Veritas: The Quest

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • This show was ahead of it's time.

    This show was definitely ahead of it's time. It had a plot that no one else had - I mean really. I haven't seen any shows like this before or since. In that way I mean the things they were searching for - it was unexplained and mythical items that were found and explored. It was like Indiana Jones meets The X Files in a way... And so I was "learning" about the things they were finding and just going through the history with them. I found it to be aa breath of fresh air really.

    Also- I liked the characters, and though the acting sometimes was campy/gooshy, it was 99% the time *perfect*. I loved the action, the relationship between father and son, Arnold Vosloo's character was *too* awesome - was he good or bad? who knew!, the camera work was great (the DP needed an award)... When it was on air, I waited impatiently for it to come on, and when it didn't - I was *pissed*. When I heard it was bumped week after week, I was angry. Then when it was canceled, I was furious. I seriously loved this show for everything it was worth. Ryan Merriman and Arnold Vosloo were my 2 reasons for watching the show - and I ended up liking the show for what the show was - not just 2 actors whom I wanted to watch. Bring back this show and I'm *sure* people would watch it. We need better TV out there than "reality" TV; cuz even "Reality" TV isn't reality. :/