Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 13

Helmholtz Resonance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • The end of the series reveals just how much fun it would have been to follow this team on their future adventures.

    I really enjoyed this series. Many felt it was a poor man's "Indiana Jones" but I found it interesting to watch and well constructed with believable characters and relationships. The two leads had a great father/son chemistry and were well cast in their roles. Having said that, I'm more of a drama series fan than an adventure fan so maybe that's why I liked a series that some fans of the genre found lacking.

    The last episode tied together a few of the pieces of the puzzle the team had found along the way and left me with a sad feeling of wishing I would get to learn where it was all headed.

    Whilst a good episode on its own and a great link to future adventures, as an ending all it did was present the audience with a half finished jigsaw puzzle. Very frustrating but with four episodes aired and nine left in the can I don't suppose the writers had much time or notice to wind the story down into any kind of satisfying end.
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