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  • Why was the Veritas Quest cancelled?

    When Veritas was cancelled, it was running heads up against another similar production starring Harrison ford. The Indiana Jones franchise and Veritas were productions that looked at history in a different way... and I suspect to eliminate competition for the Indiana Jones franchise, Veritas lost the political battle. It might have been as simple as V's creators were republican and the rest of Hollywood was extreme Liberal or a simple grudge. Anderson from McGyver was put on the shi... list and was banned from Hollywood. His get around was to start producing in Canada and the Stargate franchise was one to rival Startrek.

    I think if Veritas had come a few years earlier... we might still see it developing new weekly plots. I think tomb raider was another good franchise that was brought out at the wrong time.

    Its sad but the reality these days seems to say the success or failure of a program resides on what side of the isle the creator/producers/production company sit on and whether you can escape political correctness BS with entertainment rather than politically correct entertainment, ie; ethnic based, reality or exploiting the negatives of our society like SVU, Criminal Minds, etc. Some networks think these shows are great, but to me... they present blue prints for those unbalanced to take fantasy and turn it into reality.
  • They should BRING Veritas back,it had good ratings, then they went and cancelled it very few shows interest me but this show was changing my perspective as well as most people i think the network should come to their senses and bring Veritas BACK NOW

    I watched all the episodes of Veritas on my computer they were all on youtube i think that Veritas should be brought back mainly because everyone said it was good and it's getting great reviews and they are all saying the show was awesome i don't watch Tv that much but Veritas is one of the few shows i do watch the network should bring that show back just because of it's popularity i loved that show just like i love the supernatural, smallville few other shows because it shows you a different perspective about our history any way Veritas should come back on i would watch it i'm pretty sure it would get good rating from everyone i hate the way they left it unfinished, if i could i would help the network get it going again even if it meant i had to write the show myself. Bring Veritas Back i'm tired of shows with good rating being cancelled for no reason what so ever!!!!!!!!
  • This show was ahead of it's time.

    This show was definitely ahead of it's time. It had a plot that no one else had - I mean really. I haven't seen any shows like this before or since. In that way I mean the things they were searching for - it was unexplained and mythical items that were found and explored. It was like Indiana Jones meets The X Files in a way... And so I was "learning" about the things they were finding and just going through the history with them. I found it to be aa breath of fresh air really.

    Also- I liked the characters, and though the acting sometimes was campy/gooshy, it was 99% the time *perfect*. I loved the action, the relationship between father and son, Arnold Vosloo's character was *too* awesome - was he good or bad? who knew!, the camera work was great (the DP needed an award)... When it was on air, I waited impatiently for it to come on, and when it didn't - I was *pissed*. When I heard it was bumped week after week, I was angry. Then when it was canceled, I was furious. I seriously loved this show for everything it was worth. Ryan Merriman and Arnold Vosloo were my 2 reasons for watching the show - and I ended up liking the show for what the show was - not just 2 actors whom I wanted to watch. Bring back this show and I'm *sure* people would watch it. We need better TV out there than "reality" TV; cuz even "Reality" TV isn't reality. :/
  • It was the best show, I want them to bring it back. I know its been forever since the show has been on. I finally got all the episodes downloaded and watched!! Go me! :P p.s. this was updated in 2007

    I loved this show and still do. Nikko was one of my favourite characters! I loved all his little angsty parts...from being shot, almost being buried alive, scorpion stings, hallucinations. You gotta love it. I want to know how everything turns out!!! (did anyone else watch the last episode produced with the thing Nikko did with the pop can! How can we be left hanging like that.....ahahahhahahhhhhhhhh).

    No one even writes fanfiction for this show. Ive only ever been able to find a couple dozen, and those all focus on the mysterious Vincent. blah. not that theres anything wrong with that character, to each their own.

    i miss this show and i want it back. now. . . no matter how often i demand it, no one ever listens to me...sigh.
  • I think this Tv show comparatively changed my world theory!

    I watched it a few years ago, and I think this TV show changed my world theory, I mean the archeology's and the ufology's way baffled me.
    I studiing now history in a gimnasium with high level, and I always think about that, how the things happened in the history with the aliens help and with unbelieble things.
    I know it sounds a little bit wierd, but I believe this :)
  • it was one of a kind. when is it back? i remeber rushing from work to watch it. gutted when it got taken of the air. please bring it back.

    one of a kind. loved it bring it back please.
    love all the tomb raider type of things.
    i would realy like to watch the next one, niko can now move a can of pop with his mind just by thinking of it, shock on his face. so things are realy getting interestin, so please bring it back, i need to know what happens next.
  • This show Followed the exciting adventures on a Father and Son Tresure Hunter Team. Nikko joins his father in hunting artifacts but it will not be easy. Haveing a fight for their lives and the artifacts against a rival group hunting for the same things.

    Overall this has to be one of my favorite canceled shows. I have always loved relic hunting adventure shows or shows that hunt for the impossable. To me this reminds me of a cross between Relic Hunter, Indiana Jones, and National Tresure. This is truely a GREAT show. to see that it was canceled really hurts. I saw an ending on an episode on the TV which in the end lead to a 6 month Obsession with every aspect of this show. I have watched each episode several times, as well have read the scripts for all episodes and several fanfiction episodes that were so good i really couldn't tell the difference. Overall it's a shame that this had to be cut but if they had moved the time around then maybe they would have survived. I will always miss it but i can't change the outcome.

    This show was one of my favorites. It was the Indiana Jones television version that has gone completely underappreciated by the network. It was about time someone came up with such a fantastic script that gave us adventure,drama,romance,thrills & excitement always keeping us in suspense.I felt that i was traveling with them each episode on their new adventure. Why did they stop producing this show I will never understand as long as I live. Please bring it back with all of the original cast. To the cast & crew bravo for a fantastic job. Each character so unique & mysterious never boring. If the networks had any brains they would bring the show back. Why is it they always get rid of the goods ones. Anyway if the show ever returns on television I would appreciate it if anyone can let me know. And for those of you who enjoyed it as much as I did you can get it on DVD.The Best Show.
  • This is most definitely the best show out there, or could have been if it was given a proper chance...

    This is most definitely the best show out there, or could have been if it was given a proper chance! With only a handful of episodes, the show manages to do so much each week in an hour timeslot that leaves you wanting more. The characters all fit their own little niche in the show, and even though there was little time before it was cancelled to flesh them all out, the cast and crew did a great job at making them all real! A pity we were never given the chance to find out who Nikko was meant to be or what destiny he was meant to fill out (although I'm sure we could all make a few guesses!), as his potential was only barely touched. Hopefully someone can someday soon convince those in charge to give the show another go (hey, I'd even settle for a movie like they did for Firefly) but for now all fans alike would agree that Veritas is a classic show that has no equal!

    Veritas was the greatest show ever.i was soo upset when i found out that it wasn\'t coming back on. It had great plots and extreemely fit actors. i can not believe that it was left on such a cliffhanger. please bing it back. you can\'t leave it at such a cliffhanger like that and then not do another series. i bet there will be alot of unhappy viewers out there who watched it and i bet they would also like to see a second series. we want to know whats happening to Nikko, why can he do that to the can? what happened to him? i hope you do consider making another series. if not its a shame. we can only wonder what happened next if there was another series. it was absolutely brilliant though. when i watched the last one in season 1 i couldn\'t wait to find out what was going to happen next. i also think it should be bought out on DVD or something. i would defenately buy it. and if there were any other series i would buy those too and im sure alot of other people would too.
  • Veritas the quest is the best show ever it has me staying up every thursday night to watch it! i havn't seen many episodes but wish that i had coz its the best and i wish it never had to end please bring this show back!!

    This show is the best show and i have my sister to back that up! veritas the quest rocks! not only does it have the best action, but also has the hottist characters aswell! i love this show coz it has a great storyline and absolutly halarious comebacks if this show doesnt come back on i know for a fact that many viewers will miss this show very much! especially me! Meaby if for what ever reason the show can't come back on tv the producer or who ever is in charge can bring out this series on dvd or something... well if the series was on dvd i would surely buy them all! well yer that was just a suggestion but i cant express how much i want this show to stay on air. please bring it back!!!!!!
  • Where did it go?!

    Why did they stop this series! I was hooked and it was ended point-blank with something wierd going on with Nikko! AHHH! .... d-_-b ...I've been waiting patiently and it has not returned! I'm always checking this site to see if it's come back =( It was beginning to get really juicy! I would definitely watch every episode if the series was continued!
    I just don't understand why it's gone =(
  • Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider

    When this show first premiered I found the storylines to be very interesting and the cast wonderful. It also had a wonderful production budget as could be seen when watching it in glorious widescreen High Definition. It was sad that this series never really had a chance to make it. I forget what news event happened, but I remember there was something big after the premiere of this show that caused it to not be shown regularly which I think derailed the show which lead to it being cancelled. It is nice to see the rankings on this website and it shows that this program had a very strong following.
  • A fascinating and clever action adventure in the style of Indiana Jones with breathtaking Arnold Vosloo and Cobie Smulders! The best show of the year!

    A perfect show!
    There was action, adventure, great stories, special effects, great cast and phenomenal potential to the series. It would succeed greatly if it were given the chance.
    It is true there was very little relationship themes between the main characters, but hey, the time for that would come with the evoloving of the show.
    Why was this show cancelled? It was definitely the smartest and most thrilling show on TV while it was on the air.
    Well, the network tv of course says it didn't have the audience. But hey, why everybody wants the show to be brought back then?!?
    I think we all know that the reason for lower ratings was insufficient promotion of the new show and the greedy network TV owners just didn't want to give the producers the chance to rise a bigger audience. Some people should be punished for destroying good TV programme!!

    Overall Rating: 9.0
    Story: 9
    Graphics: 10
    Music: 7
    Acting: 10
    Directing: 10
    Special Effects: 10
    Moral Values: 8
    Fun Element: 8
    MPAA Elements: 9
    Originality: 9
  • Adventure at it's finest.

    I remember when I first saw previews to "Veritas: The Quest" on ABC. At first it didn't look to impressive, but it started to grow on me, and before long I was anxious to see the show. I tuned in on the night of the premiere as was not disappointed, but little did I know the fate it would suffer in just a few weeks.

    "Veritas: The Quest" is a very fun and intelligent show about a teenage boy named Nikko, who, after getting kicked out of yet another prep school, ends up getting wrapped in the adventure of a lifetime, beginning with a high speed car chase. His widower father is reluctant to let his son enter his world, but enter he does.

    Nikko's father, Solomon, leads a team in a top-secret organization called "Veritas", which in Latin means "truth". The team is dedicated to discovering the real secrets behind ancient civilizations all over the world.

    As the first (and only) season progresses, we learn more about Nikko's mother, who vanished mysteriously when Nikko was a young kid.

    ABC canceled "Veritas: The Quest" after only four episodes, which suffered in the ratings due to minimal advertising and constant pre-emptions. I recently had the chance to see the entire first season and must say that it's too bad that the show was canceled, because the second season would have been awesome.
  • It needs to come back. One of the series I most enjoyed...

    Its an excelent story, an original one! It is a shame that it as cutted... Is there some way it could come back? Many fans would apreciate. for real... And I'm not even from USA, I'm from Portugal... that's how good that was! Please bring it back!! We want it back!
  • I miss it!

    It was one of the coolest shows on tv. it was cut off really early. It brought excitement to monday nights. It was everything i wanted in a show. it had excitement, archaeology, and some comedy added. I hope Sci Fi picks it up or maybe they will bring it to dvd... please?
  • So tragic!

    What do you get when you mix a war, a president cutting in on prime time tv once a week, and a show thats brand new? A cancelled show, that's what!

    This show was amazing! But due to the start of the war, and the president making speeches on live tv once a week, it did not stand a chance. Only a few episodes aired, yet it was instantly hooking.

    DVD? I wish! They should put all of the episodes onto a DVD! The show was never given a chance, so let the viewers who loved the little we got to see, finally have somewhat of a resolution.

    All and all, the show was amazing! It made you think, which is becoming more and more rare for tv these days. I would have loved to have seen more, and unfortunatley, it's been so long that I have forgotten most of what I did see. ABC should get the cast back and give this show a second chance, or rather a first chance!
  • To bad this was cut off so early.

    This show was amazing. Simply put the show got off so horrible it started good decent time slot but then bam the war in Iraq started and well to bad Verities but ABC news is going to take over and talk about the same crap every single time Verities was on. Not fare to the show, it was great and not even given a chance just like Miracles. To bad really it will be missed.
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