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Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 5

Blast From the Past

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on UPN
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    The Veronica Mars Season 2 Dossier: Episodes 5-8

    This next batch of episodes fleshed out the bigger plots while integrating cases of the week much more organically than before. They were real good, basically.

  • Episode Summary

    Despite the fact that she dislikes Jackie, Veronica helps her find out who stole her credit card by going on a local psychic TV show. Meanwhile, Wallace's world is turned upside-down when his real father returns home, and Veronica gets a huge piece of new evidence in the bus case.moreless

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    • Review

      Wallace and Veronica have a big fight, Jackie gets the better of Veronica on television. Jackie is becomming a very bitter annoyance and at the end of the episode it seems like Wallace breaks up with her at the end of the episode. I wish that would be the end of her, however, I think we are going to see a lot more of her in the future. Keith runs into a roadblock in terms of his running for the office of sheriff. The part of the episode that I liked the least was the amount of attention that was paid to Lamb's conspiracy only have Veronica leave the CD at home anyway. It made some of the episode seem kind of pointless. The phone call from the bus took away any doubt that there was some element of sabotage in the crash. Veeronica and Duncan go to homecoming, which creates even more drama between Veronica and Wallace. Wallace runs away with his Dad and seems to be on the way somewhere. Wallace by himself isn't that interesting of a character but if he is written off the show for a little bit I would wonder why.moreless
    • The amazing stream of episodes continue.

      Another fantastic episode of Veronica Mars I thought. So far every episode have been 9+, with the premiere being a perfect 10 - definitely a stellar season thus far.

      THis episode continues the relationship drama progression but also we get a little more about the bus crash.

      The episode starts a bit slow and almost just like any other average episode, there are some sudden twists and turns that turn everything upside down.

      Jackie calling for Veronica's help - didn't feel right, and it wasn't. Her conning Veronica just to "turn her down a notch" was upsetting.

      Sheriff Lamb blackmailing Terrance - also rather surprising.

      The Wallace drama was done very well, and while at first I think most of us agreed with Alicia, as soon as Wallace found out about the letters , everything changed.

      Though , my favourite part was realization near the end when basically everyone was busy mocking the other one not noticing what's going on with Wallace - which led him to leave Neptune with his father.

      Veronica's phonecall was extremely good too, It's just so amazing that their friendship is so strong yet they're not lovers. Wallace "broke up" with Veronica, and it was probably more dramatic than most other show's romantic break ups.

      Logan is definitely neglected, but it's okay - his time will come. Tholugh, I love how the writers use him for little scenes. Overall another amazing episode that I really enjoyed.moreless
    • Veronica helps Jackie find out who stole her credit card.

      Did I ever mention I am not a fan of Jackies I just do not like her and this episode just proves why I don't. I thought that it was nice of Veronica to help Jackie out because she tought that she really needed her help. I tought that it was really mean of Jackie to tell the fortuine teller what Veronica told her but Veronica should have seen it coming. I felt really bad for Wallace having daddy issues and not having anyone to talk to that would actually liston to him. I was disappointed that Wallace left town with someone he barely knows.moreless
    • Veronica helps Jackie find out who stole her credit card by going on a local psychic TV show. Wallace's world is turned upside-down when his real father returns home, and Veronica gets a huge piece of new evidence in the bus case.moreless

      Despite the fact that she dislikes Jackie, Veronica helps her find out who stole her credit card by going on a local psychic TV show.Meanwhile, Wallace's world is turned upside-down when his real father returns home, and Veronica gets a huge piece of new evidence in the bus case.

      ok veronica mars..what's your problem with jackie&logan..of course she's a w**** but still..
    • WOW! My faith is restored!

      After this episode I now realise how great this series is! I loved seeing how great Veronica and Duncan were together! Lots of nice moments! My jaw dropped when Veronica hears the psychic talking about Lilly! So looks like Lily may be angry! I\'ve never seen anything come between veronica and wallace and I was near tears to see them fight and that b***h Jackie isn\'t treating him properly! How dare she! I wish wallace would come to his senses! Another shck was the discovery that the bus crash wasn\'t a bus crash...but and explosion! How will they solve the bundle of problems and mysteries ahead of them! Well I guess we\'ll find out! Veronica Mars you rock!moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (13)

      • (Veronica has just pulled apart Jackie and Logan who were dancing and flirting)
        Veronica: If you want to lock horns with me, duck and charge. But if you think I'm gonna let you break Wallace's heart for sport you have grossly underestimated my wrath.
        Jackie: God, Veronica. What is your problem? You really can't make up your mind, can you? Just pick one of them, God! How many guys here do you expect to want only you?!

      • Wallace: You okay, Veronica?
        Veronica: Compared to how your girlfriend's gonna be feeling, fan-friggin'-tastic. I hope she really got a kick out of tonight's little performance.
        Wallace: What are you talking about? She was worried for you.
        Veronica: If by 'worried,' you mean 'enjoying the fruits of her evil labor,' yeah.
        Wallace: What? What makes you think sh--
        Veronica: The boob cream thing! She used to be the only person alive who knew about that! It's time to pick a side, Wallace.
        Wallace: No, Veronica! How about you doin' me a favor for once?

      • Veronica: Oh. Tell me more of this thing you call 'Homecoming.'
        Duncan: I haven't asked you yet. I'm such a dope. Of course I want you to go with me. You're my woman.
        Veronica: See? Was that so hard? Okay, I'll be needing an orchid wristlet, preferably in the fuchsia family, a Rolls Royce limo... and some Kane Software stationery.
        Duncan: Seriously? Stationery? What for?
        Veronica: You're here for your looks. Why don't you leave the heavy thinking to me, sugarpants? Now go make yourself pretty.

      • Mr. Wu: As you know, Homecoming season is upon us.
        Veronica: Much like the plague.

      • Logan: There's always Winter Carnival. (gasp) Veronica can be an Ice Princess!
        Jackie: Can we skate on her?

      • Wallace: (after being announced as a nominee for homecomeing king) How many kneecaps did you break to make that happen?
        Veronica: Only, like, four. The people have spoken, my friend.

      • Corny: I'd like to nominate Veronica Mars!
        Ashley Banks: Like, ironically?
        Corny: Yeah. She's badass, smokin' hot, and overall nice to come home to.

      • Alicia: You are giving me parenting advice?
        Keith: What is that supposed to mean?
        Alicia: That means I protected Wallace's childhood. I didn't sell it out. I will not invite chaos into my house.
        Keith: Oh, come on, Alicia! You invited chaos. All you did was postpone it.

      • Duncan: So, I was thinking. You're an emancipated minor. I'm an emancipated minor. Maybe we should get together Thursday night? Chug cough syrup, mug some old ladies.
        Logan: Oh, golly, I don't know. I was thinking about staying home, making a hope quilt for the lonely.

      • Veronica: It's weird that you live here. I don't want you going all 'Howard Hughes-y' on me.
        Duncan: I am not a shut-in. These nails? Neatly trimmed. Though, now that you mention it, I have started bottling my own urine.
        Veronica: Eww!

      • Veronica: (answers phone) Chesty LaRue. Hey, Duncan. I'm fine. I'm slathering up my boobs as we speak.

      • Madame Sophie: (to Veronica) Wait, I am receiving another voice. A young woman. I see... a letter L. She's holding out a flower... a lily. Lilly? She has a message for you. She says you should have stayed away from her boyfriend.

      • Wallace: (to Veronica) Why does it have to be about you all the time?! Look, Jackie's right about one thing. It's your world, I just live in it.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Veronica: Can I guess? You got a sweet love hangover and you don't need no cure?

        Veronica is both quoting and paraphrasing from Diana Ross' 1976 top of the charts single 'Love Hangover', from her self-titled album Diana Ross. In addition to the title quoted, in the song Diana also sings about the "sweetest hangover" and she claims "I don't need no cure".

      • Veronica: (answers phone) Chesty LaRue. Hey, Duncan. I'm fine. I'm slathering up my boobs as we speak.

        Chesty LaRue is a reference to Seinfeld episode, "The Gum". Seinfeld character Elaine gains the nickname Chesty LaRue after losing a shirt button and revealing her breasts to two other characters.

      • Veronica: So, your biological dad is like some sort of Donnie Brasco, Renegade Cop?
        Donnie Brasco was the alias of undercover FBI agent, Joseph D. Pistone, who spent years trying to infiltrate a mafia family. Two books - Donnie Brasco, My Undercover Life in the Mafia and The Way of the Wiseguy - and the film Donnie Brasco detailed the experiences that Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco, had whilst undercover.