Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • A nice episode that builds on previous stuff and makes use of a well known historical 'artifact'!

    The search for the Holy Grail and a secretive, at least in our time, Order of Templars called The Knights of Sangraal looking for it are the basis of this episode.

    The Templars and the search for the Holy Grail has been the stuff of legends and myth for centuries. As we know even Monty Python covered the subject! Exactly what the Grail is is as much a mystery as where it is.

    With this in mind the Grail needs to be incredibly, incredibly difficult to find, and while this is kind of the case in this episode, the trail they follow being quite complicated and needing a lot of investigative research, you also feel that when they reach the location anyone having searched that area independently would have known something of what was there and would have discovered anything there by now
    It isn’t as if the search for the Grail isn’t something that hasn’t been the source of many investigations over the years after all. All the other items found in the series so far I have never heard of, they possibly do exist but everyone has heard of the Grail and I felt the discovery was just a bit to easy.

    That said this episode does have a lot going on in it. It introduces the name of the organisation that is against Veritas, Dorna. Their aim is described as being the opposite of Veritas. They search for the items like Veritas but with the intention of keeping them hidden form the world. A regular antagonist is needed for the series, something to add a little intrigue and danger to it. Outsmarting other collectors and archaeologists is one thing, another equally powerful organisation is another completely.

    The idea of the Grail being on a small secular island with a very closed community is good, it makes the search seem a bit more believable. The entry into the islanders pub is very reminiscent of that other classic ‘insiders’ pub scene from the film ‘American Werewolf in London’

    The underground cave system is cleverly shown, though why do the writers insist on having Nikko manage to do everything?
    It is really bugging me how he always knows better and seems to be proven right most the time.

    Never the less it is a solid episode building on what has gone before.