to get to him and save fiona and nikko before the religion gets them!

    its a great episode and i sure loved it :) its full wierd chanting, guys in robes and alot of mysterious stuff!