Veronica Mars

Season 2 Episode 5

Blast From the Past

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on UPN

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    Wallace and Veronica have a big fight, Jackie gets the better of Veronica on television. Jackie is becomming a very bitter annoyance and at the end of the episode it seems like Wallace breaks up with her at the end of the episode. I wish that would be the end of her, however, I think we are going to see a lot more of her in the future. Keith runs into a roadblock in terms of his running for the office of sheriff. The part of the episode that I liked the least was the amount of attention that was paid to Lamb's conspiracy only have Veronica leave the CD at home anyway. It made some of the episode seem kind of pointless. The phone call from the bus took away any doubt that there was some element of sabotage in the crash. Veeronica and Duncan go to homecoming, which creates even more drama between Veronica and Wallace. Wallace runs away with his Dad and seems to be on the way somewhere. Wallace by himself isn't that interesting of a character but if he is written off the show for a little bit I would wonder why.
  • The amazing stream of episodes continue.

    Another fantastic episode of Veronica Mars I thought. So far every episode have been 9+, with the premiere being a perfect 10 - definitely a stellar season thus far.

    THis episode continues the relationship drama progression but also we get a little more about the bus crash.

    The episode starts a bit slow and almost just like any other average episode, there are some sudden twists and turns that turn everything upside down.

    Jackie calling for Veronica's help - didn't feel right, and it wasn't. Her conning Veronica just to "turn her down a notch" was upsetting.

    Sheriff Lamb blackmailing Terrance - also rather surprising.

    The Wallace drama was done very well, and while at first I think most of us agreed with Alicia, as soon as Wallace found out about the letters , everything changed.

    Though , my favourite part was realization near the end when basically everyone was busy mocking the other one not noticing what's going on with Wallace - which led him to leave Neptune with his father.

    Veronica's phonecall was extremely good too, It's just so amazing that their friendship is so strong yet they're not lovers. Wallace "broke up" with Veronica, and it was probably more dramatic than most other show's romantic break ups.

    Logan is definitely neglected, but it's okay - his time will come. Tholugh, I love how the writers use him for little scenes. Overall another amazing episode that I really enjoyed.
  • Veronica helps Jackie find out who stole her credit card.

    Did I ever mention I am not a fan of Jackies I just do not like her and this episode just proves why I don't. I thought that it was nice of Veronica to help Jackie out because she tought that she really needed her help. I tought that it was really mean of Jackie to tell the fortuine teller what Veronica told her but Veronica should have seen it coming. I felt really bad for Wallace having daddy issues and not having anyone to talk to that would actually liston to him. I was disappointed that Wallace left town with someone he barely knows.
  • Veronica helps Jackie find out who stole her credit card by going on a local psychic TV show. Wallace's world is turned upside-down when his real father returns home, and Veronica gets a huge piece of new evidence in the bus case.

    Despite the fact that she dislikes Jackie, Veronica helps her find out who stole her credit card by going on a local psychic TV show.Meanwhile, Wallace's world is turned upside-down when his real father returns home, and Veronica gets a huge piece of new evidence in the bus case.
    ok veronica mars..what's your problem with jackie&logan..of course she's a w**** but still..
  • WOW! My faith is restored!

    After this episode I now realise how great this series is! I loved seeing how great Veronica and Duncan were together! Lots of nice moments! My jaw dropped when Veronica hears the psychic talking about Lilly! So looks like Lily may be angry! I\'ve never seen anything come between veronica and wallace and I was near tears to see them fight and that b***h Jackie isn\'t treating him properly! How dare she! I wish wallace would come to his senses! Another shck was the discovery that the bus crash wasn\'t a bus crash...but and explosion! How will they solve the bundle of problems and mysteries ahead of them! Well I guess we\'ll find out! Veronica Mars you rock!
  • It is a Wallace episode. And it is good.

    Great Episode. Wallace is the man and really shows why his character is so good and so important to the show. It is good to see him more center stage, and get more and more depth to him and his life.

    After this episode we lose him for a bit, not that it hurts the show...but he is missed, greatly, and especially Veronica. She needs Wallace, and you can really see that later on.

    Not the best of the season, but definitely important with Wallace and Kieth plots, it is a must see, and Faders do a good job at the prom too...
  • I love this frickin episode...

    This is why I love VM. It's so frickin interesting. Blast from the Past was a very good episode. The thing that shocked me was the scene where the fourtune teller lady told Veronica something about a lily. I was shocked at that! The Alicia/Wallace relationship was the focus of the episode, and also very interesting. Poor Wallace. I know he was hurt from every thing that's happened in his life. His mother didnt even tell him about his own father and lied to him at that, his girlfriend backstabbed his best friend and humiliated him at the dance by dancing with Logan, and he feels like Veronica doesnt give him the respect that he gives her. I feel sorry for him. I was so mad when he left town...with his father! I had to put my shrimp down on that one. But overall, Blast from The Past is a great episode, and I couldnt wait til the next one! Well, actually I had to, considering we had to wait for weeks and weeks...:) Darn hiatus!
  • This episode is a fine example of what makes Veronica Mars so great...

    As a prefice I have been slightly disapointed with the season so far. I felt that it lacked the essential emotional connections that made season one so great. Veronica's passion and determination to discover who killed Lilly (no matter the cost) was one of the driving forces behind my watching and enjoying season one.

    I have felt that this seasons mystery has not had that same emotional connection- that while Veronica is sad that seven people died, she is not nearly as concerned about the situation as she could be; she is living her comfortable, almost 09'er life again (Veronica 1.0, as she has been termed).

    However, this episode marked a return to the Veronica I know and love- one that has passion, determination and is single-minded to the point of destroying relationships (or at least temporarily affecting them)

    Last season Veronica was rarely blindsighted (recall the pilot wherebye she knew locked inspections were happening, and when) but Jackie's (Wallace's girlfriend)acting in this episode completely fooled her and I really enjoyed this. Jackie is a character who brings a lot of passion back to Veronica.

    Aside from a temporary return of the Veronica I love this episode was a major turning point for another character- Wallis. After discovering that his whole life he had been lied to by his mum in regards to who/what his father was/is.

    Percy Daggs 3 showed how much he has grown as an actor- displaying the full range of appropriate emotions, and displaying them well. I loved him calling Veronica on her less than stellar friendship.

    In summary...I think this episode is the best yet and bodes well for the if only more people watched Veronica Mars we would be set!
  • Wallace was a rolling stone.

    Veronica gets setup. She starts pursuing an investigation into the shady affairs of a local physic. Wallace's girlfriend resents his relationship with Veronica and decides to do a little pranking. Veronica is drawn into the web of deceit and agrees to appear on a public television show. She naturally gets humilated. But not before, the physic brings up Lily's discontent with Veronica being with Duncan. Wallace breaks up with his girlfriend, feels like Veronica betrays him, and looks for a friend. He finds that friend in his new found "dad." Veronica's dad gets shown up by Lamb at a debate. Veronica accidently stumbles over a voice mail from a girl on the bus. It could provide a vital clue into the nature of the accident. This show just keeps getting better.
  • Okay... not exactly a tearjerker but...

    Okay... not exactly a tearjerker but I did almost cry at the end when wallace was leaving. I was not to excited with the previous week's episode, but this one makes up for it. It was very good. I think it let most of us finally decide how we feel about Jackie, and it opened Wallace's eyes to how he does a lot for Veronica and does not recieve much in return. He better come back though. Overall I was very pleased with this episode. it was a very good one. I hope the next one is just as good.
  • Now she have more enemies

    Now she have more enemies and I like the way she copes abt tht. And now the story goes with a pressure and adding of songs is remarkable. But all I want is a good ending in every epi. These days veronica looks more sexy n charming but I like her old hair style
  • Veronica Mars does it again.

    Wallace's dad comes back into the picture and Wallace becomes entangled in a battle of he said, she said between his mom and his biological dad. His mom tells him one story, his dad tells him another. Wallace doesn't know who to believe. To make matters worse, there's trouble brewing between his best friend, Veronica, and his girlfriend, Jackie.

    Jackie comes to Veronica asking for her help to find out who stole her credit card. Veronica traces it back to a psychic. She goes on the psychic's local access TV show. She comes up with a story about wanting to connect with a dead uncle. The psychic tells her more. She mentions Lily, and says that Lily didn't like that Veronica dated her boyfriend. The psychic also revealed a secret about Veronica that Veronica told Jackie. Veronica is ready to go ballistic on Jackie at the Homecoming dance, but Wallace convinces her not to.

    Jackie admits to Wallace that she set Veronica up with the humiliating secret, but claims to have had no knowledge that the psychic was going to mention Lily. Wallace decides not to go to the dance with Jackie, just to go because he was nominated for King. Veronica becomes enraged when se sees Jackie dancing with Logan. Wallace leaves the dance and doesn't return home. He's later seen in a car with his dad.

    Jackie's claims to not knowing about Lily and the psychic, coupled with Jackie becoming friends with Logan, makes me think that maybe Logan was in on it to get back with Veronica.

    Another thing I question is when did Duncan and Logan become friends again? They played video games together in Duncan's suite, and planned an after party together.

    And what ever happened to the after party? We go from Wallace walking out from the dance to Alicia calling Keith about later that night. We never saw if the after party ever happened or if Veronica went to it.
  • With enemies likes Jackie and Lamb, who has time for friends like the Fanells? Veronica and Keith's seperate battles against heavyweight opponents cost them more than they'd like in the end.

    This was my favourite episode of the second season, thus far. And what an episode! As if Veronica didn’t have enough grief to deal with, she now has to deal with the fallout of round one of Jackie v. Veronica. The last thing Veronica needs is a new villain but something tells me that dust settles it will be Veronica standing and Jackie on the ground. Veronica just happens to know what could wreck Jackie’s lavish life – her dad apparently bet on baseball games that he fixed in the favour of the better. How did Veronica learn this you ask? Using a oh so clever “bug” in Lamb’s office. That is what I love about this show. They used a bug to bug Lamb’s office, how great is that?

    Keith once again proves just how admirable he is. After being dogged by Lamb at the debate over in letter Drive Ed off the hook for a D.U.I, Keith maintains the highroad and refuses to leverage the lives of the crash victims for his political gain. See, at roughly the same time as Lamb publicly points blame on Keith and the bus driver for the tragic accident, Veronica discovers evidence that proves the bus was sabotaged. Instead of taking this to the press to clear his name, Keith confirms what a stand-up guy he is and takes it to the Sheriff to re-open the investigation. Lamb is not willing to do this and it makes us wonder if Lamb is just a sleaze ball, a bad cop for not looking past driver error, or knows something about the crash that he feels will hurt him by being forthcoming. I think it is too obvious that Lamb is directly involved, but my hunch is that he’ll go the way of Mr. Kane for withholding evidence. Shane on you Lamb.

    Speaking of Keith, he was out of line for criticizing Alicia’s parenting and he should have trusted that she was doing it for the right reasons. I understand why he is upset with her for keeping this information from him, but that give him no right to take her personal documents. In the end, however, Keith shows just how great he is to help Alicia locate the M.I.A. Wallace.

    Finally: Wallace. What an Ace. He’s had a bad day and he was spot on when he called Veronica on her sense of self-importance. He’s always been there for her and she doesn’t reciprocate. What made it more painful is that he had to dump his booty, leave his family and lose his best friend all in the same day. Something tells me he’ll regret not listening to Alicia’s side of the story.

    Other notes:
    -Duncan and Logan attempt to mend fences
    -Veronica is publicly humiliated on cable access TV
    -Mandy and Corny make guest appearances for the first time since last season
    -There was no mention of the Casablancas in this episode.
  • As usual, this show is well written, but there were some great insights that carry the story along.

    As usual, this show is well written, but there were some great insights that carry the story along.

    For example:

    Wallace confronting Veronica about how she wasn't there for him, is poignant after Wallace said last week, about if Veronica needs him he'll be there.

    The voicemail with the explosion before the bus crash just shows what we already confirmed, it wasn't due to driver error.

    And when the psychic "channeled" Lily, what boyfriend was she talking about, if it was in fact, Lily
  • It really pissed me off the way everyone treats Veronica.

    It really upset to learn how people are still mean about Veronica... I also thought it was still odd how Logan and Duncan are becoming friends again.... I think Logan told that "psychic" that thing about Lilly... because illy would have probably wanted Logan and Veronica to 'become close' and besides Lilly and Logan were "off" at the time of her murder. I am glad though in some ways that Jackie is showing some of her truer colors to Wallace now... Wallace doesn't deserve a friend like Veronica... because she helped him from the start... and she helped him again at the start of this season. And what Jackie said at the end of the show ... about how Veronica needs to choose between guys. ha please... she loves Duncan and she treats Wallace like a brother, and she dumped Logan... not logan dumping her. I did not like how that girl in the beginning said that her ass would make a better homecoming queen that Veronica.... than why didn't anyone nominate it? lol
  • Jackie is mean to Veronica. Sheriff Lamb is mean to Keith Mars. Walance runs away with his real Dad.

    I didn't like that Wallace told Veronica that she's not "there" for him....HUH? She's helping the entire town including him and his girlfriend like a little saint, 24/7! This was a non-stop episode with information overload. Too much crammed into one episode in my opinion. And not enough of hotty Jason Dorring in this epi! :)
  • It kind of mad me mad while watching it, but maybe that's a good thing...

    So it's now been confirmed that Jackie is an even bigger 'bitca' than we imagined and she still can't act. And when Veronica's life looks like it's finally looking up, it all starts to fall apart again.

    This is a big episode for several of our central characters and where they'll go from here is anyone's guess. It's looking like some meaty stuff coming up to distract us from the going-ons (or lack there of) of the bus crash and the other unnanswered questions in the show.

    But it's really all about generating emotions not only from the characters, but from the audience as well. When Veronica gets burned, we feel it. When Wallace gets burned, we really feel it. And when more evidence comes up that Lamb continues to ignore about the bus crash, we go, "hmmm...."
  • This is why I love this show!!

    This show was full of great writing, twists, and turns. Lamb and Jackie are horrible. I mean I can not find one thing to like about them. Keith must win the race, but it looks like it will be close thanks to Lamb. Anyways, Veronica heard a recording from right when the bus crashed and it sounds like either an explosion or gun fire sent the bus over the cliff. In the end Wallice left. I hope he comes back soon. And the obnly bad part of the whole episode was realizing that there is no new episode next week.
  • Lives up to expectations.

    Jackie asks Veronica to help her with a problem after her credit card is declined. It ends up being a joke on Veronica (possibly because Jackie's jealous of all the time Wallace spends with Veronica?). Pissed off, Veronica wants to even the score. Wallace asks her not to, as a favor for him. Inadvertently, Veronica breaks her promise and Wallace sees all. He disappears before Veronica can catch him to apologize. Alicia calls Keith in the wee early morning hours to look for him. He doesn't find him. In fact, Wallace has decided to go with Nathan Woods, his biological father. This episode is one of the best. A lot is revealed about Alicia and Nathan's relationship and who Wallace's father really is. Definitely one of my favorites.