Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 8

Ahoy, Mateys!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2005 on UPN

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  • Logan is the best

    Logan is the best. I mean first his funny yet crazy rescue mission in the bar, then a Star Wars reference... Also, finally Weevil starts to do something (sometimes I am frustrated with him, his not such a badass as he tries to make himself). And Mac was great - she was one of my favorite supporting character throughout the series, she is funny and makes a good team with Veronica.
  • Step Down From Previous Episodes

    Veronica helps Keith determine who is haunting a school bus crash victim's parents, currently embroiled in a suit against the school district for negligence.
    Meanwhile, after Logan asks for help fighting the murder charge against him, Veronica stumbles into a dangerous situation with the local Irish mob. Later, Weevil's leadership of the P.C.H. Bike Club Boyz is put into question.

    Duncan is beginning to have nightmares about his now dead girlfriend, Meg. He opens the letter at the end of the episode but there is not indication on if we will discover what the letter says anytime soon or not. This episode was a step back from the past couple of episodes, but still a fun episode to watch nonetheless. The bus storyline is now coming into play in little pieces. Nothing as far as who caused the crash, but in this episode we deal with some family members who lost a son in the crash. It's not pointing us in the direction of who caused it, but it's still keeping the bus crash fresh in our memory - very un-season one like which is something that I am a fan of.

    Something I am not a fan of is the lack of following up on some storylines. At the end of the last episode we left Lamb outside of a house waiting for something - but no mention of him at all in this episode. Two episodes we got Veronica Mars paired up with the main man over at Kane Software, but nothing has been said about the dead girl or the boyfriend who he went to find in Las Vagas. It was an enjoyable episodes with usual Veronica Mars drama, but I think a step down from the two that came before it.
  • Ahoy Mateys!

    Okay -- this is probably the first time in season 2 that the episodic case wasn't really related to the overall storyline. But still, it had enough surprises to keep me entertained, but unlike most other S2 episodes, it didn't particularly make me care for it.

    However, there were many other nuggets in this episode that simply pumped up the score - and the excitement level.

    The screentime distrubition between Logan and Duncan turned around in this episode, Duncan only got 2 scenes - 2 dream sequences. They were fantastic though, the guilt Duncan's feeling is eating him up and thus neglecting Veronica.

    Now my favourite part: the beginning. Veronica finding her way into the Fitzpatrick nest was a brilliant scene with Logan coming to the rescue. The guy has style.. Eli's biker gang is definitely falling apart, as it seems he has some members doing their own business. Also - them kidnapping Logan... heh... Maybe wasn't the smartest move, Logan might have chickened out seeing the gun(Great performance by Jason Dohring, btw!) but surely he has some tricks up his sleeve.

    Okay, the whole pirate radio thing was rather funny, especially that the radio is broadcasting from the principal's basement. Veronica quickly setting up Mac as Vincent's lover -- priceless scene.

    The "meh" part was Keith and the family,I felt that other storylines might have deserved more screentime, but besides that, another excellent episode, just didn't have the depth of the previous few.
  • Veronica and Keith investigate the bus crash further by solving the "case of the episode" where the Oliveras'family (who lost their son in the crash) is being tortured by someone. But that isn't all that happens in this episode...

    The Oliveras family, one of the many families who lost a child in the bus crash, is trying to find who has been torturing them by leaving tiny busses behind and other forms of reminding them about their sons death. Turns out it was an admirer of the son who was mad at the parents for making him reject his homosexuality. Weevil is also trying to solve his own case of Felix's death by kidnapping Logan and asking him questions, only to play Russian Roulette as Logan screams that he doesn't know anything. A very chilling scene I might add, everytime I watch this episode I cringe when the masked man pulls the trigger, even though nothing happens. Once the torturing is over, Logan is thrown down a small hill, only to reveal he is holding the phone used to call the man asking the questions of him, he hits redial, and discovers its Weevil, in which case he threatens him. Even this episode has its drama that the show is known for, the humor is there as well. As Veronica tries to find out more regarding Carlos Oliveras, her and Mac stumble upon Vice Principle Clemmons front porch only to discover that Carlos was on a Neptune Radio show that made fun of all the students with Clemmons' son Vincent "Butters." Duncan also dives in further into Meg's stuff and decides to open a letter left for him by her. The Episode ends with Duncan holding the letter saying "Oh MY GOD!" hmm i think I know what that says!
  • Veronica helps Keith determine who is haunting a school bus crash victim's parents. Logan asks for help fighting the murder charge against him, Veronica stumbles into a dangerous situation with the local Irish mob.

    Veronica helps Keith determine who is haunting a school bus crash victim's parents, currently embroiled in a suit against the school district for negligence.

    Meanwhile, after Logan asks for help fighting the murder charge against him, Veronica stumbles into a dangerous situation with the local Irish mob. Later, Weevil's leadership of the P.C.H. Bike Club Boyz is put into question.
  • I can't get enough of that Logan and the weird sense of humor that he brings to every episode.

    Logan's scene in the bar where he saves Veronica is classic. Not only does he save her but he does it in his usual comical way. He walks into the bar and jokes about his ankle bracelet and how the police could find the bar by tracing it. I know that his is supposed to be the jerk but it is his brave but stupid move in this episode that makes his character so lovable. Also Veronica's emotional outburst about Logan carrying a gun and how it was so stupid help to fortify that their definitely is still a strong connection between the two no matter how much she may or may not love Duncan.
  • Episodes like this are the reason that I watch this show!

    This was a GREAT episode, I really like the fact that the bad guys are getting a little more rough with Veronica. For the most part she could get the bad guys to do anything that they want. The scene in the bar was great, she almost got the crap beat out of her, and then Logan comes to the resuce.
    Now I love Duncan I really do, I think he's a great character. But my true heart will always go to Logan. He is my favorite, he has this total bad ass rep but he really cares about people and is really in love with Veronica. And despite what she says she is in love with him.
  • First episode i\\\'ve watched in it\\\'s entirety. Not because i don\\\'t like the show, but I\\\'m just not a big tv guy.

    i had to post because my brother was actually in this episode as one of the PCH biker guys. He\\\'s a sport bike guy, and they had called up his dealership in san diego looking for some guys on bikes to be in some of the scenes. although he was just in the background, it was funny to see my brother on the UPN.

    since i don\\\'t watch a lot of tv, i\\\'ll probably sit down and watch this all when it comes out on dvd.

    cool show. good episode.

  • Kidnapping, Bar fights, Guns, Secret Letters, haculinating dreams...and thats only the beginning!!

    This was a very interesting episode. I must say it was very well written...the only thing that threw me off was they never told us what was in the letter... but we did get a clue from Duncan's had to be something BIG! I loved it when Logan called Weevil "Weeves" it was sooo awsome! I was shocked to find out that it was the PCH Bikers that kidnapped him...I thought that it was the those irish dudes. You could tell that there will be Some LoVe action cuz you could tell that Veronica was scared for logan and she was upset becasue the had the gun that Dicks Dad Supposidely gave him. I think Duncan might still be in love with Meg becasue the has this dream when Meg is all dressed in White and Veronica is all dressed in Black. Could that be a way in his mind that Veronica resembles the devil and Meg resembles an angel?? I really liked how Duncan and Veronica got back together (for season 2) becasue at that time I didn't really like The LoVe... but now i do becasue it seems like Veronica an Logan were better for each other becasue all Duncan is doing for her is cheating on her with KENDALL! isn't she (kendall) be LOGAN'S girlfriend or what ever they are?? I can't wait until Wednesday's episode becasue Trina will be back and in the preview Trina said something to Veronica and She said that she was something else! I really can't wait cuz Trina is gonna be really mad cuz she doesn't like first sight! There's supposed to be an alternate ending at ne1 tell me what it is cuz i don't have the real player installed in my computer cuz it won't let me have it cuz i have the Windows Media Player...I hope we get 2 find out in letter and I also hope that Veronica and Duncan break-up so that LoVe can be together again. You get a character insite on Duncan in 'Ahoy maties'

  • Ahoy Matheys! Left many questions in the minds of viewers.Examples...

    Ahoy Matheys! Left many questions in the minds of viewers. Examples...What was in the letter?, What happen with Kendell and Duncan? ,What ever happen to Grace (Megs little sister)? , What was she talking about when she was said \"Daddy said I\'m too young to be tested?
    I thought that they would go into all these questions (not inculding the first one) They never explained what had happened. Are we to just think that Lamb went back and arrested Megs parents or just scared them? Also, what about the comment that Grace made, that she is too young to be tested? Does Meg or her family have something wrong with them? The next espoide seems to hold the key to more of these anwsers.

    Ok. In Duncans dream he made out Meg in white and Veronica in black. It seems that he made Meg an angel like figure and Veronica a more sinstster person. I still dont understand it. Veronica isn\'t as nice as Meg I guess but he pictured her as a devil of some degree. Now why would he do that? Didn;\'t he cheat with Kendell? (maybe I\'m wrong) Still intill we find out he can\'t really make her look bad.
  • This installment was important to the series. A great episode.

    This was a great episode. I loved the dream sequences though. I always love dreams ever since the Buffy episode, "Restless". They were very interesting. But I was puzzled at the end, when Duncan found an unknown letter. I cant wait to see the next episode, mainly because Alyson Hannigan and Chirisma Carpenter will be in it. Awesome!
  • Excellent all around episode. Clever writing, interesting developments, and plenty of twists to keep you guessing till the end.

    I do have to say, the dream sequences were really strange and were very different from the feel of the rest of the series, but it worked. And it's always nice to see Meg again.

    This episode gives us a lot of new information about the Felix murder and right now, we viewers just have a giant mess of clues to sift through. I'm sure it'll all straighten out eventually.

    The mystery of the week was interesting, not the best we've seen, but still very good. But what really made the episode is all the stuff that happened with Logan and everyone else. I've been complaining about the excessive use of sarcasm on the show lately, but it's great to finally see some people acting real for a change.
  • Veronica and Logan get in (separate, but equally terrifying) dangerous situations, we learn about one of the kids in the bus crash, Weevil questions his control over the PCH bikers, and Mac is the awesomest person ever.

    This episode was full of great scenes, although it was frustrating in that it did not really feel that separate from what came before and what came after. It almost felt like the first part of a two-parter. There was just no real arc for the episode itself. The case of the week was resolved, but since most of the important plots were unrelated to this, it was sort of like getting cut off in the middle of a really good movie and being told to wait a week for the rest.
    That said, there was so much to love about this episode. And I bet it will be great in the context of the S2 box set, when it comes out on DVD. Mac was phenomenal, the acting was great, Duncan's dreams were a bit silly but also gave more insight into his character than anything else this season. We saw a bit more of the PCHers, which was nice since they've mostly been on the sidelines in the past. Dark, scary stuff happened. The ending cliffhanger was pretty mean, but I will forgive them since it is November sweeps. Overall, very solid, but lacked the right packaging to be as satisfying an episode as several other great ones this season.
  • On any other show, this would be the best in the season, but here- there's something slightly off...

    This isn't the best ep of the season, but it's another great ep- obviously trounced in the ratings again by the worst ever episode of Lost, but who cares this show is great, and there's enough people who love it- sure a few million more would be great, but what can you do?
    Okay, so this was a slightly flawed gem for me. There were some incredible moments- Veronica finally showing her vulnerability, and Logan coming to her rescue was excellent, and I was glad for Mack's return, but what was with the wierd Duncan dreams? He's absent for the entire episode except for two dream sequences that top and tail the narrative. If he was more involved with the rest of the story that would be fine, but here it didn't quite make sense. Still- a small quibble for an incredible show.
    I'm glad to see I'm not missing something with the letter- you're not supposed to know what was in it! I was a little worried that I was just being dimb and missed something- I can be slow sometimes! But now I know better, I can enjoy this little tease for what it is- painful!
  • Loved this episode and loved Logan!

    How good was this episode?
    The mystery of the week wasn't that interesting but it was a nice little filler for the Logan storyline. OMG! I was on the edge of my seat when the PCHers kidnapped Logan and tortured him to admit he killed Felix and i sooo didn't want Weevil to be behind it.
    Another thing i loved was Duncans dreams, even though they were a little bit weird, but it will hopefully spell the end for Veronica and Duncan, coz he obviously doesn't think much of Veronica, dream Veronica was a bitch, and he's still in love with Meg, although you never really saw what they were like together as a couple. But now the writers can start putting LoVe back together, Veronica seemed really upset that Logan had a gun on him and that he might get hurt.
    Also i absolutely love Mac and they should definetly make her a main character especially if Wallace is never gonna come back, sob!
    And the cliffhanger - i so wanna know what the letter said and i'm hoping that it is something good.
  • Great episode...but someone please explain the whole thing with the fishtank for me

    Great episode. Loved seeing Logan begging for his life int eh back of the van. He's always so cocky, it's nice to see him in a truly panicking mode.

    Now, I know I'm surely just missing the point here, but why is it strange that there would be fish food in the fish tank? The couple leaves to go bowling, feed the fish before they leave, while they're gone, someone dumps the toy bus in the tank, Keith shows up and there are still flakes of fish food floating in the tank. Why is that impossible? I had to have missed something.
  • What was in the letter!!!!!

    The final scene is going to drive me crazy. It ends with duncan reading a private letter of Meg's and Meg must reveal something big, because of Duncan's reaction.

    All of us Logan and Veronica fans got our fill of the star crossed lovers this week since they had many scenes together including a dejavu of Veronica being rescued. They are ment to be.

    If their were any clues as to why the bus might have been sabatoged I did not pick up on them.

    Very interesting about how their was a secret radio station that was broadcasting hate about all the popular Neptune students.

    A good episode cannot wait till next week we get to choose the ending.
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