Veritas: The Quest

Season 1 Episode 5

Wheel of Dharma

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on ABC

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  • i absolutaly love this episode its got some damn good kick ass scenes, funny comebacks and all round excitment!

    Its all starts when vincent gets a letter from a friend at his home town in Tibet, they all go to Tibet when Nikko gets taken to prison when Juliet tries to help a young boy from a guard but ends up on conscious which is when Nikko intervines to protect Juliet and tries to kick the dudes ass\'s but guards come from everywhere and overpower him. Solomen kicks ass when he learns that his son has been taken to prison because they think he is a spy! cutting the story short the team have to find the wheel of dharma to save Nikkos life.

    Its a really exciting spisode and well.. i think you whould already know that i loved it!!!!! :)

  • Nikko gets annoying... again!

    An amusing opening teaser involving a kickboxing training session between Solomon and Nikko starts this episode. Nikko once again being the arrogant little pipsqueak that he always is, though showing that he may just possibly be changing once the fight is over.

    Unfortunately before the second part of this pre credit sequence is over he has put everyone on the team on the backfoot. His short fuse and arrogance gets him arrested for attacking Chinese soldiers in Tibet. It really does make no sense why he keeps going off with the team, he is a real liability to them. Attacking Chinese guards in their own ‘country’ has to be one of the most stupid things anyone can ever think of doing. After all the Chinese have such good human rights records in their country. Worst of all he doesn’t even seem to realise how stupid he has been.
    ‘I didn’t do anything!’ he tells Solomon when he visits him.

    What is good about this episode though is the background we get on Vincent, by far the most interesting character in the series. He has shown a sort of Eastern philosophy to teaching Nikko and we learn that he was in Tibet as a boy, learnt and studied in a Buddhist monastery and even lost his teacher while there. All of which now doubt influenced how he looks at life (though it has to be said that seeing as his teacher was taken by the Chinese due to a traitor it seems almost unbelievable that he would change sides as easily as it SEEMS he did to join Solomon and the Veritas team)

    This is an enjoyable episode, even though it is becoming very like Tia Carrere’s ‘Relic Hunter’, without the humour but with a darker underlying tone and a bit of subplot to the overall storyline.

    Once more it has a good basic story and the search for the wheel is well written and well designed. The clues leading to it are cleverly thought out and complicated enough to make it believable that no one would have found it before now.

    This episode is what good action based TV is all about, a good story full of drama, mystery, danger and action. It may be lightweight in an overall sense of things, especially compared to today’s top programmes full of continuity and series long plots (which I love by the way!) but sometimes that can be just what you need to wind down after a hard day at work.