Veritas: The Quest

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • It was the best show, I want them to bring it back. I know its been forever since the show has been on. I finally got all the episodes downloaded and watched!! Go me! :P p.s. this was updated in 2007

    I loved this show and still do. Nikko was one of my favourite characters! I loved all his little angsty parts...from being shot, almost being buried alive, scorpion stings, hallucinations. You gotta love it. I want to know how everything turns out!!! (did anyone else watch the last episode produced with the thing Nikko did with the pop can! How can we be left hanging like that.....ahahahhahahhhhhhhhh).

    No one even writes fanfiction for this show. Ive only ever been able to find a couple dozen, and those all focus on the mysterious Vincent. blah. not that theres anything wrong with that character, to each their own.

    i miss this show and i want it back. now. . . no matter how often i demand it, no one ever listens to me...sigh.