Veritas: The Quest

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • They should BRING Veritas back,it had good ratings, then they went and cancelled it very few shows interest me but this show was changing my perspective as well as most people i think the network should come to their senses and bring Veritas BACK NOW

    I watched all the episodes of Veritas on my computer they were all on youtube i think that Veritas should be brought back mainly because everyone said it was good and it's getting great reviews and they are all saying the show was awesome i don't watch Tv that much but Veritas is one of the few shows i do watch the network should bring that show back just because of it's popularity i loved that show just like i love the supernatural, smallville few other shows because it shows you a different perspective about our history any way Veritas should come back on i would watch it i'm pretty sure it would get good rating from everyone i hate the way they left it unfinished, if i could i would help the network get it going again even if it meant i had to write the show myself. Bring Veritas Back i'm tired of shows with good rating being cancelled for no reason what so ever!!!!!!!!