Veronica Mars

Season 1 Episode 16

Betty and Veronica

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on UPN
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  • Episode Summary

    Veronica is shocked when Vice Principal Clemmons hires her to track down the missing school mascot, Polly the Parrot, but is distracted by memories of her recent reunion with her mother. Meanwhile, Veronica digs deeper into the Lilly Kane case, using her new relationship to gain access to private information.moreless

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    • Veronica is shocked when Vice Principal Clemmons hires her to track down the missing school mascot, Polly the Parrot, but is distracted by memories of her recent reunion with her mother.moreless

      Veronica is shocked when Vice Principal Clemmons hires her to track down the missing school mascot, Polly the Parrot, but is distracted by memories of her recent reunion with her mother.

      Meanwhile, Veronica digs deeper into the Lilly Kane case, using her new relationship to gain access to private information

      so funny..why would peole steal parrots and goats?

      Veronica: You stole a goat?

      Wallace: They stole our parrot. Matter of principle. Unlike you, I have some school pride. Veronica: And a goat crapping apples in the back of your buddy's van. Congratulations. Wallace: (to the goat) Will you quit itmoreless
    • Has everything.

      I don't think I have seen that many shows. Gossip Girl I am really enjoying it but I hope something big happens soon. Veronica finally tracks down her mother and when she returns home she is asked to find Neptune Highs Schools missing Mascot. Betty and Veronica is how I enjoy Veronica the most. The high school plot is nice, light, comedic and leads to some great Veronica moments. Her and Wallace are always so cute together it is nice to see the writer including Wallace more in the episodes main story. The light hearted tale of the missing Parrot and Veronica going undercover plays nicely against the more emotional flashbacks with her mother. So we have waited along time for this and Kristen plays it well the moment when she asks who was her father gave me a chill. In Betty and Veronica we are treated to a lot of great comedy some heart breaking emotion and a few major details about the Lilly Kane murder mystery.moreless
    • Review

      Impressive storytelling technique used by the writers in this episode I thought. The flashbacks really worked well in this epsiode in revealing Veronicas need to have her mother back in her life. She gives away everything to get her back, but it will have to wait a little while before that happens. The episode was then split in two from there - with the season long case being worked on a little bit and another random, but fun and entertaining, little case for Veronica to solve. The parrot case being connected to the weird betting was easy to see, though I didnt think that one of Neptunes own members was going to be the one who kidnapped the parrot. I thought that was a neat little twist. There was some devolopment made in the murder of Lily Kane, with Veronica trying to get a one up on the man that all ready has a one up on her. It seems that she has infiltrated his office with a bug of her own, which should help her finish out this case as the season draws closer and closer to a close. Overall, solid episode using a lot of the same techniques that made the early episodes great as well.moreless
    • Not on the same level as the previous episode, but still great and...

      i liked the formula of the episode. Though I have to say it was a bit slow for my taste. The conclusion of Veronica's and her mother's meeting is told in flashbacks and is pretty good, however not much is revealed. I thought Veronica's mother was overmystified in the previous episodes. She's far from being the key to the murder case. In fact she adds almost nothing to the Lilly Kane case at all. However she does have alot to do with Veronica's real father. She believes it's Jake Kane... One thing I was really curious about is how Clarence located Veronica. Well he apparently placed a bug in V's room and now with this knowledge Veronica's taking advantage of it, and uses Wallace to plant a bug at Kane Software. This way she learns that Abel has a daughter. So Abel has a reason now to take the blame; he's dying anyway and this way his daughter can be rich. Lianne doesn't come home because she grew an addiction to alcohol. Veronica spends the money she saved for college to help her out. Not a smart move if you ask me...

      In the "present" Principal Clemmons asks Veronica to recover Polly, the school's mascot. Well it'S not the most exciting mystery ever. But it's pretty cool. Veronica going "undercover" in another school was well done and really funny. Although the story flowed slowly. And we also didn't get Logan scenes at all... which is a shame.

      To me the best part was the focus on Veronica's and Wallace's friendship. It's really sweet and well developed. Great chemistry between the characters. I also loved the awkward scenes between Meg&Duncan and Veronica&Leo. The second part of season 1 remains strong as ever.moreless
    • Finally, we are back to basics! People, please, clap like maddogs! It was a great episode of action, humour and the core murder plot. Thumbs up!

      The episode started a bit rough, but after few minutes it got brushed a little. Her meeting with her mother must have been an awful experience, I won’t even try to imagine it. The whole plot with Lianne, Jake and Celeste is hard to grasp for me, because I just can’t feel what she would feel in that situation. But it was played perfectly. And the end of that episode, following her mother-daughter deal was great. I do salute her for paying for her mother’s drying-out was a heroic thing to do. In an American society I guess it was like not going to college after high school. Good deed to bring her family together – something that was really Veronica’s goal at the very beginning of the show. I keep my fingers crossed!

      I love the friendship between Wallace and Veronica (oh, okay, I love Wallace – but I admire the friendship too!) so the scenes of her watching his game, making cookies, choosing a locker near his and staying for the game to his golden kodak moment was very cute and sweet. I wish I had a friend like Wallace. No, I wish my friend had the character of Wallace. The real Wallace - I want, badly! It was a treat to see them doing some more bonding. Also, Wallace’s popularity is growing and it was funny to see how everyone greet him on the hallway and do not greet Veronica. The same thing – jock’s table. She is a coward after all – not to accept the offer of her best friend? I mean, she would have had a back-up (not the real one), but she had to decline – I think she is afraid of going back to her old life, being the old self. And as far as I am concerned – it’s a very good move.

      It is an interesting fact that principal Clemmons would ask Veronica for that kind of favour. Actually, it is surprising that any principal would ask a student to PI for him. But to hell with it – it was worth it to see that haggling over the price scene! Parking space would have been nice, but absences were great too, specially that PE should really be illegal. She’s a good deal-breaker, I must admit.

      This episode was full of this typical American sense of pride and independence. Mascot stealing seems to be a sign of it... The story was gripping and coherent, very well structured. Excellent use of flashbacks in all mother-daughter scenes. Lines – some great inventions, like the scene where Veronica called Weevil to send him a picture and her response was “You wish!” Or jokes of Wallace. The title is kind of self explanatory too – Betty and Veronica. Good work, people! Keep it running.

      The only thing that get me a little mad was that van full of Polish hookers joke. You hurt my feelings, people. And you, of all people working on VM, Kristen Bell? Shame on you!moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • Veronica says she "hopes there aren't Polish hookers" in the van where Wallace is keeping the goat. Kristen Bell is actually of Polish descent and speaks Polish.

      • Before the basketball game when Veronica brings back the goat and the parrot you see Wallace is in a full Neptune high tracksuit.
        When Wallace is told he can play he takes off his jacket, but he is already in shorts, and there is no sign of his track suit pants.

      • When Wallace comes to the Mars apartment and discovers Veronica baking cookies, he says he is there to pick up his algebra book. However, he walks out with just the plant leaving the book on the kitchen island.

      • Veronica claims to have booked a flight to Barstow to find her mother. There are no commercial flights to that area. In fact, it is a mere three hour drive from San Diego (or two from Los Angeles) and much closer than when she drove to Arizona to track down her mother (Episode 1-3).

      • In addition to the cooking goof, when she is at the commune in "Drinking the Kool-Aid", she tells them that her "idea of gourmet cooking is sprinkling on some three year old Bacos to my microwave soup".

      • Wallace is pleased that some anonymous admirer (it turns out to be Veronica) has been leaving cookies in his locker. Why isn't he worried that somebody apparently knows his combination and can get in at any time?

      • At the end of episode of #5: "You Think You Know Somebody," Veronica bakes a cake that is leaning to one side for her dad's birthday. This is an indication she is not a good cook because she can't even keep the shape of the cake, but in this episode, she makes snicker-doodles for Wallace, who says at one point "damn the girl can bake".

      • Veronica describes Pan High School as being thirty miles inland from the Pacific. Yet later we learn that the trading area is halfway between the schools and "on the ocean". That would be fifteen miles inland.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • (Veronica talking to Meg about the awkwardness of her dating Duncan)
        Veronica: I'm not programmed to forgive and forget, I can't just start chumming around with people who have ignored and mocked me for a year. That's just not me.

      • Wallace: Mmm.... The girl can bake! (tasting Veronica's snickerdoodle cookies)
        Veronica: That she can.

      • Duncan: Students Against Animal Cruelty. They threw the bucket of blood on the homecoming queen a couple of years ago for wearing fur.
        Veronica: Bucket of blood. Have we learned nothing from Carrie?

      • (Leo catches Veronica daydreaming)
        Leo: Just so you know, in my mind that daydream was about me.
        Veronica: Oh yeah?
        Leo: I was a little surprised you had me in full armor but, whatever.

      • Veronica: Can you do me a weird favour without asking any questions?
        Wallace: Isn't that the bedrock upon which our friendship was founded?

      • Veronica: You stole a goat?
        Wallace: They stole our parrot. Matter of principle. Unlike you, I have some school pride.
        Veronica: And a goat crapping apples in the back of your buddy's van. Congratulations.
        Wallace: (to the goat) Will you quit it?

      • Veronica: I'm kind of a freak when it comes to sports. I totally get into it.
        Richie: Are we talking face painting?
        Veronica: Face painting, hair streaked the colors of the school. At my old school, I was horny! (gets weird looks) We were the Rhinos. I was the mascot.

      • Veronica: Wallace Fennel has a killer cross-over, but it's really his sweetness and purity of spirit that make him unbeatable.

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (10)

      • Wallace: Snickerdoodles. And they just appear in my locker, just like that. Open my locker, bam. Homemade cookies. And that's not all.
        Veronica: A peeled grape?

        Veronica is mocking Wallace's response to his sudden fame using the reference to Mae West's famous quote as "Tira" in the 1933 movie I'm No Angel; "Beulah, peel me a grape".

      • Veronica: I should have left right from the dance but I didn't want my mother to see me for the first time in a year looking like an extra from Valley Girl.

        Valley Girl (1983) is a romantic comedy film starring Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman.

      • Richie: It's like a cross between Inspiration Point and Tijuana.

        Inspiration Point, as seen on ABC's long-running television program Happy Days, was the name of the off-road location where teenagers sat in parked cars and made out. Tijuana is a decadent city in Baja, California, known for its free-flowing alcohol, women, drugs, and stolen goods. Rest Stop 15 has the best of both worlds, which means stoned teenagers sit in their cars making out, drinking alcohol, and buying stolen merchandise.

      • Veronica: Do you need to jump back and kiss yourself? 'Cause I can wait.

        Veronica thinks Wallace must be singing lines from James Brown's song ("Call Me Super Bad") in his head while he talks trash and displays his superior basketball skills during practice. The line goes, "Sometimes I feel so nice, good Lord! I jump back, I wanna kiss myself!"

      • Veronica: They like you, they really like you.

        This is a reference to "You like me, you really like me", which is what people remember from Sally Field's Oscar acceptance speech for Places in the Heart in 1985. She really said, "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" but that is much harder to parody.

      • School name: Pan High School
        Neptune High's arch rival Pan High School is a reference to Pan, the Greek god of woods, pastures, flocks and shepherds. Pan had goat's feet and two horns. His father was reputedly Zeus. Neptune was the brother of Jupiter (Zeus). That makes Neptune the uncle of Pan, and Neptune made Pan cry uncle in the basketball game.

      • In the scene where Meg and Veronica crack the case, a poster of the film All the President's Men is visible on the Journalism room wall. The film tells of how Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Mark Felt solved the Watergate burglary and toppled the Nixon administration. In "Mars vs. Mars", Veronica made mention of Deep Throat.

      • Duncan: Students Against Animal Cruelty. They threw the bucket of blood on the homecoming queen a couple of years ago for wearing fur.
        Veronica: Bucket of blood. Have we learned nothing from Carrie?

        Carrie is a 1976 film based on a Stephen King novel about a girl named Carrie White. On her prom night, blood is dumped all over her as a result of a prank. She reacts badly to the prank, especially since she has suffered cruel treatment from her mother and peers, and ends up using her telekinetic powers in rage, killing almost everyone at the prom.

      • Episode Title: Betty & Veronica
        Both are Archie characters and the name of a long running comic book under the Archie Comic banner. Veronica also makes reference to Riverdale High, which is the school within the comics.

      • Veronica: Go kick some ass Air Fennel.

        Reference to one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, Michael "Air" Jordan.