Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 13

Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on UPN

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  • Fun Episode

    When the profits from the Neptune High Winter Carnival go missing, Veronica finds herself defending Jackie from the condemning teachers and students. Meanwhile, Keith meets with her father, Terrence Cook, after he is accused of playing a role in the bus crash, and Logan initiates a new relationship while Beaver continues an old one.

    Two parts to the episode - as is the normal for this show - and I liked the both of them. Mixing Weevil with Veronica is a good idea, it's when the writers mix him with Logan / put him off by himself when he becomes a boring character to watch. I like the Winter Carnival plot because they got everyone involved and everyone got just the right amount of screen time for the entire thing. Dick and Cassidy both got the right ammount of screen time as the younger seems to be able to one-up his older brother and force him not to do anything else to him. Chalk one up for the little guy.

    The plot with Veronica's Dad and Cook (I think his name was) was also very well done. It helped pace the episode switching from fun / carnival stuff over to very serious over-arching season long story kind of stuff. Overall I thought it was one of the better episodes in a long time, for me anyway.
  • Fun, fun and more fun.

    Right, okay - fantastic episode.

    Very good fun with mostly "filler" material but there were some overall advancements too.

    However filler doesn't neccesserely mean bad. I mean, wow - this whole moneybox mystery was really interesting and full of twists. I was pretty amazed at the outcome, i mean, literally, the last 10 mins were a series of twists and turns.

    Loved all the confrontation scenes, you know those old school Agatha Christie detective shows right? Like Poirot. Now this episode was pretty much like that. I enjoyed it for a change.

    Mr... Sorry, Mrs. Houser(hilarious running gag) finally getting what she deserves was sweet. Also loved Eli playing it smart rather than brute force. Terrance visits Keith and they have an all day session. It was quite fun, especially Keith's fandom towards Terrance. After this episode it's clear to me that Terrance couldn't have done a thing regarding the crash. He might have problems but he just doesn't have the capability to kill people.

    Jackie - bit too martyr for my tastes, obviously the writers set her up as season 1 Veronica but coem on, Veronica would have never let herself be treated like that. Logan finding love interest was nice, cute, and all, but the shock came when this love interest's(Hanna) father arrived on the scene. It's our favourite plastic surgeon.

    So, it's not that the writers are setting up a love triangle, Logan is purely after the father.

    Okay, the episode had some hilarious moments. Man, I loved Kristen Bell's deliveries, so funny. But the funniest was probably Dick getting it on with a man - oh my god, that was sweet revenge on Beaver's part.

    The episode was one big funride, with a cool setting, really, it was all about our characters having fun in their very own ways. I loved it, and hopefully so did most others. The rating is pretty high but I know alot of people hated this episode.
  • Raising money=trouble

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Weevil being sensitive and a badass at the same time which is exactly what he is. Veronica solves yet another mystery and i love to watch the prepsters go down. But the best part of this episode is Mac and Beaver who regardless of what goes down later are a very cute couple and it is always fun to watch Dick get played. They were such a good couple and trannies have always been very good to Veronica Mars. And whenever Wallace isn't with Jackie I am happy, and Jackie is miserable which is nice. A great episode.
  • In this episode there was a fund raising project for the senior trip and then the money was stolen and veronic did her thing

    This episode is good on so many different levels. The main plot with the money was great, it was nice to see Weevil doing something smart while getting revenge on Thumper. Also this is the one of the only episodes where i actually liked Jackie because her character is normally unbelievably annoying. While i was watching i couldn't figure out why Logan was after that girl, but the thing with her dad at the end was perfect.
    Also the scences with Mac and Beaver were really cute, and I liked how Beaver randomly mentions something about a hamster or childhood pet which subtely points to his craziness, because the first time i saw the episode it didn't matter, but after watching the whole season i could see how they were building his character
  • The profits from the Neptune High Winter Carnival go missing, Veronica defends Jackie from the teachers and students. Keith meets with Terrence Cook, after he is accused of playing a role in the bus crash, and Logan initiates a new relationship.

    When the profits from the Neptune High Winter Carnival go missing, Veronica finds herself defending Jackie from the condemning teachers and students.
    Meanwhile, Keith meets with her father, Terrence Cook, after he is accused of playing a role in the bus crash, and Logan initiates a new relationship while Beaver continues an old one.
    Veronica: And for my next trick! I will take J.B. into the hallway, whisper a few magic words, and when we return, he'll confess.
    J.B: I stole the test.
    Veronica: TA DAAAA! this is one of my favourite quotes
  • Love the mystery and the romance in this one!

    I love this episode where the school has a carnival to raise money for the senior trip. When the money goes missing it's up to Veronica to find out who took it. Since Jackie's father has just been accursed of blowing up the bus everyone thinks it's her. In this episode we also see Cassidy and Mac have become a couple and Dick is not really happy about the relationship and makes fun of them. Cassidy and Mac get back at Dick by hiring an transvesti to flirt with him and Dick inevitably eds up being humilitaed! Good he deserved it!
  • Thivery, romance and revenge

    As Jackie gets accused of thivery mostly because her father is accused of murder, Veronica helphs her out. Great building on their relationship and a great example of how horriebel people on Neptune High may be. When Veronica also takes down the worst teacher ever; Mrs Hauser, saves the senior class from a country club senior trip, and in the end discovers who stole the money it\'s all complete.
    Who stole the money; Weewil

    When Mac and beaver starts dating I get skeptic. It\'s something about that boy. But when they set up a great revenge on Dick for mocking them it\'s great. The revenge; a drag queen

    And in the end; Logan flirting with Hannah Griffing. Though I doubt his motives It still ript my heart out. Cause I am a true Love fan. Though I don\'t think it will last; Haven\'t we all seen his eyes on Veronica?

    (At least I have!)
  • Veronica loses all $12,000 for her class's senior trip when a cash box in her possession is stolen at the school carnival. As accusations fly, Veronica, rather surprisingly, finds herself defending Jackie. Meanwhile, Beaver stands up to Dick, and Logan me

    After watching this episode i really like Jackie. Jackie was getting picked on so much and then Veronica decides to be nice to her. Half of the money is found in thumpers locker making it seem like thumper stole it, but it was really Weevil who stole the money and then put it in thumpers locker to make it seem like it was him. Beaver and Mac are now dating and Dick makes fun of them so to get him back Beaver hires a tranvestite to hit on Dick and when Dick finds out he threatens Beaver and Beaver says remember Sally and scares Dick off.
  • Mac&Beaver are so cute. Dick gets what he deserves. Logan with a new girl:(. Vm solves another case. Jackie's human. Weevil has hair.

    It was a very good episode in my personal opinion. It had so much to offer us.
    1) Weevil. His new look, which I find softens him up a bit but it didn't bother me,I really liked it and we still got to see the Weevil we love (or at least I do). The whole money deal and getting Thumper to get the heat.
    2) Jackie. I never really liked Jackie and the wa she treated Wallace. But in this ep. she was really vulnerable and I liked seeing that she was human for a change.
    3) Mac and Beaver. I have only one thing to say.... Yay! Thy looked really cute and I loved what they did to Dick. That was B-E-A-Utiful! He had it coming and was so great to watch him spitting out the thoughts of what had happened.
    4) Logan. Well I didn't like everything that came with Logan in this ep. with Logan, but I at least liked his interacting with Vm in the beginning of the ep. It was classic Logan. ('What's your poison?'-V, 'Emotionally unavailable women.'-L) Just Classic! Then what came after wasn't the greatest part... Hannah... she seems sweet, but I didn't like the whole interaction going on there. That is until we saw her father in the car... Priceless! You could totally tell that Logan knew. And why would Logan answer what he answered to Vm if he was going to hook up with someone else for real?
    5) Of course... Veronica. She was absolutely Veronica again. She got the teacher who was skimming money from the cash box. She got the student for attempting to cheat on a test, and got him to confess... and the "Ta-Da!" that was just the cherry on the top.
    And of course, not ratting on Weevil at the end... but also knowing that their friendship is getting back on track, it shows promise for the futur.

    I cannot express enough just how much I love this episode. Why? Because Veronica may be smart, but I think the last scene really makes the ep - she's not always THE smartest.

    Oh, Weevil.

    Yes, having your eight-year-old niece help you commit illegal activities is probably not the best idea in the world, nor the most morally sound. But...well, let's just be honest, at this point I could forgive Weevil just about anything.

    The new look? A big thumbs-up. The fact that Weevil outsmarted Veronica, but she doesn't turn him in? An even bigger thumbs-up. Can these two just screw already and make my day?
  • Very upbeat active episode , keeps u riveted

    it senior clss trip time again, and there's a fair to raise funds..the winter carnival, only all the money that they raise winds up missing , that too on veronica's watch.She looks for the thief only to find that there a number of them.
    jackie takes a lot of flak from the o niners, after her father becomes a public spectacle , due to his alleged involvement in the bus crash.Veronica tries to help her out.

    Clemmons winds up giving veronica due credit for her success in finding the thief.

    We find Logan hitting on a pretty blond girl at the fair , hannah, who comes across as sweet and innocent, and the sparks fly and they kiss, only we learn later that hannah is Dr. Thomas Griffiths' daughter, the man who testified as an eye witness on the day of Felix's murder
  • With the fact that the senior trip money was snatched right from under Veronica's nose, an investigation is bound to happen... and Ms. Mars never disapoints.

    After waiting for what seemed like an eternaty to get to watch a new episode of Veronica Mars, I was beyond thrilled to watch this episode, and as always, Rob Thomas delivered. I couldn't have loved the way that this episode played out or how all of the characters played their parts in the outcome. Weevil has come into his own, bringing his biker bad boy self and adding a little more with the introduction of his neice, Veronica's personality has come right back, even with the loss of Duncan (Thank the Gods that he's gone) and Logan is his sneeky psycotic jackass self, and I couldn't love him more for it... all in all this was a wonderfly writen and exicuted example of Rob Thomas' superb imagination.
  • Senior class trip money is gone. Can you guess who the prime suspect is? Could it be Jackie who likes to lurk? Thumper who now has a name? Veronica who was supposed to watching the cash box, or Dick who has a thing for the she-men?

    My favorite episode of the series! The one liners didn't fall short and had the right amount of tension between characters.

    Missing money: The first choice in suspects would of course be Veronica who was suposed to be guarding the cash box. We can all guess she didn't do it or else she would be arrested and the show would cease to exist. It was nice to see Jackie in a positive light for once and to see her connect with Veronica on the "being hated by everyone" club. I must say that I do not like Weevil with the short hair. His bald head made me think of Shaq, which made me think of Kazamm, which made me think of him, again.

    Hannah: I have to say I like Hannah. I was never a huge LoVe supporter, so it is nice to see Logan with another girl (who was born in the same decade as him). Though Hannah/Logan can never outrank the Logan/Lilly relationship in my eyes.

    Madison: I enjoy seeing Madison. I think that she is the perfect combonation of evil and makeup to accurately represent that girl you know in high school. I'm a person who is always interested in what the villians are doing, and it is nice to see Miss Glitternose Sinclair again.

    J.B.: Why are you still breathing? If you look at the Triton scene again, he isn't there, he is just photoshoped in. Couldn't they find someone who was actually in the picture and use them?
  • One of the best episodes of the season!

    There was a lot to love this episode... Mac and Beav are so great together and the Ghost World reference was genius! I had no idea Dick had such good taste in film...

    I was spoiled on the whole Hannah thing and who her father was, but I didn't expect to actually like her. Poor Hannah. Logan's going to break her heart.

    Wallace is super sweet. Ms. Hauser is evil. Thumper will want revenge. Keith was beyond awesome tonight. Great acting by EC!!

    Over all- one of my favorites this season.
  • Student trip money raised, student trip money lost, student trip money found (well, some of it, anyway.) Keith Mars decides to take on Jackie's father's case even though it shatters his heroic image of him. Logan goes after a younger, Veronica-look-alike.

    This is the only VM episode I found lacking (considering 90% of the shows out there are lacking all the time, that\'s pretty amazing.) It didn\'t move the plot along and the villainous teacher was too villainous -- usually VM has much more nuanced characters, even the obviously bad ones. And why did Jackie feel compelled to be dunked over and over again? They could have come up with a better plot to show her fighting her victimization.

    Some great lines as usual -- the "Ghost World" one, especially.
  • Is there nothing this girl can't do?

    This is why I watch this show, its all the tiny details that the writers put into it. Like the New Girl Hannah..(who I have to say I am not happy with what so ever..seeing as how she's interferring with the getting back together Logan and Veronica). Any way, her father being the one who called the cops on Logan at the bridge, the Paddle that was found in Thumpers locker!
    Man oh man I love this show!!
  • Will Veronica ever disappoint, not likely.

    I absolutely love this show, and never would have ever glimpsed it if CBS hadn't aired some of the first season episodes over the summer.

    Now to this episode:

    I remembering leaning over to my girlfriend while watching the show and I said, "Will we ever be able to figure out the weekly mystery before Vee does?" Turns out, not anytime soon.

    I guess that's what makes this show so good. The fact that the writers can find new and inventive ways to fool me into believing whatever they want me to believe.

    This season even appears to be bad Veronica season. I mean she helped her boyfriend skip town with his kidnapped child. Then this week she doesn't turn in Weevil when she finds out he was the culprit of stealing the cash. No, she would much rather make a b-itchy teacher get her dues, well, that and avoid the pricy class trip.

    At least we know one thing, if Weevil is smart enough to outsmart Veronica (at least temporarily) then he would make a good partner (or if Vee has her way, sidekick).

    One can dream. We'll wait to see if he cleans up first.
  • Interesting episode, though not really furthering the the total plot.

    This episode was good, but it wasn't really one of those all important pivotal episodes that are fantastic, and didn't really compare to Donut Run two episodes ago. Was good to watch, and definitely worked on those more minor relationships. Veronica/Jackie was fun to watch, seeing Veronica sympathise and relate was interesting. Mac/Beaver was adorable! Loving how theyg got their revenge on Dick. The whole Logan/newgirl!Hannah thing was annoying, but that might just be because I love the LoVe. Madison's back! Fantastic bitchiness. Best bantering with Veronica!

    Veronica: Madison, you've got something on your nose.
    Madison: Let me guess, brown because I'm a brown-noser.
    Veronica: No glitter, because you're a fairy princess.

  • They can’t all be gems.

    Veronica is accused of stealing money from the carnival (and so is Jackie, Weevil, Madison, Dick and some Triton guy), Logan finds a new girl, Keith spends time with a baseball star, Jackie is tormentedby the 09ers, Weevil appears to be growing his hair out and some very bad actress/teacher person thinks she’s all dat. I’d call it this a filler episode, but there were a few too many important plot points alluding to upcoming episodes for it to deserve it. That said it was a fairly average episode, but then again they can’t all be gems. Besides... this kind of episode just makes the good ones stand out all the more.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary... Logans with a new girl who happens to be one of the accusers daughter, Terrence Cook wants Keith to take his case, and he they talk baseball, you learn many new things about Cook while his daughter Jackie is b

    We did not learn anything new from this episode but yet it was still a great episode that the viewer feel good about it when it ended. Nothing totally out of the ordinary to make one beg for the next episode, it was a "feel good" episode and i really enjoyed it. 10/10 because Veronica Mars is seriously that darn good
  • A good episode, great work, but nothing too surprising. An average episode, without the “big” surprises and story turnarounds, but I enjoyed it.

    This episode of Veronica Mars was great. I really liked it. Things change in Neptune. Veronica got a big problem when the money from the winter carnival is lost under her protection, for the longest time we see her struggling to get the money back, but sure, she can do it. Meanwhile some interesting things happen: Logan picks up a new girl – by the way who was her dad? I didn’t recognize him, but they showed him so explicit like we should recognize him. I’m I missing something.
    And also other people got new partners. It’s interesting to see where that leads.
    The new principal of the high school is working with Veronica; it was nice to see that. Especially his last sentence…
    Completely without Veronica, Keith takes on a new client. It’s Terrence Cook and it reveals some interesting facts about the evidences we saw in the last episodes. What I liked most on this episode is that the bus crash might get the big finale in this season. We’ll see…
  • Great Story line that evolves with every show, if you missed any of them, then what are you doing reading this and not catching up?

    This show is ever evolving, smart, funny and sassy; you cant help but love Veronica and her quick qitted ways. This episode contains a lot of material that is pertinent to the story in a whole. Weevil is now outcasted from PCHrs, Jackie as well is socially set as an outcast and the one person who they can count on to stand next to them is veronica. The casablancas brother continue to show their faces in the show..showing all in all that Dick Casablancas is the eviler of the two, Beaver is currently invovled with his company partner "Mac" (Tina Majorino)only to be riducled by his older brother infront of everyone, but the Beav gets him back and in such a way that makes it you think...does Dick really like that?(could their be weeding bells for Beav and Mac maybe one possibility for an upcoming episode this season) Justice is served in it own fashion as far as the PCHrs are concerned, thumper is brought to justice by the hand that he has bitten...and(the hand) gets a sweet oldsmobile out of the deal. Keith takes the case of helping jackies dad (baseball player indited in murder of the school bus victims), and along the way we find some interesting things concerning the upper echelon of Neptune, including blackmailing by the sherrif and the mis appropriation of endorsers by the mayor himself...the episode ended nicley with veronica making up for some injustices she made to wevil.
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