Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2003 on ABC
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A precarious undercover operation targets a ruthless arms dealer, in control of an artifact called the Sphere of Archimedes that's said to hold the key to an apocalyptic scenario.

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  • A good fun episode!

    The last episode was much, much better than the first two and it was now time to see if the writers had hit their only home run of the series or were they going to manage to become regulars at hitting the ball out of the stadium?

    My first thought is that neither of these are right for this episode. It is not as good as skulls but also nowhere near as bad as the original two.

    If the last episode was reminiscent of the Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones movies then this one resembles Ocean’s Eleven/entrapment. This is all about a heist, pure and simple. It may be wrapped up in a bit of Archaeology and criminal art collectors but the heist is what everything is building up to.

    This episode also injects a bit of wit into it. There is a great line from the bad guy when Juliet Goes in as an undercover reporter with an assumed name…

    “Juliette Moore, hmmmm! That’s sounds promising”

    There is also for the first time, a bit of intrigue involving Vincent. What is he actually up to is something you ponder throughout the episode, and that is good writing. It keeps you interested in what is going on behind the main story.

    The heist though is what this is all about and the build up and planning of it is just as interesting as the actual heist itself.

    It is cleverly planned and executed (though the escape is a bit too easy!) and much more importantly it is believable. How they do it is completely plausible, nothing that makes you have to suspend disbelief during any part of it.

    After the first two diabolical episodes I can now say that I am really looking forward to the next one. Shame that the first two were so awful that it never got any further on American TV, at least over here we are getting the whole series.


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    • "Solomon talk to me." - Vincent

      "We lost the cable, but I think we picked up a ladder." - Solomon

      "I have a shot gun… In the truck." - Vincent
      "Yeah I got a Swiss army knife." - Nikko
      "Lets have a meeting about security when we get back." - Solomon

      "A creation, a destruction, a new beginning." - Solomon
      "Huh, Hakuna Matata." - Nikko
      "I can't reach him from here could you please?" - Solomon
      (Vincent slaps Nikko's head)

      "Oh well if it's doomsday, I'm going to start running up my credit cards." - Calvin

      "The sphere didn't cause it, it foretold it. What if the sphere could predict the end of the next cycle, the final outcome for mankind?" - Solomon
      "The symbol for 2012 didn't get there by accident." - Vincent
      "Exactly, what if it could give us the technology we need to survive?" - Solomon
      "You know that kind of power is scary." - Calvin
      "Depends who holds it." - Vincent

      "So chrome dome here, he's got the sphere, but does that mean he knows how to use it?" - Calvin

      "Solomon, I've always had your back, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you your putting this team at great risk." - Vincent

      "If this sphere does hold the key to some "end of days" scenario then I want to make sure it's protected by the right people." - Solomon
      "I couldn't agree with you more, but you have to ask yourself are you - we doing it the right way?" - Vincent
      "I ask myself that everyday." - Solomon

      "Breaking up is hard to do." - Vincent

      I'm prepared to buy my way back in." - Vincent

      "I deliver the sphere I'm back in." - Vincent

      "Whaddup dog? You enjoying this beautiful day?" - Nikko
      Yeah I went for a walk, good for the soul." - Vincent
      "What are you eating?" - Vincent
      "Dinner." - Nikko
      "Mocha, orange, peppermint swirl?"
      "Preparing for a mission, who knows when I'll see ice cream again." - Nikko
      "At 2 in the morning when your blood sugar has you bouncing off the walls and your looking for someone to rap with, you will avoid my door, that's Whaddup dog." - Vincent

      "See I woke up this morning thinking about my great aunt, she buried 7 husbands, all of them loaded. She had a plan." - Juliet
      "Yeah obviously." - Solomon

      "See everyman has an Achilles' heel, a tendency. Tendencies expose weakness, weakness makes you predictable." - Juliet
      "You found a weakness?" - Solomon
      "A tendency." - Juliet

      "Come on Dr. Zond, I do an interview, I take some pictures, I get out and we're in." Juliet
      "I want to meet your aunt." - Solomon

      "It's show time." - Solomon

      "Am I breathing? I don't think I'm breathing." - Juliet
      "Your fine, your better then you think you are. Trust me, you can do this." - Solomon
      "But I have a tendency to faint when I get nervous." - Juliet
      "That would have been valuable information 8 hours ago." - Solomon

      "Pencil camera, one twist of the cap and your live." - Calvin
      "Shouldn't I have a gun or something, just in case?" - Juliet
      "Juliet, you're a journalist now, the pencil is mightier then the sword, and the pencil can get thru a metal detector." - Solomon

      "Listen, we have a problem." - Ali Hassan
      "Problem?" - Juliet
      "My security staff did some checking and apparently your not who you say you are. Now what's that about?" - Ali Hassan

      "Shall we get started?" - Juliet

      "Oh bite me!" - Nikko

      "That's a problem." - Solomon
      "The voltage equals roughly the output of 3 electric chairs." - Ali Hassan
      "Damn it." - Solomon

      "It's a brilliant piece of art and technology. It's past littered with betrayal and death. Possession of it has turned father against son, brother against brother, friend into mortal enemy. Centuries of robbery, kidnapping and murder. Hell of a story don't you think." - Ali Hassan

      "You know, you have amazing eyes. You've heard the expression the eyes are the window to the soul." - Ali Hassan
      "What a tool." - Nikko
      "She's got him right where she wants him." - Maggie
      "Do you agree?" - Ali Hassan
      "As a metaphor it's lovely, as a come on it's got some miles." - Juliet
      "That's a girl." - Maggie

      "What is it they say? Diamonds are a girls, girls like diamonds?" - Ali Hassan
      "Diamonds are a girls best friend." - Juliet

      "No, no, no, This is sick. I can't watch this. I hate this guy, this is sick." - Nikko
      "Me too take it easy. Take it easy." - Solomon
      "What's a girl gonna do hmm?" - Maggie

      "I think we just used up our good Karma for the rest of the year." - Solomon

      "We'll do what we have to do." - Vincent

      "Take your time, I'll be back in 10 minutes." - Solomon

      "I need - I need Vincent. That guys got ears like a bat. He can hear a pin drop at a Metallica concert." - Calvin

      "He and your Dad are tight now, but apparently they didn't used to be." - Calvin
      "What are you talking about?" - Nikko
      "You know that scar on your Dad's shoulder? Apparently Vincent put it there." - Calvin
      "Well what's the story on that?" - Nikko
      "I don't know, excuse me, let me refrain that. I don't want to know." - Calvin

      "By the time I do get back I wont have to fake a headache, I'll already have one." - Juliet

      "Sting like a butterfly, swing like a bee. Or whatever he said cuz I'm the man, who's the man? I'm the man." - Calvin

      "Why are you doing this? Why are you selling out my Dad?" - Nikko
      "Sorry kid, wrong place, wrong time." - Vincent

      "Where the hell have you been?" - Solomon
      "Look, you've got to shut everything down. Vincent tried to kill me." - Nikko
      "It's to late, she's already in the car." - Solomon

      "You need a breath mint." - Calvin

      "Let's hope Juliet cut those wires." - Solomon

      "Calvin, were in the house. We're headed towards the front door. Meet us there." - Solomon

      "Who the hell are you?" - Ali Hassan
      "Solomon Zond!" - Solomon

      "I'm sure you've got a hell of an explanation." - Solomon
      "I'll take the sphere now." - Vincent
      "Dr. Zond, I really don't think your meant to have that sphere." - Dorna guy

      "You should be grateful to still be alive. In fact if you weren't so annoyingly valuable from time to time, you would be dead now." - Dorna guy
      "Your going to wish I were someday, someday soon." - Solomon

      "How's your coffee? Sleep well." - Vincent

      "I guess I wont be getting an invitation to the Dorna Christmas party." - Vincent
      "You know you could have let me in on your plan sooner." - Solomon
      "To risky, I had to make it real for myself. I wanted them to pick up the smell of a traitor." - Vincent
      "Man you are to deep for your own good." - Maggie

      "But I figured everything was okay when you told me he tried to kill you. Vincent for future references doesn't try, he either does or he doesn't." - Solomon

      "Yeah well, he almost broke my neck." - Nikko
      Actually I just cracked your back with extreme prejudice. How are you sleeping these days?" - Vincent
      "Well better actually." - Nikko
      "Life is full of little bonuses." - Vincent

      "You did really good out there." - Solomon
      "Just doing my job." - Juliet
      "You did more then that, and I really appreciate it." - Solomon
      "Well don't look to surprised, I did learn from the best." - Juliet
      "That's true." - Solomon

      "The sphere has it's own language." - Maggie
      "Well we better figure out what it's trying to say." - Solomon

    • Juliet:Diamonds are the girls best friend.
      Calvin:Whose the man? I'm the man!
      Vincent:Life is full of bones.

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