Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 8

Name of God

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • this is what its all bout ppl! this episode is extremely mysterious u dont know whats gonna happen till it does, there is also alot of action and umm yer.... i loved it :) my beloved nikko gets shot!!!!! :(

    this episode is written really well... yes im serious. an its bout a piece of a relic solomon found in some strange place and hires a translator but he cant translate it so he reccomends going and finding a rabbi ( who is called a balshem, very powerful and gifted) to translate the relic.

    Rabbi's are hard to find, but end up finding one and he is really old and pretty weak but is determied to translate it. the rabbi has a grandaughter (who nikko totally falls in love with) and they both like each other and so on and so forth.... anywayz it turns out the grandaughter is the next balshem but she is a women!
    unfortunatly cutting the story short, the supposed next balshem Ben is overcome with greed and wanting to be powerful kills the rabbi and he frames nikko who gets out of it and ben pulls out a gun and holds it against nikkos love at the time and threatens to shoot, but.. nikko jups in the way putting the real balshem out of harms way and they wrestle to the ground and the gun goes off! solomon pulls nikko off ben and nikko realises that its his blood and that he was shot and falls to the ground.. but luckily the next balshem is there and heals him but takes her away to protect her. and she ends up translating the text for him!