Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

Solomon, Nikko, Calvin, and Vincent are on a dig in China looking for the Sphere of Archimedes. Solomon goes down a shaft and retrieves the sphere. As they are examining it a local group of terrorists hold the group at gunpoint and take the sphere.

Back at headquarters, Solomon explains to the Veritas adventurers the importance of the sphere. Apparently it can foretell the future and also protect those who possess it. Solomon wants to devise a plan to steal the sphere from the terrorist that stole it from him. Vincent believes this plan will put them all in danger and advises him to think about it.

Vincent in is the park talking with a seedy group of men about Solomon's radical idea of stealing the sphere and how he doesn't share Solomon's ideology. While this is happening Nikko is in the same park buying a hotdog and he spots Vincent. The seeds of deception are planted.

Meanwhile Juliet puts on some reading glasses and she asks Solomon if she looks like a reporter. They concoct a plan for Juliet to act as a reporter and seduce the main terrorist who is holding the sphere so that they can obtain it.

Juliet then goes to the terrorist while he is at some rally on the street and requests an interview. He is obviously smitten with Juliet and invites her to his home the next evening to interview him. While this is happening Vincent meets with his rogue agency and promises to deliver the sphere to them once Solomon is able to steal it. The rogue agency catches Nikko following Vincent and in a vow of solidarity Vincent cracks Nikko's neck and he passes out.

Juliet goes to the home of the terrorist posing as a reporter while Calvin poses as her cameraman. The terrorist manages to separate Calvin and Juliet and gives Juliet a tour of his home. She sees the sphere and he shows her the layout while she is unknowingly filming it with a micro camera. He gives her some diamonds and invites her back the following night for dinner.

Nikko manages to escape the rogue agency and tells Solomon about Vincent and what he has seen lately. Solomon is preoccupied because he is waiting for Juliet to pop the trunk in the car that is taking her to the terrorist home. Calvin distracts the driver by being belligerent and Solomon and Nikko hop in the trunk.

At terrorist's estate Juliet is seducing him while Solomon and Nikko break into his home. Juliet excuses herself for a powder room break but actually goes and disables to the alarm system. Solomon and Nikko steal the sphere but not before tripping the alarm by giving each other a high five. They grab Juliet and make a run for the door. A gunman shoots at them as they run for the get away vehicle. Solomon stays behind so that Nikko and Juliet can escape. Solomon escapes through a back route and take s a Taxi to the Veritas hideout.

Upon arrival at the hideout Vincent pulls up and steals the sphere from him and takes it to the rogue organization. They get the sphere out of the country and Vincent double crosses them and takes the sphere to Solomon and the Foundation. They all are happy that the plan has come together and they have retrieved the sphere.