Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2003 on ABC
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Solomon teams up with Bella Nicholson, a femme fatale tomb raider/scientist, to find an ancient crystal skull once owned by Hitler that can transform molecular science. But when Solomon discovers that Bella is involved with a secret neo-Nazi group with plans to raise the Fourth Reich and is out to double cross him, the Veritas team must stay one step ahead to stop the coming of the end of days. Meanwhile, Nikko is stalked by an odd clairvoyant who claims to know the truth.moreless

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  • Now this is more like it!

    A new story, not connected to the first two, or to Solomon’s wife/Nikko’s mother. Maybe this will open things up a bit more allowing a more open, one-off story. That’s what I was hoping for as I\approached the viewing of the episode anyway.

    While this still isn’t an episode from the top drawer it is a vast improvement over the first two. Those two felt like they were part of a long complicated back-story, rather like you would have felt if you started watching X-Files in the fourth or fifth series. You could possibly enjoy the episode but are more likely to be lost by the sub plots. Starting a series like that is a bad idea, puts viewers off straight away.

    This episode is much more like you would have expected this series to be like; shades of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones are at last apt comparisons.

    We have the search for a lost item, Nazi Fourth Reich, cross and double cross and a beautiful female treasure hunter (The wonderful Liz Vassey, Captain Liberty from the live action Tick)

    Bella Nicholson is the best character to appear in the series so far. She is smart, sexy and the perfect counterpoint to the aims and ideals of Solomon. By the end of this episode I was already hoping that a quick reappearance for her was already scheduled. Her scenes with Solomon actually bring something out of him, the chemistry between them is readily apparent.

    There are even some clever plot touches in this that are not completely off the wall stupid, like Calvin’s revitalisation!

    The trick the Veritas team play on Cordoba and the Germans with the map/blueprint brought a wry smile to my face and that doesn’t happen very often.

    If we get to see more episodes along the lines of this one, get some more depth to the characters and get Bella back then for the first time I think I can say that I would be looking forward to seeing more of the Veritas crew.

    This episode was such an improvement that I don’t even have anything to say about the annoying Nikko, and that probably says more than any words I can put to paper!


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Bella: (irritated, on her cell phone) Yes, I know I said ten[percent], but I didn't lose our little snotzi now, did I?

    • Solomon: Besides, it's not a date.
      Nikko nods, then sniffs around his dad.
      Nikko: Is that cologne?
      Solomon: I gotta go.

    • Nikko: Who's the babe?
      Solomon: She's no babe. (Nikko snorts.) She's business.
      Nikko: (not fully believing) Yeah.
      Solomon: Give me a minute.
      Nikko: Yes, sir!

    • Heinrich Cordoba: I warn you, Bella... (cocks the pistol he aims at her)
      Bella: (shakes her head, mockingly) Awww. Sometimes size really does matter when you're trying to make an impression on a girl.

    • "Aren't you a handsome devil?" - Bella

      "You look great for a corpse" - Solomon
      "Well the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." - Bella

      "I got Knick's tickets okay, they're floor seats, you can tell Spike Lee all about it." - Nikko

      "10 years is one hell of a dry spell." - Nikko

      "You're a regular Casanova, I would think." - Solomon

      "I know a thing or 3 about the ladies." - Nikko

      "I don't know I - I think it's always going to be a dry spell for me even if it's raining." - Solomon

      "This is really not what I thought we'd be connecting right about now." - Bella

      I'm sensing some trust issues here." - Bella

      "Don't hate me because I'm smarter then you." - Bella

      "Sweet dreams Solomon." - Bella

      "yeah, Dad, look, you don't have to explain yourself to us, okay, you're a big guy." - Nikko

      "What? These guys think they can rule the world by putting four sparkly skulls together?" - Nikko

      "Speaking of the she-devil." - Calvin

      "Hey, you know I've heard clubs in Berlin are off the hook, so maybe we could -" - Nikko

      Kafka, Brecht, Toller. If there's downtime I could introduce you to German expressionism." - Juliet

      "Well I am… I'm stoked for that." - Nikko

      "Perhaps we'll come back later." - Vincent

      "Look buddy, you should find the nearest hospital immediately okay. They'll give you a bunch of pharmaceuticals, and that should stop the voices." - Nikko

      "Sorry Al, but you can't buy beachfront in St. Tropez with historical integrity." - Bella

      "You have kind eyes, like your Mom." - Viracoachas and

      "Tell your Dad he was right." - Viracoachas
      "About what?" - Nikko
      "Everything." - Viracoachas

      "Don't hate me because I'm smarter then you." - Solomon

      "NASA? Nice touch." - Maggie
      "That was good. Right?" - Calvin

      How hard is it to find a black Mercedes in Berlin?" - Bella

      "Yes, I know I said 10, but I'm not the one who lost our little snotzi, now am I?" - Bella

      "You know you didn't have to go thru all this trouble just to be on top." - Bella

      "Belly of the beast" - Vincent

      "Wagner, Wagner, Best of Wagner." - Calvin

      "Nazis - So predictable." - Vincent

      "What? You still don't trust me?" - Bella
      "What's not to trust?" - Solomon

      "Got a game plan?" - Solomon
      "That's what I live for." - Vincent
      "What is that like a code or something?"And are you guys going to share?" - Bella

      "What is wrong with you?" - Nikko
      "Want to go for a spin? Huh?" - Viracoachas

      "Thanks for teaching me how to drive, Dad!" - Nikko

      "You never know unless you try." - Viracoachas

      "I wonder how much the gang at Williams and Ogden will pay her for a pink twelve pound European regulation bowling ball?" - Vincent
      "Frosted?" - Solomon
      "Of course, I spared no expense." - Vincent

      "I guess you do know a thing or 3 about the ladies, huh?" - Nikko

      "Dad, why do you think Viracoachas live forever?" - Nikko
      "No one really knows." - Solomon
      "I do. To protect the skulls. That's why he was following me."

  • NOTES (2)

    • The third skull was bought - for $5 million- by Euro1- a neoNazi group- chaired by Heinrich Cordoba, the man Bella double-crossed at the top of the episode.

    • Where all the skulls were found:
      Skull 1- Outside of London, England
      Skull 2- On a sunken atoll, Indian Ocean
      Skull 3- Niger, Africa
      Skull 4- In a 'lost' Nazi bunker under Berlin, Germany


    • Bella: I think we're gonna need a bigger van.

      This refers to the line and situation in the movie Jaws, when Roy Schneider sees the shark for the first time and lets Robert Shaw know.